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Knitted ugg boots: description with photo

It can be safely said that knitted ugg boots aresecret or explicit dream of many girls. Once won the universal recognition and love, comfortable and soft boots are still at the peak of popularity. Despite the fact that some fans of glamor do not recognize the very principle of this model, in the winter on the streets you can see hundreds or even thousands of different kinds.

Knit or buy?

Knitted ugg boots (made by hand) are,certainly, beautiful and stylish, but not very practical. First, such shoes in any case will be softer than the factory, and secondly, it immediately gets wet from rain or snow. Therefore, the wizard should carefully weigh the pros and cons to avoid disappointment.

It is worth mentioning that the knitted ugg boots will bevery warm and attractive. Especially if you use a thick yarn with a high wool content. Regardless of the way in which the product will be made (with the help of spokes or a hook), the mating will be voluminous and embossed. For the manufacture of shoes do not spend on 100% wool, you can use half-wool yarn with acrylic or cotton.

What to do with the sole?

Today, designers decorate the ugg boots with all knownways and offer to wear them with jackets, coats and coats. However, one detail is unchanged: the sole always remains fairly thick, and the seam that connects it to the fabric part does not hide inside the product, but remains outside.

This should be taken into account by those who are going to make knitted ugg boots (with knitting needles or crochets). The sole can be obtained in several ways:

  1. Just buy (good, there are shops for needlewomen).
  2. Sew yourself from several layers of felt or leather (if you plan to create uggs for the house).
  3. Use the sole of old boots.

Crochet hook with description and photo

In this paragraph, two master classes are offered, using which you can associate uggs for a child, an adult or for a doll.

crocheted uggs with description

The only thing that the designer did not take into account,this is a relief seam between the sole and the upper part. A craftsman can make it when the product is completely ready, for this it is sufficient to perform one row of columns without a crochet (SbN) in the corresponding place on the outside of the boots.

knitted ugg boots

Sequence of work:

  1. Run a chain of air loops (VP), its length will correspond to 2/3 of the length of the sole.
  2. Further, this chain should be tied roundrows. To obtain rounded edges, in the first row, you need to perform 5-7 CsN at the ends of the chain from the VP. In the following rows, these columns need to be doubled, that is, one of them can be tyed out of two. The remaining SsN need to knit as usual (from one receiving one).
  3. Working on the toe, it is required to use columns with a crochet (CsH), and when going to the heel - SbN. Thus, you get the detail of the desired shape.

Next stage

If the craftsman decided to use the ready-made sole, then she needs to type a chain from the EP, the length of which will be equal to the perimeter of the selected part. Then you can use the description below.

  1. Cloth knit exactly at a height of severalcentimeters. If you tie a row, winding the hook, not for both "pigtails" of the column of the previous row, but only for the outside, you will get a three-dimensional hem. This technique is often used to separate one part of the canvas from the other. Moving from knitting soles to a flat area, it is also advisable to apply this method. In the photo with beige boots, the border between these details is clearly visible.
  2. To untie the sock of the desired shape, beginreduce the bars (one of the two turns out). These actions must be performed on the bow of the boot. The pictures show very clearly what the part should look like.
  3. Next, form the pagolenok:a section of flat cloth. There are no clear instructions, as it can be decorated as you like. Most often, craftsmen provide ugg boots with a clasp to make it easier to put on and take off.
    knitted ugg boots with description

You can also not be tormented by circular rows and relate all the details separately.

crocheted ugg boots

How to warm boots?

In the event that a knitter plansUse knitted ugg boots as a full-fledged shoe, it can sew a dense lining inside. For this purpose, the sheepskin, stuffed with knitwear, artificial or natural fur (for example, trimming from a fur coat or sheepskin coat) is perfect.

Patterns are presented in the following photo.

Crochet hooks

It should be borne in mind that knitted items must bebe slightly larger than the lining elements (one or one and a half centimeters wider). It is best to first cut and sew fur, and then start to knit. To make the ugg boots comfortable to wear, the lining should be firmly sewn to the main fabric. The fix is ​​not only on the top of the head, but along the seams. Then the ugg boots will be solid and more rigid.

Heat treatment and washing of boots

Quite often in the instructions for knittingit is recommended to pass the finished fabric with steam from the iron or wash in warm water. When working on boots this should not be done, as these measures are intended to soften the product.

Uggs need to knit as tightly as possible, preferably insoak the end of the work with starch. Of course, sooner or later they will have to be washed, but then you will need to re-starch. The laundry should be put off until the last, avoiding dry cleaning, because the boots can stretch out or run after water procedures.

In addition, the ugi with fur lining very long dry.

Needles against hook

Those who do not fit crocheted crochets will beproducts made with the help of knitting needles. Using these tools, you can make paintings with a variety of patterns: the English rubber band, braids, "rice", "chess" and others. Needless to say, it is these products that are primarily associated with winter snowy days.

knitted ugg boots

The photo shows high knitted ugg bootsknitting needles. With a description of the problems should not arise, because it is enough to tie and sew details on printed patterns in advance. The designer suggests sewing a piece of genuine leather on the heel so that it does not crumple.

Features of high boots

Products with wide lapels look pretty impressive. In addition to aesthetic appeal, these elements fulfill a practical function: they are close to the foot, they retain more heat.

Uggs with high pagolenkami will be more practical if you place a regular linen gum in the canvas. Otherwise, the part will stretch fairly quickly, and it will crawl.

As an alternative, you canconsider lightning sewn along the entire boot. This will allow you to put on and take off your shoes without stretching the narrowest sections. However, to gently sew a zipper, you'll have to work hard. Performing the task will be easier for those skilled workers who have a sewing machine. However, if the knitted fabric and the lining turn out to be too thick, you still have to work with your hands.

With what to wear knitted ugg boots

When planning to use hand-madesapozhki, you need to understand that combining them with knitted hats and scarves should be extremely cautious. In the heat of excitement, it's easy to turn into a New Year tree, which was put on "all the best at once." The ideal set will be crocheted ugg boots (the master class for their manufacture is suggested above) and a scarf-snood made of yarn of the same color. It is advisable not to use knitted bags, coats, skirts and tunics.