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How to sew a blouse from chiffon, a pattern of a blouse with your own hands

Chiffon in the world of fabrics is a subtle, it'svery thin, delicate fabric, requiring in work of great patience and diligence. Chiffon is natural and synthetic, but regardless of the origin and type of fabric, sewing from it is not easy even for an experienced seamstress. How to sew a blouse from chiffon and how difficult it is, it will be possible to understand, having understood the rules for cutting and stitching this material. In other words, it is difficult to sew from it, but it is possible.

chiffon blouse blouse

About the cut from chiffon fabric

Romantic silhouette of translucent flowingfabric will suit any fashionista, regardless of whether it is a dress or a chiffon blouse. The pattern for clothes from this whimsical fabric should be as simple as possible, especially for a beginner seamstress. Here are some useful tips for opening chiffon:

  • Cutting fabrics is better to produce in one layer, because folded twice the fabric will be constantly dragged and slid.
  • Details of the pattern to the canvas are better not to pin, but use weights.
  • Seam allowances are best applied to paperPattern to cut the fabric clearly along the lines. To mimic parts of the product you will need a sharp piece of soap or tailor chalk that leaves a good mark on the fabric.

Well-cut fabric without a warp of slices -guarantee that you will get a beautiful blouse from chiffon. The pattern of the blouse itself also plays an important role, but even the most interesting and original idea can fail if the fabric is skewed.

dresses from chiffon

When cutting chiffon very easy to worka special substrate and a sharp knife, but they are not necessarily attributes. This thin fabric can be cut and in the old fashion: the usual tailor's scissors on a large table or floor.

About sewing

What you need to make beautifula chiffon blouse? Pattern and well-tuned machine with a thin sharp needle and thread. It is also important to follow the rules of working with chiffon to avoid skewed, tied and rough seams. Here, practice, theory, and a preliminary sample of stitching and edge processing are important. Only after trying the line and adjusting the tension of the thread, you can lay an ideal seam. Many blouses and models of dresses from chiffon go on a lining, and it's very good, because the problem of processing the neck and armhole (if there are no sleeves) disappears by itself. In this case, the sections of chiffon and lining are wrapped inside the product and from the inside are spread out. To ensure that the seams are not stitched, the stitch length should be 2 mm. If the product does not provide a lining, then all sections are processed by a small zigzag or overlock. It is worth noting that the role overlock seam is not suitable for processing the neck, since it strongly pulls the fabric on oblique cuts. Another option for processing the open cuts of the product is an oblique bake made of the same material, however, it is not always appropriate, so when choosing the finishing option, one must take into account the transparency of the chiffon and the style of the thing.

how to sew a blouse from chiffon


  • Working with chiffon is very painstaking and difficult, a hasty thing will not work beautiful, whether it's a dress or a chiffon blouse.
  • The pattern should be as simple as possible, especially if the fabric is very transparent.
  • In processing things on the lining is much easier than without it.
  • A sharp needle, thin threads, a tuned machine and patience are the basic requirements when working with chiffon.

And most importantly, all the efforts made will result in a truly wonderful result, an absolutely airy and romantic new thing.