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How to knit a women's sweater with knitting needles: description, patterns, patterns

A warm sweater bound from quality yarn,is able to warm and decorate us even on the most cloudy and dank day. Instead of freezing in autumn or winter in huge hoodies and countless acrylic vests, it's enough to get one good piece of wool and forget about discomfort.

Why is the quality of the yarn important?

Many beginner knitters who choosematerial on the eye, and not according to the data indicated on the label, make the same common mistake: they buy acrylic. Visually, it can look like cotton, rayon, wool or even mohair. However, this does not change the fact that acrylic is an artificial fiber. He does not possess the properties of those materials that imitate.

Acrylic yarn can be chosen for manufacturingitems that will not be used often (dolls, decor, disposable costumes). If you plan to create clothes, you should take care that the thread does not roll down, do not stretch, it does not deform and does not contribute to the appearance of the greenhouse effect.

Knit a women's sweater with acrylic knitting needles - samethe most that prepare a festive dinner from an instant vermicelli: efforts are spent, and the result is deplorable. One thing is good - money is saved. However, the value of such savings is questionable.

In acrylic clothes it is usually either very hot or cold, it does not let in air and causes unpleasant sensations (especially if it's an imitation of mohair).

What is it then to knit a women's sweater with knitting needles?

sweater youth women's knitting needles

There is a huge amount of decent yarn for making all kinds of clothes. Their price is determined by the quantity and quality of natural fibers that make up the material.

Among wool yarns, the championship is maintained foralpaca and merino. These threads are the warmest and the toughest, they can be 100% of yarn or be diluted with cotton, acrylic, viscose, bamboo or nylon.

An excellent warm sweater is made from threads onthe basis of sheep's wool. For winter products, you can use both a woolen thread and a mixture (at least 50% wool). The thickness of the material can be completely different: from 100 m / 100 g to 400-500 m / 100 g.

If a craftswoman plans to knit a women's sweaterknitting needles with a pattern of braid, the optimal thickness of the yarn is in the range of 200-350 m / 100 g. For patterns from the front and back hinges, absolutely any thread is suitable.

Pattern location

The most popular is the classic placement of patterns on sweaters: a strip of braid on the details of the transfer and on the sleeves. Enthusiasts also decorate the back of the sweater.

women's sweater with a description

Interesting and unusual look products with non-standard placement of decorative elements. For example, the braids passing from one sleeve to the other, as in the photograph presented in our article.

Also original looks model with ornamentonly on the sleeves and on the neck. To emphasize this technique, the craftsman used different types of yarn: for the basic details she used a fluffy angorka, and tied braids from three-dimensional wool.

 a warm sweater

Female sweater with knitting needles with the description: the magnificence of the Arans

In the photo, we also see a sweater in the article, most of which is covered by braids (they are also strands, they are also arans).

Here, and classic pigtails from a smallnumber of loops, and intricate ornaments of six strands forming a Celtic weave. Their combination looks extremely organic, so when creating this model, it is better to stick to the specified layout of the elements.

knit women's sweater knitting

This sweater - youth, female - with spokes is made of yarn with a thickness of about 160-200 m / 100 g. For the product of size 44, it will take at least 500 g.

All the parameters on the patterns that arearticle, are indicated in inches, in parentheses are figures for knitting of different sizes. If there is only one digit, then this parameter is relevant for all sizes.

The diagrams clearly show the direction in whichit is necessary to cross the loops, so there is no need to decode all the icons and notations. The empty cell is the front loop (L), the cell with the dot is the purl (I).

Each craftswoman will knit a female sweaterknitting needles from their own yarn with unique parameters (thickness, density, torsion), so it is useless to indicate the knot density for the product on the photo. It will not help much, it will only confuse.

Calculation of loops

To determine the binding density of the selectedpattern, knitter should make a small fragment, using its material and layout. After it has been washed and dried, you can judge how many loops and rows are in 10 cm canvases.

For example, a 10x10 cm square is formed by 22 loops and18 rows. Based on these data, you should calculate the number of loops for the set edge of the product. For example, to produce a 44 cm wide canvas, you need to type 44x22 / 10 = 97 loops (plus 2 edges, total 99 loops).

Knitting details are transferred

Now let's give a sequence of how to knit a women's sweater with knitting needles (with a description for size 46).

average spit pattern

Dial 122 loops and perform 3 inches of gum1x1, then follow the specified order. 2, And, the braid C, 2 And, 1 A, 2 And, the scheme And, 2 And, 1 And, And, a braid C, 2 And, a small braid B, 2 And, the scheme In, 2 And, the small braid A, 2 AND, the braid C, 2 AND, 1 A, 2 AND, the scheme A, 2 AND, 1 A, 2 AND, the braid C, 3 I.

Women's sweaters with knitting needles with patterns

Next, knit by appropriate schemes, focusing on the dimensions given in the drawings.

pattern transfer

In the case when the loops in the pattern are too manyfor knitting the canvas of the chosen size, the ornament can be cut by removing the extreme elements. The reverse method (the addition of several braids) is achieved by expanding the part. If you want to increase the size can also be due to the implementation of strips with a double pattern.

patterns of pattern elements

Back knit with facial smoothness.

Women's sweaters with knitting needles with patterns

Manufacture of sleeves

Type 60 loops and carry a 2 inch rubber band,then proceed to form the pattern. Edge, 8 loops with a double pattern, 2 AND, a braid C, 2I, 1 A, 2 AND, Scheme A, 2 AND, 1L, 2 AND, the braid C, 2 AND, 9 loops with a double pattern.

The expansion of the web is achieved by adding one loop at the beginning and at the end of the row at regular intervals. The number of rows for adding a master must be calculated independently.

hose pattern

Finished parts must be washed in warm water (in no case in hot, otherwise the wool will shrink), decompose and dry. Then perform side seams and stitch the sleeves.

At the last stage, knot the neck. Hinges for it can be typed from the edges of the parts of the gear and the backrest onto the circular knitting needles or can be tied separately and sewn with a knitted suture.

Creating women's sweaters with knitting needles, with patternsyou can do anything. So, if the master does not need such a large number of arans, she can leave only the central large braid, and the rest of the canvas can be tied with a double pattern.