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Knitting Pattern for shoes

If a young mother knows how to knitgreat. Hence, the beloved will be dressed and shod in warm and very original things. And knitting for babies is not only very pleasant, but also fast, there is very little need for yarn, and it takes a little time to work, because it is always very scarce. But not only experienced craftsmen will be able to put crumbs into warm clothes, beginning knitters will cope with light work and gain the necessary experience. We'll tell you how to tie the tiny booties. The scheme of knitting pinets is very simple, in this you will see, and work, literally, for 1-2 days.

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Very simple scheme of knitting pinets withusing two kinds of mating - "string", (all rows of facial), and "English gum": 1st row - front loop, then nakid, the next loop is thrown, not tying, to the right knitting needle. So perform the entire series and finish it with one facial. 2 nd row - one loop is transferred to the right knitting needle, without tying, a napkin, the next loop is tied with the front one, taking the nakid from the previous row. The series is terminated with 1 face loop.

To knit two small40-50 grams of soft, fluffy wool of better quality, medium thickness, knitting needles, hook and 1 meter of satin narrow ribbon. Knitting starts from the middle of the sole. They pick up 46 loops and knit them with a "string". In the third row, add one loop after the first and penultimate facial loop and on both sides of the middle two loops. In the fifth row, add one loop after the second loop from the beginning and before the second extreme loop, and also one loop on either side of the four central loops. In the seventh row add on the loop after the first three loops and before the three extreme loops, and in the middle - from two sides of the six central loops. Accordingly, in the ninth row, the increments are made after the fourth loop and before the fourth from the end, and in the middle - on both sides of the eight central loops. So, 62 loops are produced on the spoke. After tying two more rows with a "rope", the sole will be ready.

Now they are tying 14 rows of English rubber, andthen knit in the following sequence: three facial rows, a series of purl on the face of work. In the initial front row, two hinges are tied together in the center, and in each successive row, the loops on each side of the loops are sewn together. In the same way, repeat three more times in three rows. Only twelve rows. There should be 39 loops left on the spokes. Now a number of holes are tied: a loop of the facial, two together facial, a cape. Then, a number of loops are sewn with the backs. After that, again go to the English gum, adding one loop in the first row, and knit four centimeters of gum, and then all the hinges are closed. One shoe is ready. The knitting pattern of the pinets is repeated for the second shoe.

Knitting is sewn from the side, from top to bottom.Satin ribbon is threaded into holes and tied with a bow. You can distinguish the sole. To do this, on the last row, "ropes" are crocheted with one row of columns without a crochet on the front side of the pins.

The above diagram of knitting pinets is very simple. From a warm and gentle yarn of bright or pastel tones, you will get wonderful shoes.

Knitting cymbals with a description of the crochet can be easilyfound on the Internet. It is also simple and quick, as well as with knitting needles. Knitting starts from the sole, performing a chain of air loops equal to the length of the baby's foot. Then it is tied with three rows of columns without a crochet on both sides. Half of the following rows are knitted with columns without a crochet, and half with a crochet to extend the pattern from the front. Better before starting knitting, sketch the baby's foot, make a paper pattern and knit along it, adding and rounding the knitting where necessary. After the sole is ready, begin to bind the upper part of the shoes. It can be anything - dense or openwork, with embroidery or trimmed with a knitted applique, as fantasy tells.