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Personal life and biography of Maxim Vitorgan

In February 2013 the Russian show business wasshocked by the news of the wedding of the popular scandalous show diva Ksenia Sobchak. Her chosen one was none other than Maxim Vitorgan. Photo, biography of each of the spouses decorated the first pages of glossy magazines. But if we know much about Ksyusha, this impressive man is somewhat lost in the spotlights of the glory of a secular lioness.

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Childhood and adolescence

When Emmanuel Vitorgan was bound by the bonds of marriage,the actor, known to us in the film "The Enchanters", and the actress Alla Balter, the stars ordered to give a married couple an heir. He was a little boy who was born on September 10, 1972. It was then that the story began, which can be called "The Biography of Maxim Vitorgan." Raised in an atmosphere of awe before the theater, already at a young age the boy knew who would be in the future.

At school, Maxim did not have enough stars from the sky, and especiallysuccess was not happy. However, what was the surprise of my family when, after joining RATI-GITIS, the young man plunged into his studies with his head. The biography of Maxim Vitorgan is filled with kilometers of read pages and hundreds of plays and plays watched. He attended all theatrical premieres and film screenings.

Theater like life and a little movie

The first place of work of the famous artist was the stageMoscow Youth Theater. There the young man came in 1993. In the same year he graduated from the institute. As part of the troupe, he participated in the following productions: according to Nikolai Ostrovsky's play "Groza", where Boris played, as well as in "The Decembrists' Execution" - his character was Nicholas I.

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The debut in the movie was the role of Gesha in the film"Prokhindiyada 2". It is worth noting that the biography of Maxim Vitorgan as a movie actor is not very eventful. There were small episodic roles that almost no one judged. At the time (90s of the 20th century), a man with a good taste in the field of cinema, which was Maxim, it was difficult to fall in love with the roles that the directors were offering. Having stopped looking, Vitorgan missed the moment when successful projects appeared on the screens: "Streets of Broken Lanterns" and the like.

In the last year of the second millennium, the artistgoes to the theater Lenkom. Here he plays superbly in the plays "The Sage" and "Cruel Games". Not stopping from work in the Lenkom, Maxim simultaneously speaks at Oleg Tabakov. The play with his participation is called "Sex, lies and video". In 2001, the artist changes the troupe and is a member of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov.

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Biography of Maxim Vitorgan replenished with newactor's work after the release of the films "Election Day" and "Radio Day". These two paintings were produced by the company "Quartet I", with which the artist collaborated since the early 90's. After a while, two more tapes appear on the screens: "What Men Talk About" and "What Other Men Talk About". In the first part of Vitorganu got a small role Romeo, in the second - a DJ.

Herbarium Masha Kolosovoy, Doctor's DiaryZaitsevoy - 2 "," Santa Claus always calls three times "- in each of these paintings Maxim Vitorgan was filmed. The biography of the actor though included pages called "The Film Industry", but the theater still remains at the main place. This is recognized by the artist himself.

Personal life

At the moment, Maxim Vitorgan has a third marriage. The first elect of the talented artist was actress Victoria Verberg, who played with him in the Youth Theater. The couple had a boy and a girl: Daniil and Pauline. The second tapered Maxim was Natalia, who was far from theatrical sphere. By profession, a marketer. And his third wife was Ksenia Sobchak, a secular lioness and TV presenter.