/ / Family Pants - the phenomenon of culture of the Soviet period

Family Pants - the phenomenon of culture of the Soviet period

Family panties ...Do they have anything in common with the scenti - loincloths of the ancient Egyptians, bre - the male underpants of the medieval period and the pants that appeared in the 18th century at the French court?

It turns out that until the end of the XIX century no one knewknew nothing about men's panties (family even more so). Only at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, representatives of the nobility began to show themselves in places of rest, on beaches and resorts, in a vestment that resembled this garment to some extent. At that time, cowards served as bathing suits.

Year around 1920, in one of the fashionableEnglish magazines appeared image of the first men's panties. After some time, they invented a funnel, or a fly. Most men do not like this wardrobe very much. But the invention of the music did not go unnoticed. The shirting appeared first on the pants, and then on the upper trousers.

 Family Panties
Finally, the Soviet era is coming.In 1930, the whole country became a continuous stadium. In each newsreel show vigorous and vigorous athletes. On the May Day parades, not only in Moscow before the government rostrum, but throughout the country, columns of young people and schoolchildren come out. All of them are dressed in panties and T-shirts and gallantly march to the sound of a sports march.

Pattern of family panties

As a result, panties and shirts become a symbolreal men, their popularity is growing. The young generation chooses a sporty style of clothing. Men imitate the idols of sports, so pants are becoming less popular and are replaced by cowards. Advanced townspeople proudly began to enter the kitchens of communal apartments in such a sporting outfit, shocking their not very young neighbors.

Mass production of panties begins aboutin the fifties, when physical education and sport are becoming a cult in the country. They were exceptionally black or dark blue articles having a length of half a meter and a width of the lower part of one leg of sixty-five centimeters.

Such clothes cost inexpensively, fit everyonea member of the family, from the youngest son to the father of the family. It was well erased, quickly dried up, so all the boys throughout the summer ran around the yards only in one wide pantyhose, called parachutes.

Men's briefs for family
They were not ashamed to sit at the dinner table infamily circle or sit in the yard with friends, fighting in table sports games, such as dominoes or checkers. Family panties have become universal home clothes.

Every self-respecting mother of the family could sewclothes. Girls at work lessons taught this even in junior classes. Together with aprons and skirts, in their textbook was a pattern of family panties. Traditionally, cheap cloth for dresses was bought several meters long. Then from it were sewn the renovation for all. Dressing gowns and sarafans are for girls and women, and family pants are for men and boys.

The things sewn by hand were bright and mottled.They differed from the black and blue satin "seeds" bought in the store, and eventually became more preferable. Therefore, industrial production closer to the seventies began to produce family pants for men, not only from satin, but from other types of fabrics, and various colors and patterns.