/ Salmon color. What is it and what is it combined with?

Salmon color. What is it and what is it combined with?

Salmon color is the color transition betweenred and orange. It combines the shades of yellow, and fawn, and red. This color is often confused with coral. But in fact they are completely different. In salmon it is more orange, even orange, and in coral - pink. In order not to be confused, it is enough to recall what salmon looks like, or, for example, the Philadelphia rolls.


History of color

Salmon color came into fashion in the nineteenth centuryand especially popular in the middle of the twentieth century. This is the tone of the gift of the sea, which has many shades - from more orange to more pink. The color of the fish depends on what it feeds, because of this variety of shades in one color. People took note of the creation of nature itself and created a new color - salmon, by the name of the fish. Also it is called "somo", because in French salmon is called saumon.

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Salmon color in clothes

It is the paint of rest, tranquility and warmth, comfortand harmony. Very summer and joyful. He is able to revitalize any wardrobe and give live colors to the most tired face. This color was fashionable in 2011 and periodically returns to the world podium. It is impossible that he ever went out of fashion forever. In addition, it is very versatile. Clothing of this shade can be worn as a celebration, and on a normal walk. It is suitable for meetings and sports, for beach holidays and for sleeping, pajamas or bed linen. And with other tones it's easy to combine salmon color. Photos in fashion magazines confirm and demonstrate this.

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What to combine color in the wardrobe

Somo is combined with all neutral andpastel shades. His cream and mustard tones are accentuated. Creamy, pistachio shades are also good in combination with it. The only colors that should be avoided by wearing a thing of salmon color are bright red, too full of orange and overly screaming tones. They will make it fade and get lost. And the outfit will look too colorful.

Salmon is ideally combined with the color of the seawaves, with mint and sky-blue. Also suitable are pale yellow and black-brown color. Khaki fits perfectly with somo. And, of course, white color, which can be combined with all existing palette of colors.

Salmon in the interior

In the interior salmon coloring createscomfortable and warm atmosphere. It will look great in the bedroom or in the kitchen as the main color, in the living room - as bright details. In the interior, as in clothes, somo is combined with white, all shades of mint and blue, as well as with pink and peach. Dark blue and green tones are perfect for combining salmon in the living room or hallway. Pale yellow, silver, the color of melted milk and pastel colors perfectly dilute the salmon in any room. In the bedroom, somo can also be combined with peach, coral, with elements of red and pink. In clothes it does not always look appropriate, but in the interior creates a completely different impression. The room becomes cozy, cheerful and conducive to a good rest and relaxation.


As accessories - pillows or somethinganother - you can use muffled green tones. Especially good with salmon will be combined olive. All neutral gamma will be perfectly diluted with salmon, gaining a more joyful appearance. If the room is very small, it is not recommended to paint all of its walls in one shade of salmon. It is better if the walls are painted in the same color, but in different shades. Or you can do otherwise: paint one wall in a salmon, another in a peach, a third in a coral, and the fourth in a pink one. Only it is necessary to make sure that the shades are combined with each other. It is necessary to choose either all warm, or only cold shades of all four colors.