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What is your name, Mr Harrison?

The sensational animated series South Park ("South Park")came out on the screens of Comedy Central in 1997. Three years later, the right to buy the music channel MTV. The creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have made every effort to give the cult cartoon the maximum irony and to expose dozens of truthful stories that ridicule and criticize the entire culture of the United States. The story tells of a small town in Colorado. In the city of South Park all the heroes are a manifestation of mysterious, emotional and very absurd qualities. One of the most colorful characters in the animated series is Mr. Harrison.

mr. harrison

What is a character?

The character Mr. Harrison appeared on the screenstogether with the first series. A strange and very arrogant elementary school teacher is found in all 20 seasons. Garrison is a manifestation of the two sides of one coin, where the line between a modest, lonely, closed teacher and a cynical, evil inhabitant of a small town. Since the first series, Harrison has not ceased to surprise us. First we see on his hand a small theater doll, which is the second side of the coin. We see how a simple teacher tries to combat the attacks of the outside world with the help of his friend "Mr. Hats" (in the series Harrison repeatedly turns for advice to the doll and treats her like a second "I"). In addition, the school teacher is not exactly like a junior teacher. His tasks are not entirely understandable and adequate, and the behavior of children at the lesson leaves much to be desired.

What is the name of Mr. Harrison?

What is his real name?

The first mention of Mr. Harrison's name wasin the 901 series. Then the schoolteacher carefully concealed his origin, profession and name, therefore he called himself always differently. Although there was not a single character in the entire series, whose name the audience would not know. At first he was called Ethan, after he published the book "The Valley of Penises", and in some series he was called Janet, but his real name is Herbert. To learn the name of Mr. Harrison, it's enough to carefully review episodes 406 (Cartman joins NAMBLA), 111 (Tom's Rhinoplasty Clinic) and 511 (Essence).

character, Mr. Garrison

Mr. or Mrs. Harrison?

The character of the character speaks of lonelinessHarrison. To him, no one feels any special sympathy, he has practically no friends, and the inhabitants of the city do not notice him. Especially since Mr. Harrison is a hidden homosexual who vehemently denies this fact. The habits of the school teacher betray his sexual orientation, and after several seasons, the same schoolteacher appears on the threshold of the new series, but already in the woman's body. Mr. Harrison, from despair, changes his gender and calls himself Jenna (for a schoolteacher, it was a turning point).

That's when he finds new sexualpartners and homosexual friends. During this period Mr. Harrison takes off his friend Mr. Hat, becomes more confident and open. True, the whole new experience did not last long, and in the next series we see how Jenna again becomes an ordinary school teacher Herbert Harrison.