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Knitting in the style of Chanel. We recreate the classics with our own hands

The legendary Mademoiselle Coco has always inspiredmen's wardrobe. She was the first to wear a man's vest and trousers, while the ladies continued to faint from the lack of air in tight corsets. It was the man's jacket that became the prototype of her signature jacket. Chanel sought to make luxury available, and she succeeded. An innate sense of taste allowed her to do wonderfully elegant things from simple accessible fabrics and materials.

We can arm ourselves with knitting needles and yarn and learn knitting in Chanel style.

knitting a chanel style

Jacket Chanel

What is a classic from Chanel?This is a shortened single-breasted jacket, originally black in color, with a white edging. The design assumes complete comfort: sleeve length - ¾, semi-fitting silhouette, no collar, soft comfortable fabric. The design embodies elegance and style - contrast edging along the neck, lapels and sleeves, patch pockets, gold buttons with the Chanel logo. On the inside, a thin chain was launched along the bottom of the product and the edges of the shelf. She helped the soft jacket to keep the shape and was the trademark distinctive sign.

knitting jackets in chanel style

What will be required

The classic Chanel jacket is made of tweed.This is a motley fabric made of sheep's wool. Knitting in the Chanel style is best done with tweed yarn. It contains inclusions of another shade, and sometimes of composition, so the knitted fabric exactly repeats the texture of the tweed. Modern yarn is soft and comfortable in sock, despite the large content of wool.

Many famous manufacturers of yarn for knitting have an assortment of tweeds. These are Italian BBB and Rowan, Peruvian Michell, Swiss Lang Seta and many others.

Also, you will need knitting needles that match the size of the chosen yarn, hook for finishing and accessories: buttons and, if desired, a chain.

The size of 44-46 will require:

  • 600-700 g of main color yarn;
  • 50-100 g of yarn of contrasting color for decoration;
  • from 2 to 5 buttons, depending on the model of the jacket;
  • 2-3 m of chain.

When the choice of yarn and accessories is made, you can start knitting. Schemes and job description will be further developed.

We take measurements

Before you make a pattern, you need to take measurements:

  • Throat circumference (OB).
  • The length of the product (DI). Measured from the seventh cervical vertebra in the middle of the back to the desired length.
  • The length of the sleeve (DR). Measure from the shoulder point (where the shoulder seam usually passes, to the desired length). Knitting jackets in the Chanel style suggests a sleeve length of ¾, although, and can be arbitrary.
  • Height of armhole (VP). Measured on the back, parallel to the spine, from the base of the neck from the shoulder to the axillary cavity.

Building a Pattern

We build a rectangle on millimeter paper, whose height is equal to CI, and width - ½ OB. This is the back of the jacket.

Divide the upper side of the rectangle into three parts.Mark the points with the letters A and B. The segment AB is the neck. On the sides of the rectangle from top to bottom measure 2 cm, place points C and D. Draw the segments AC and BD, these are the bevels. Throat a little round.

The tops of the jacket are constructed identical to the back, only it needs to be cut exactly in the middle. Duplicate the dots with the letters A1, B1, C1, D1. Mark the middle of the side point E and E1 on the other half. Connect points B and E, A and E1. Draw a round neck.

Sleeves are rectangles, the length of which is equal to DR, and the width is VP × 2.

Having finished with a pattern, you can start knitting. Schemes and descriptions can be found in any magazine for needlewomen. Consider the most simple and at the same time spectacular option.

We knit a jacket

Before you start, link the sample, by which you will calculate the number of loops.

Knitting with Chanel-style knitting needles starts from the back. Type the desired number of loops, based on their pattern calculations.

Knitting in the Chanel style does not involve onespecific pattern for jackets. However, one of the most suitable and very simple in performance is "rice". This alternation of the front and back loops in the front row. In the purl, the facial loops knit with the wrong side, and vice versa. The texture turns out to be embossed, and in combination with tweed yarn even more imitates the fabric we need. Do not forget about the edge hinges: the first always remove the unbrushed, the last weave the purl. On the shoulder bevels, make a reduction by tying two loops together at the beginning of each face row.

knitting patterns and description

Also make shelves and sleeves. Additions are made by untying two loops from one loop. You can tie two patch pockets, they will be two squares with a finish at the top of the contrasting color.

Next, we collect the product. Sew the shoulder and side seams of the jacket, sleeves, connect them together in the armhole.

Now we make the harness at the bottom, sides, sleeves andpockets of yarn of contrasting color with the help of a hook. Without this branded accent knitting in the Chanel style will not be recognizable. We knit the first row with a column without a crochet, the next one with a crochet with one crochet, repeat the first and second rows to the desired width of the fringing, finish next to the columns without the crochet.

We knit the loops on one board, and sew on the buttons to the other.

On the inside of the bottom of the product, sew the chain manually.

knitting in chanel style

Stylish new thing is ready!