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Clutch for hands: master class and patterns

A hand clutch is a popular device that emerged in the 15th century. It is a part of women's clothing, looks like a cylinder, in which hands are hidden during the cold.

Coupling history

This product is associated with us from the past centuries. How often we look at the pictures, which depicts ladies, hiding their hands in the couplings.

Apparently, the hand clutch was invented in Italy. It's not very cold here, but they know a lot about luxury, it's not for nothing that the famous Venetian carnival appeared in this country.

The famous painter Titian wrote his paintings,depicting them languid ladies with sable furs, and his brother Cesare Vecellio said of them: "The Venetians are charming: in the summer they wear beautiful gloves, and in winter they wear clutches."

clutch for hands

Sewing the clutch on your hands was difficult.It was necessary not only to pick up beautiful materials, such as swan feathers, but also to decorate it with gold buttons, as well as crystal ornaments.

Clutch as an ornament of the nobility

Such an accessory, like a clutch on the arm, soon becamean object of decoration for the English queen. Its clutch was made of silver brocade, it was embroidered with gold and pearls, it had patterns depicting birds, trees and forests, it had beautiful buttons.

This product could replace a lady's purse. It had many pockets inside of which it was possible to put different ladies' coins, such as powder, perfume, mirror, lipstick and so on.

muff for hands pattern

And there was a tradition to aromatize the clutch.The noble ladies added a fragrance to the muff, which made them unique. Couplings everywhere then were worn by men, who in the 17th century dressed up in pretty feminine clothes. This product becomes an integral part of the toilet of the courtier, which does not do without a coupling.

In the 18th century the clutch on the arm becomes impractical.In the court it is small, made of expensive materials and decorated with expensive ornaments, but it does not warm your hands. Then the couplings were made from satin and decorated with fur.

In the 19th century, clutches were also popular, andthere were a variety of their models. There was still a fashion to wear in the clutches of small dogs. Men at this time wore warm couplings, in which it was possible to hide the bandolier for hunting.

to sew a clutch for hands

In the 20th century people were not up to the clutches, they turned ina whirlwind of events. But at the same time, women again tried to be elegant, and now these wardrobe items began to appear. Leading world fashion designers began to introduce them into their collections.

Coupling for hands now

It was permanently forgotten, but latelyagain becomes popular. Especially convenient is a sleeve for those who walk with a child in cold weather. Typically, inside such a product there is a warm fur and a layer of artificial fluff. Such a clutch can be worn on the handle of a stroller, and it will help you warm your hands in cold weather. But it can also be used to put on the car seat to bed on a sled or a stroller.

What are hand couplings?

These products are in their form cohesive andseparate. Hartan (hand clutch) is most often cohesive, and it is suitable for a stroller with a single handle. There is a manual split clutch, it looks like gloves. These are two products in one. Suitable for strollers with separate handles.

fur sleeve for hands

Outside, the clutch is usually covered with a moisture resistantmaterial, it can be plashevka, bolonevaya fabric. Inside, it can have artificial or natural fur. The coupling can be used not only in the wheelchair. For example, when it's cold, you can put it on the swing seat on the street or on the bench.

Couplings made of natural fur are popular. It's just a luxurious look for such a sleeve for hands.

Pattern for hand clutch

Do not make such a product on your own.represents labor, and if you are interested in a clutch for hands, its pattern is simple. Usually it is made of plashevka and artificial fur. But you can take a sintepon, real fur, velor, fleece. Fleece is a warm material that will warm your hands in any weather.

knitted sleeve for hands

The pattern is as follows:First of paper or film we make a piece measuring 45 by 45 centimeters. Also, we cut out a pocket size of 28 by 11 centimeters, a pocket valve measuring 11 by 10 centimeters, a small pocket screw.

How to sew a hand clutch, preparation

If you are interested in how to sew a sleeve on hand, thento make it simple. For work you will need artificial fur, you can fur mink, you need a fastening tape, sintepon, good tailor's scissors. The scissors you use must have sharp blades so that you can cut out an even ribbon by them. Also, if you want to sew a sleeve for hands, you need to have a thread and a needle. You can also use a sewing machine, but for sewing a clutch you will need to purchase a special needle for the sewing machine. This needle will sew fur, and you can buy it in special hardware stores.

Master-class in tailoring

If you like a hand clutch, then a pattern forit is done in a matter of minutes. You just need to cut out a rectangle of the right size from the paper. Then this rectangle is applied to the artificial fur, and this material is cut out similar. Then you need to cut out the same rectangle of sintepon.

children's hand clutch

Now artificial fur is fastened with sinteponon the sewing machine. One side remains uncrossed. We take a long tape and sew it to the edges of the coupling. It will be attached to your waist, and you can always carry the clutch with you. It can be decorated with rhinestones, feathers, artificial flowers. You can attach pockets to it, in which you can store such necessary trifles as lipstick, perfume, cosmetic bag, purse and even a mobile phone.

How to tie a clutch for hands with knitting needles

If you have some knitting skills, then you may have a knitted hand clutch. It will serve as an excellent device for riding a wheelchair in the winter, especially if the wheelchair has an iron handle.

The coupling is so well knitted with knitting needles.To work you will need a thread, about three hundred grams, and needles that are thick in thickness. You do not need to take new ones, you can dismiss old things. The child's sleeve is knitted well with knitting needles made of yarn, which consists of half of wool and half of acrylic.

hand clutch teutonia

The pattern for such a product can be taken uncomplicated,it can be garter stitching, gum two by two, chess. The size of such a clutch is about twenty to twenty centimeters. It is no longer required, given that the knitted fabric is stretched.

On the edges of the coupler,so that it can then be attached to the handle of the stroller. Such a knitted article can also be used as a blanket for a child, and as a rug for a swing. A knitted sleeve for your hands will be a salvation for you not only in winter, but also in summer in cold weather. You can tie it from multi-colored threads to make it beautiful.

Who manufactures hand joints

Teutonia hand clutch is a product fromknown manufacturer of accessories for the stroller. The company also manufactures couplings. They will help you feel comfortable in all weather conditions. This clutch is a good gift for any young mother, and it will make life much easier in the cold and in the cold.

There are different firms that manufacture couplings onhand. This is Teplish (Russia). Clutches of this firm are known for their quality, the upper part of them consists of water-repellent fabric, inside it is sewn sintepon and artificial fur. Such couplings are suitable for strollers with one handle, and they can be adjusted in width. It will be difficult for you to sew a sleeve for this model.

Coupling to the hand manufactured by u.d.Linden is designed for true connoisseurs of luxury. Inside this clutch is the natural sheep wool of Australian merino. Outside it covers the European ekochozh. The coupler design has such an interesting feature, as the cuffs on the magnetic buttons, which protect the clutch from getting moisture inside it in case it is not used.

The child's clutch is the property of Kaiser, inside it is a natural sheepskin. Outside it is covered with waterproof material. Fastened to the stroller with Velcro.

Little Trek clutch is an order of magnitude more expensive thansimilar products from other manufacturers, and at the same time its quality is excellent. Inside it, too, is a natural sheepskin. In addition, a layer of sintepon is sewn into this sleeve between the upper fabric and the fur. In the middle of the coupler there is a Little Trek logo lined with rhinestones. On request, you can buy this coupling in different colors. Most practical is black, as it is the least dirty in the wet weather.

Separate hand clutch

Red Castle is known for its children'sgoods. Its child-friendly clutch is like a glove, but it's still a clutch. Inside such a clutch is an artificial fur, on top of a raincoat. Attached to the wheelchair is this accessory with a zipper.

The new "Lux" coupling is also aseparate product. Here the fur is at the top of the clutch, it looks like two fluffy lumps. As a lining is a soft material fleece or velor. Attached to the stroller with lightning. The downside is that it can not be used in rain or snow, because it will quickly get wet.

Hand clutch Teutonia

Famous German manufacturer Teutoniaoffers couplings that will allow you to walk for a long time with the child in cold weather and even in frost. A fur sleeve for hands allows you to feel comfortable, because it consists not only of fur, but also of a synthetic foam that serves as a lining.

Teutonia produces children's products moresixty years old, and couplings on a stroller are one of her crowned goods. You can choose different kinds of couplings. This is a fur clutch for hands that will suit you in the winter, and a product made of lighter material that will become your protector against the cold in the spring.

So, the coupling on the arm has not lost itsrelevance and now. But in our epoch, synthetic materials are used more often for its production. A coupling for the hands is needed for young mothers, and for them it becomes a real find. In addition, these accessories have different functions, they can serve as blankets or blankets. They will be a useful gift for mom and baby.