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Charlotte's Necklace: actors

The painting "Charlotte's Necklace," the actors and roles of whichpresented in this article, one of the films of Eugene Tatarsky, creator of the series "Streets of Broken Lights." The film was released on the Soviet screens in 1984. The script was written according to the work of Anatoly Romov.

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The film tells about the struggle of employeesstate security with fartsovshchikami, smugglers and other elements of the criminal world. Colonel of the KGB Vladimir Seregin - the main character of the film "Charlotte's Necklace." The actor who played it, is one of the most outstanding actors of Russian cinema Kirill Lavrov. One of the last roles he performed in the television movie "Master and Margarita."

KGB officer Anton Pavlov - assistant Seryogin. This is another central character in the Charlotte Necklace. On the actors, embodied on the screen images of fighters with crime, more details below.

Victor Korablev is killed by a small farther. The main characters are investigating the crime and suddenly go to the trail of large smugglers. The killing of Korablev, as it later turns out, has a direct bearing on the plan for exporting an antiquarian thing called Charlotte's Necklace abroad.

Charlotte Necklace actors and roles


The main roles in the film were performed by Kirill Lavrov andVadim Ledogorov. Igor Yankovsky played a forefinger in the film "Charlotte Necklace." Actor Yuri Kuznetsov in this film also played a negative role. Elena Solovey played Maria Zenova. The actress embodied on the screen the image of a woman collecting antiques, to which the KGB officers often appeal, believing that it will help them to reach the trail of the kidnappers "Charlotte's Necklace."

Actor Sergei Vinogradov played the role of general of the KGB. The film was also played by Georgi Martirosyan, Valery Matveyev, Vladimir Soshalsky, Alexei Resser, Galina Nikulina, Yevgeny Kindinov.

Cyril Lavrov

In the filmography of the winner of severalstate prizes and the People's Artist of the USSR more than a dozen roles. Cyril Lavrov's film career began in the mid-fifties. He performed the first major role in the film "The Quarrel in Lukashi". As a director, Lavrov spoke on the set of the movie "The Brothers Karamazov." The actor has played in such films as "The Taming of Fire", "Alive and the Dead", "Glass of Water", "Trust", "My Tender and Affectionate Beast", "Bandit Petersburg".

Vadim Ledogorov

The actor is best known for his film "Throughthorns to the stars. "Vadim Ledogorov has lived abroad since 1995. In New Zealand, he teaches acting, starred in the cinema, plays theatrical stage and staged performances.In 1991, the actor played the role of Leonid Chernenko in an art film dedicated to the Chernobyl accident NPP.

Igor Yankovsky

The owner of the famous actor's surnamein the movie began in the early seventies. Igor Yankovsky played in the films "Golubka", "At the beginning of the game", "Namesakes", "Married bachelor" and others. More than ten years the actor played on the stage of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

Yuri Kuznetsov

Actor, famous for his role as Lieutenant Colonelmilitia, was born in the family of a law enforcement officer. Nevertheless, from childhood he dreamed about the stage. Being a schoolboy, Kuznetsov attended a drama circle, and the theater so captivated him that, after receiving a certificate of maturity, he entered the acting department of the Far Eastern Institute of Arts.

His debut took place in 1973. It was a small role in Nikita Mikhalkov's film. In the nineties, Yuri Kuznetsov played in such films as "Afghan Break", "Prison Novel", "Fatal Eggs", "Arrival of the Train". The late works of the actor include roles in the paintings "Poor people", "Wonderland", "Easy at the Moment."

Charlotte Necklace

Elena Nightingale

This actress began her career in cinema in the 60syears. The most famous films, present in the filmography of Elena Solovei, are "The Children of Vanyushin", "The Slave of Love," "A Few Days from the Life of Oblomov," "You Never dreamed." In 1991, the actress left for the United States. For several years she worked on Russian radio, then she taught acting skills. Elena Solovey still starred in films, but mostly in foreign films ("Lost City Z", "The hosts of the night").