/ / Photojournalist Steve McCarry: biography, activities, creativity and the Hermitage

Photojournalist Steve McCarry: biography, activities, creativity and the Hermitage

Steve McCarry is an incredibly talented masterPhoto. He became known throughout the world thanks to a photograph of an Afghan girl with amazing green eyes, which the artist captured with the lens of his camera in a refugee camp in Pakistan during the Afghan war.

Steve McCurry

Exhibition in Russia

From September to November 2015, his remarkable works were presented to the Russian audience by well-known photographer Steve McCarry (exhibition - St. Petersburg, Palace Square).

Demonstration of his works was preparedThe Hermitage (the department of contemporary art) within the framework of the existing project called "The Hermitage 20/21", which was called upon to study, collect, and exhibit all kinds of art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Simplicity and at the same time expressiveness are peculiar to the works of this amazingly talented artist.

More about this exhibition will be told just below.

Steve McCurry and his work

"The Afghan Mona Lisa" is not the only successful photograph of the photographer. They have a huge variety.

Photojournalist Steve McCarry

American photojournalist received a worldwidepopularity and recognition thanks to memorable classic reports. For over 20 years, Steve has been working for the American National Geographic magazine and for other equally well-known publications. This master of his craft has an amazing ability to always be in the right place and at the right time.

Previously, Steve covered such international conflicts,as the Iran-Iraq war, conflicts in the Philippines, Lebanon, Cambodia and the Persian Gulf. Photojournalist Steve McCarry is the best foreign photo reporter, and he was awarded an annual award in this field - "Robert Kapa Gold Medal".

The most diverse, fascinating, heartbreaking and fascinating photographs of the photographer are the expositions of many exhibitions.

Steve McCurry (The Hermitage)

Biography of the photographer: youth

Born Steve McCarry in 1950 in Philadelphia.Seriously, he took a great interest in photography when he was still young, while studying at the Faculty of Cinematography at the University of Pennsylvania. His photographs in those days were often published in student newspapers.

In 1974, after graduating from university, Stevebegan to work in one of the local newspapers. Active young man life in his native city seemed boring, as he craved to bring at least some benefit to people. With this aim in 1978, the future celebrity left for India.

Exhibition (Steve McCurry)

There he lived in the worst conditions of the localhotels. He often had to risk his health and sometimes even his life. However, the beautiful and successful shots, in his opinion, compensated for all the hardships and ordeals experienced.

Hot Spots

Already in 1979, Steve went on hot spotsAfghanistan in order to make photo reports there. A rather difficult journey brought good results. Made in 1984 in a refugee camp, a snapshot of an Afghan girl with incredibly piercing green eyes was subsequently included in the list of the 100 best photographs of the National Geographic edition. The glorified cover with the incredibly serious adult look of the girl in 2005 was included in the Top 10 of the best in 40 years.

Exhibition (Steve McCurry, The Hermitage)

In 2002, not without effort, Steve was able to againTo find that very adult girl named (as it turned out this time) Sharbat Gul and repeat the pictures already of a woman, mother of three children, but with the same constant piercing green eyes.

Steve McCarry has received many awards not onlyat home, but also abroad. He several times deserved the title of the best photojournalist of the year. As a military photographer, he was awarded the Robert Capa Medal.

A special place is occupied by the works of McCarry madein New York on September 11. Before the terrorist attack, he spent the whole month in Asia and returned to America just before. He photographed on his camera everything that happened, while hiding from certain authorities. The pictures show the scale of the horrible tragedy.

What the photographer says about his work

The most important thing for Steve is to be very attentive to any person, to be consistent and serious in his intentions. Only in this case the picture will turn out to be sincere.

The photographer is very fond of watching people closely. It seems to him that it is the person's face that can tell a lot.

American Steve McCarry in his series of worksWhere We Live ("Where we live") shows a touching journey to different homes around the world. First of all, he focuses his attention on poor and very modest houses and families living in them. He shows by his works that, despite the unfavorable living conditions, each of the families or personalities is good-natured and touching.

According to the master, he does not seek fame wherereign misfortunes and grief. He just wants to capture this moment and bring to all people that there is such a life, a life of need and suffering. He believes that, in general, the existence of the human is incredibly tragic, and during the periods of hostilities there is a reassessment of all values. In the background, success, prosperity and career. The main things are family happiness and health, and the main thing is the desire to survive at all costs.

Steve McCurry in St. Petersburg

When giving interviews, McCarry usually says that he does not have the sensation that he is a celebrity. This is due to the fact that people know not him, but mostly just pictures.

Steve McCurry in St. Petersburg

Exposition under the name of the famous Americanphotojournalist was represented by more than 80 of his works. As already mentioned above, the most memorable of them is a photo of a girl from Afghanistan. This unique picture of his incredible piercing, which leaves no spectator indifferent, was recognized in the most recognizable way.

Steve McCurry

The main theme in the works presented at the exhibition- military conflicts, rare vanishing people, the modern world and the oldest traditions. Each picture of it is a story of a person's life, his view of everything that is happening around.

Exhibition "Steve McCurry.Moment of Defenselessness "demonstrated to the Russian viewer the whole truth of life in the faces of simple, ordinary, sometimes defenseless people seeking justice and a way out of the situation.

A lot of amazing pictures made for the wholethe period of his professional activities Steve McCarry. The Hermitage presented most of his best works. Through the faces of people who became involuntary witnesses of various events and disasters, the artist tried to show their incredible suffering, cruelty and violence carried by them.

Steve McCurry (St. Petersburg exhibition)

The focus is on the history of human life and itslook and attitude to everything that happens. In this unique way, the artist demonstrates the suffering, deprivation and emptiness of people who have become unwitting participants in various tragic events.

Gift to the Hermitage

The exhibition "Steve McCurry ..." (Hermitage) becamea significant event for the whole of Russia. After its completion, all the work of the artist was donated to the museum (department of contemporary art), where they will become an even more valuable material that reflects the true emotions, condition and feelings of a person who has witnessed the events of his time.


In Steve McCarry's bankroll, millions of the mosta variety of photographs, a huge number of which can be attributed to the genius, and hundreds, of course, serve as an ornament to many magnificent halls of world-famous art museums. Now Russia, in which Steve McCurry (the Hermitage) presented his works, began to possess a remarkable collection, received as a gift from this brilliant artist.

His works give viewers an opportunityto be carried into those unattainable and original, fascinating and beautiful places in which he visited. You can look at his pictures endlessly, forgetting about time and about the space that divides the viewer and that place. The author surprisingly manages with incredible skill to remove the distance and the boundary between people located on both sides of the picture.

Everyone, looking at pictures of McCarry, listening to himinterview, once again convinced of his sincere and respectful attitude to absolutely all people with whom he had to and have to communicate and come into contact with work and life.