/ / "Heart in the palm of your hand": a brief summary of the novel

"Heart in the palm of your hand": a summary of the novel

The Belarusian prose writer Ivan Petrovich Shamyakin,laureate of the State Prize - the author of Soviet patriotic works. In 1964, his novel "Heart in the palm of your hand" became popular. The summary of this book is to describe the struggle for a brighter future.

Story line

The novel was created at the time of Khrushchev'sthaw ", when part of the truth about the totalitarian Stalin regime was revealed. The search for justice in the struggle for truth is the main idea of ​​the book "Heart in the palm of your hand." The summary of the novel, consisting of 40 chapters, tells about the unity of the past and the present Soviet society. Journalist and writer Kirill Shikovich doubts the accuracy of the judgments of his book on the activities of the city underground during the war, which he wrote in co-authorship with the current chairman of the city executive committee Gukan. Later, under the influence of changes in public and political life, the journalist is trying to restore the reputation of the head of the underground detachment Savich, who for many years was considered a traitor.

A close friend of Shikovich - surgeon Yarosh - also a formerthe underground. He does not support the journalist in wanting to rewrite the book, being careful that the revision of events may serve as a reason for personal revenge. However, work on the work, where the main idea is connected with a new perception of the life of a Soviet man, succeeds Shikovich. A fair account of events leads to a renewal of the history of the urban underground. The plot line of the work "Heart in the palm of your hand" (a summary of the chapters can not convey the entire energy) - bright, intriguing, tense.

The idea of ​​the work

The dynamic nature of the novel is capable ofinterest the reader. The work covered two time periods - the war years and the 50s of the twentieth century. A variety of different problems of human society covers the novel "Heart in the palm of your hand." The brief content clearly shows that through the whole work the idea of ​​the importance of a humane approach goes through. The old and the new are weaved in the book for the triumph of justice and truth.

The role of the name

In Ivan Shamyakin's novel "Heart in the palm of your hand"(the summary confirms the certain symbolicity of the name) there is a constant image of the long-suffering heart of Zosi Savich. Pain is not only physical, but spiritual. Through an allegorical image, the writer tries to convey the idea of ​​how hard truth was born in the life of Soviet society.

The events and conflicts of the 60s of the last century, with unprecedented brightness described in the novel, are able to intrigue the reader.