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We build a pattern of a skirt-bell

The appearance of skirts is rooted in the deep past.There is an opinion that it was she who first appeared out of clothes. In museums you can see pictures of primitive people wearing a loincloth made of fur. Both men and women were wearing skirts. Although today it is in some countries a national dress for men. Everyone has heard about the famous Scotch. Modern women have in their wardrobe a lot of skirts, and all different styles. It can be business, classical, romantic, strict, but the most fashionable to date is a skirt-bell. She is magnificent and well-seated on any female figure. The pattern of the skirt-bell can be made by every mistress. It takes only a few minutes of free time.

pattern skirt bell

Building a pattern of skirt-bell

There are several different ways of constructingdrawing. This skirt encircles the figure at the waist and is expanded downwards. The length can be absolutely any. To build a drawing, only two basic measures are needed: waist circumference and length. Then you need to take a sheet of paper, a pencil, and you can build a pattern of skirt-bell. In order to be clearer, for example, take the following measurements: From (girth of the waist) - 60 cm, and Du (length of the skirt) - 70 cm. And now we need to calculate two radius for drawing the drawing. The first formula: P1 = half of - 4 cm = 60 / 2-4 = 26. The first radius was obtained. It will be the waistline. The second formula: P2 = Du + P1 = 70 + 26 = 96. So we got the second radius.

pattern bell skirt with folds

Construction on paper

Now it is necessary in the upper left corner on a sheet of papernote the main point O. From it we will draw circles. First by the value of the first radius, and then by the value of the second. In the end, you should get a cone with a sharp angle cut off. The pattern of the bell-skirt can be cut and proceeded to the cutting on the fabric.

Other ways to build a drawing

You can simulate such a skirt, if at handthere is a ready basis. It always outlines darts for the back and forward. Here they are needed. To start from the end of each dart (and this is the point of an acute angle), you must draw a vertical line in the drawing to the bottom. Then, through these lines, cut and close the darts. As a result, the following should result: the darts are closed, and from the bottom of them empty triangles should form. Then you need to draw the resulting drawing. If desired, you can reduce or increase the length, it can be a skirt-bell in the floor, the pattern is reworked very easily. You just need to extend the bottom line.

building a pattern skirt bell

Modeling skirt-bell

When there is a drawing-base on hand, makein a matter of minutes you can do anything. Such a skirt can be on a coquette, with flounces, with wedges, with frills, with folds. The pattern of a skirt-bell with folds is made simply. If the drawing is built and the planned darts (from which vertical lines were drawn) were left on, then it will only be necessary to cut this line again and divide the two parts from the formed drawing in different directions by the desired width. This is the future fold. There are several such folds. Only in this case it will be necessary to draw several vertical lines. It is easy to make such a skirt and with a yoke. To do this, on the finished drawing it is necessary to note the future coquette. On the lateral line from the top line of the drawing, drop 5 cm and put the point K1. On the fold line (center of the skirt) drop from the top line of the drawing by 8-10 cm and put the point K2. Then on them to draw a slanting line, this will be a coquette. It will only be cut and cut into fabrics. It is easy to make a pattern of a skirt-bell, you just need to know the basic measures or have a drawing-base on hand.

skirt bell in the floor pattern

Unusual skirts

Female fantasy has no boundaries.And any woman can always create an outfit from any fabric. If there is a basic drawing, then the pattern of the bell skirt can be made with wedges. There is nothing complicated, you just need to add a triangle to the basic pattern. For the construction will need two measures, this is the height of the wedge and its width. After measuring the required height in the drawing (from the bottom of the skirt), put the point B. Then the line from the bottom of the skirt to this point will need to be cut. And the wedge itself can be built right there on the drawing, but it can be done separately, that is, there will be one more detail. To build it, you must draw a vertical line from point B1 down, it is equal to the height of the wedge, and put the point B2. From point B2, draw a horizontal line to the right, the length of which is equal to the width of the wedge, and put B3. Further from the point B1 again draw an oblique line to the point B3. And make the bottom line a little semicircular. Everything, the wedge is ready.

Thus, to build a pattern of skirt-bellvery simple. You just need to know your measurements, take a sheet of paper, a pencil and scissors. The task can be simplified if there is a sketch of the skirt. Simulate then it can be even faster, and no additional mathematical calculations are needed.

Wear this skirt with pleasure and be adorable!