/ / The series "While I live, I love": actors, roles, plot

The series "While I live, I love": actors, roles, plot

An unsophisticated plot, recognizable actors and a bit of sad romantic music ... These are the components of the series "While I live, I love." The actors and the plot of the film are presented in the article.

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main character

Victoria - a modest provincial from an ordinary familyand an unremarkable girl. She dreams of personal happiness, warmth of a home and a loved one with whom you can create a strong family. For the implementation of the plan, the heroine looks towards Moscow and soon without anybody's help comes to one of the prestigious institutions there. Studies are easy and smooth, the exams are given without a hitch. Victoria is waiting for a triumphant graduation, after which you can think about building your own family with your loved one. By the way, this already exists in the life of a young beauty.

That's the whole plot of the film "While I live, I love." The cast of this film is well known to fans of Russian melodrama. The main role was played by Marina Konyashkina. For the audience, the actress is known for such films as "Alexandra", "Deep Current", "Let They Say", "Right to Truth", "Baby", "Black Cats".

Further events of the film are not difficult to predict. Still briefly outline the plot of the film "While I live, I love." The actors will be represented after.

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Life in the harsh capital

Victoria graduates from high school. The groom of the main character succeeds by that time to excel in a career and from an ordinary guy to become a successful lawyer. He is madly in love with a visiting provincial woman and is preparing to even offer her an offer. However, fate strikes the first blow, from which not everyone is destined to recover - all the feelings of the beloved man are fiction. Vika opens her eyes to what's happening when she finds out that her best friend "twists the shenanigans" with her fiancé. Betrayal of close people is knocking the ground out from under the feet, and the girl does not know how to continue living in this instant disgusted city.

She decides to return home - in a small town,where the past life and native people stayed. Victoria moves, but soon finds out that she is pregnant from a former lover. Desperation overwhelms the girl with a new wave. The heroine does not understand what to do. But, at last, he squeezes his hands into fists and decides to at all costs defend his own happiness. Circumstances develop against the girl, but she is tempered by a hard life in Moscow, and therefore does not lose hope to become happy.

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The actors of the film "While I live, I love"

The plot of the series is far from original. Nevertheless, the reviews are positive. Actors of the notorious played in the series "While I live, I love." Actor Alexei Anishchenko played the main male role. "Afghan Ghost", "Cruel Business", "Handsome Man and the Beast" - pictures from his filmography.

We did not have to create a new, complex image of Anishchenko in the film "While I Live, I Love". Actor's role is melodramatic well-known. It's enough just to remember the series "My sister, Love."

Who else played in the movie "While I live, I love"? Actor's ensemble enlivened the participation of Lyudmila Artemieva, able to even trivial heroine turn into a bright movie. Veronika Lysakova, Lyubava Greshnova, Alexander Konstantinov also played in the series.