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Magnifier for embroidery: purpose, types, features of choice

Embroidery is one of the most popularvarieties of needlework. The use of various techniques and materials in the embroidery makes it possible to create products of stunning beauty, worthy titles of works of art. But how much labor is behind every thing! Embroidery - the work is not so complicated, as thin, laborious, requiring maximum patience and concentration. To help embroiderers manufacturers of goods for needlework produce devices that facilitate the process of creating products. A special magnifying glass is one such device.

embroidery loop

Why you need a loop for embroidery

Since embroidery schemes, as a rule,printed fairly finely, their reading requires a noticeable strain of vision. In addition, marking on canvas is also usually too small. If you practice embroidery regularly, your eyes can become very tired, because this activity is long, multi-stage. To protect the vision of needlewomen in the process of work, to make the occupation more comfortable, special loupes were created. Thanks to them, reading the diagrams and embroidering process become more convenient, easier and, more importantly, faster. In needlewomen, a magnifying glass for embroidery is especially common, which is especially useful in work.


There are 4 main types of loops used in needlework.

  1. On the shoestring. They are hung around the neck with adjustable lengthlaces. The main advantage of such models is the free arms of the embroiderer and the opportunity to conveniently fit into any place. At work, the needlewoman looks down through the magnifying glasses.
    magnifying glass for embroidery
  2. Headband for embroidery. The device, as is clear from its name,fastened on the forehead. If necessary, at certain moments, the magnifier is lowered before the eyes. Like the first variety, you can keep your hands free and embroider anywhere.
  3. Table lamp. Installed on the table, has a stablebase, flexible tripod-holder, rotary mechanism. Depending on the specific needs, the needlewoman can adjust the height of the device and the angle of tilt is optimal for herself. Most magnifiers of this kind are equipped with illumination.
  4. Magnifying glass for embroidery on clothespin. By design, it is similar to the previous version, but more versatile in use. Using a clothespin, the magnifying glass is attached either to the edge of the embroidery machine, the embroidery frame, or to the table.

lamp embroidery magnifier

If the choice of the needlewoman is a magnifying glass withbacklight for embroidery, its work will be more accurate, and the eyes will get rid of a significant amount of load. If the device does not have a backlight, you should take care of purchasing a convenient lamp. Practice shows that the usual lighting fixtures in the apartment do not allow the needlewoman to comfortably engage in their favorite business. In particular, embroidering requires directional light.

What to look for when choosing

  • The main thing that should be taken into account is where predominantlythe embroidery process takes place. One needlewoman is more comfortable to create, sitting on the couch. Others work at the table, and still others at the special machine. Based on where the lamp with the embroidery magnifier will be located, it is worth choosing the right model.
  • The second important criterion is the multiplicityincrease. Most needlewomen use instruments that increase 2.5-3 times. But there are magnifiers that increase 7.5 times, and even in 10. Based on what types of embroidery the needlewoman is engaged in, it is worth choosing the optimal magnification ratio. The smaller the pattern, the more it should be. There are models with interchangeable lenses with different magnifications (the kit often includes 2-3 different lenses). Ideally, if the loop for embroidery provides the possibility of changing lenses. This significantly increases the scope of its application.
  • The third important point is the diameter of the magnifying glass. Too small a device is better not to buy. The minimum recommended diameter is 10 cm.
  • How the backlight works. It can be powered by mains or by using batteries.

embroidery loop

Use for other purposes

Any embroidery loop can be used inother purposes. In fact, its use can alleviate almost any occupation that requires eye strain. It can be any other needlework, fixing any device, reading a small font. Also, the device can be used by collectors, medics and jewelers in their activities.