/ How to fill the overlock Chinese three-thread? Instructions and tips

How to fill the overlock Chinese three-thread? Instructions and tips

From the proper functioning of the sewing equipment dependsquality of tailoring. Ideal overlays and machine stitches can be only when the threads are properly threaded and their tension is adjusted in the sewing machine system.

Overlock is an overcasting machine,which makes the edges of products attractive and does not allow crumbling threads. In the skillful hands of this equipment will be a real helper and will allow you to sew high quality clothes at home, no worse than those presented today in the market and in fashion clothing stores. However, to get started, you should carefully study the basic rules, so as not to make mistakes and not to spoil either the fabric or the unit.

how to fill overlock Chinese three-line instruction

Documents for the user to help

As a rule, in the manual for any equipmentthere is a manual describing the basic rules of operation that help not only to properly use the device, but also to carry out maintenance measures. But what to do if this document is lost, how to fill a three-threaded Chinese overlock without the user's manual? The designations applied directly to the body of sewing equipment will help here. But if they are not there, you just need to understand the principle of the unit operation, and then there will not be any difficulties with refueling, even with a long enough idle time.

Why are there three and four threads in the overlock?

To understand how to fill the overlock Chinese(three-threaded), the instruction to which is lost, and the labels on the case are erased, it is necessary to understand why exactly three threads are needed for work and how it differs from a four-unit unit. So, the difference in the number of needles. The threads of the most simple overlock are used for the upper and lower looper, as well as for the needle. In more expensive equipment (four-thread), two needles are installed, hence the number of coils increases.

how to fill a three-in-one Chinese overlock

The working principle of this sewing machine isin the coordinated interaction of the regulator of the tissue feeding under the knife, where the tissue is cut off and immediately the loopers are treated, the threads of which are intertwined with a straight line stitching the needle. The overlock three-thread is designed only for the marking, while in the presence of two needles, it is possible to seamlessly sew knitted fabrics without the participation of a sewing machine.

It should be noted that filling threads and incheap, and in expensive models is almost identical, because they work by the same principle of interlacing loopers with a needle. And this means that this description is suitable not only for threading in a three-thread edge-finishing machine, but also for a more advanced four-thread model.

how to fill a three-thread overlock

Path for needle thread

So, how to fill the overlock Chinese three-thread? The installation instructions for the coil intended for the robot of the machine's needle are as follows:

  • the coil is placed on the holder and the edge of the thread is raised to pass through the hole of the special tripod;
  • dropping down to the overlock, the thread must pass through the fixing hole in front of the tension regulator;
  • Further on special grooves it passes to the feed lever or special hook;
  • without fail, on the way to the needle, the thread must be fixed in all the hooks, so that it does not get confused during the work;
  • in the last turn, the edge of the thread is inserted into the needle.

What are loopers?

Overlock 3-thread - this is a very convenient devicefor machining of product sections. Simultaneously, this unit cuts all the irregularities, making the edge perfect, and gently sweeps it. It is to loopers that the role of the sifting elements is assigned. To ensure that the stitch is flat and the seam does not seem to be stretched or twisted, careful attention should be paid to threading the slots in the slots of the unit.

how to thread in a three-thread overlock

Path for the thread of the upper looper

While the thread for securing the pavingThe needle thread passes through the grooves on the body surface, the thread of the upper looper is hidden behind the special cover of the overlock. This allows you to work on sewing equipment and not be afraid that the processed fabric will tangle or break. So, what kind of manipulations should be done for the upper looper and how to fill the Chinese three-in-one overlock? The instruction for securing the top obscuration element is as follows:

  • thread set on the holder, lifted to a tripod and lowered to the tension regulator;
  • thread the thread in the groove on the body and remove it to the panel with hooks under the overlock of the overlock;
  • further fix the thread on all the upper hooks and pass through the hole of the looper.

Path for the thread of the lower looper

In order for the entire thread interlacing system to bethe edge of the product worked, it is necessary that all three threads be threaded correctly. Otherwise, the line does not work. The description of how to fill the thread into the overlock 3-thread for the lower looper is almost identical to the upper one. Here, too, you must set the thread on the holder, hold it over the tripod and the voltage regulator, lock it in the hooks so that the threads do not become entangled or tangled, and lead out into a special hole.

how to properly fill the overlock three-thread

If we understand the principle of work, then there will be no problemswith the question of how to properly fill the overlock three-thread. It is sufficient to understand that for a proper weave through the cut, it is necessary that the yarns be sufficiently stretched. It is the tension that plays the decisive role.

How can I replace the color of the thread in the overlock?

The thread tension in the overlock system plays one of theimportant roles. If it is not enough in the needle, then on the wrong side of the suture will form ugly loops. If the thread is not stretched enough in the loopers, then the edge will not be perfectly even, and the seam is sloppy.

Given such subtleties, it is immediately clear whyThe replacement of the color of the thread so scares many beginners working with an overlock. However, everything is somewhat simpler than one can imagine. So, how to fill a three-in-one overlock with a new color? Near the holder, cut the thread and gently tie the edge to the new coil, then press the pedal and make a few stitches until the knot reaches the tension regulator. Here it will be necessary to raise the paw and help the nodule to overcome this site. Then again, you can lower the foot and continue working. In the case of a nodule near the needle, he will also need to help gently pass into her hole.

overlock 3 thread

Knowing how to fill an overlock Chinese(three-threaded), the instruction manual for which was lost, will avoid not only ugly seams, but also breakdown of sewing equipment. After all, in such a business as sewing, accuracy is the key to success, and accuracy is the best prerequisite for quality products.