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Good crafts: angels with their own hands from improvised materials

To decorate an apartment should not only be to the arrivalguests or on such large holidays as the New Year. Delicate angels, made by themselves and placed inside your home, instantly create a special mood before Christmas. You can also make crafts depicting the brightest creatures on Earth, to give to family and close people.

Angels in the interior

Angels with their own hands
It's very easy to decorate your house with flat figurescelestial creatures. To do this, just apply the desired contour to the paper and cut it out. Such crafts are a great idea for joint creativity with children. If desired, you can decorate ready-made cuttings with sequins or rhinestones, you can glue feathers on the wings. Such angels, made with their own hands, will be appropriate to look at the walls and windows, or as pendants. If you want the figures to be more durable, make them from cardboard. It is not harder to make three-dimensional angels. Paper or cloth can be used as a material. For the trunk, cut a circle, cut one radius in it. Fold the stock from the stock and connect the edges of the cut. The head can be made from a tissue ball or a circular wool disk. The body is connected to the head by threads or by means of glue. Wings are most conveniently made of paper or felt. Do not forget about the halo, for him take a thin wire. Make a ring that fits the diameter of the head. You can decorate it with feathers or string beads. Attach the halo at some distance from the top of the head. The handmade angel can be supplemented with hair or clothes. If desired, work on the face of the pupa, draw your eyes and lips. You can embroider them with beads or threads.

Gift figures

The work of angels with their own hands
Beautiful weightless angels are obtained fromtranslucent fabric. Take a small square of white or golden organza. In the center, put a cotton ball, and wrap it with the material so that the corners of the fabric remain free. Fix it with a thread, then form two hands and a longer cloth from the remaining material. Secure it with a thread, just by tying the nodules in the right place. The angel's figurine is almost ready, it remains to think about its decoration. You can use all the same techniques as for paper figures. If the scale allows, decorate the body of the angel with lace or hand embroidery. But the face does not have to be worked out, sometimes faceless creatures of the light look much more interesting and mysterious than ordinary ones. Angels, made with their own hands for someone as a gift, should look quite bulky and solid. Why not sew a full-fledged soft toy? Decide on the style: the dolls-tildes with nimbuses and wings look not bad, and you can also make an arbitrary "plump" figure of the angel child.

What other angels can you create with your own hands?

Angel with your own hands made of cloth
Not a bad idea - to make a doll on a frame ofwire. To do this, outline the rigid elements of the trunk and limbs, fasten the head-ball at once. Then tighten the workpiece with a cloth or decorative paper. Angel, with his own hands made of fabric sewn, can be made in the technique of appliqué and be a flat suspension. Do not be afraid to implement any ideas. For example, you can weave small figures of celestial beings from beads or crochet. Offer to do creativity and children, for sure together you will come up with more different angels and successfully implement all the ideas in life.