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How to draw toon: tips and tricks

Heroes of cartoons can be found not only onscreens of TVs or books, but also on the covers of notebooks of children who love drawing them so much. In general, only a pencil is enough to create a composition. Many do not know how to draw toon, although it is very easy to do if you follow a certain technique. First you need to select the hero of the cartoon, which you want to depict on a sheet of paper. You should pay attention to its distinctive features, for example, what kind of head, torso, arms or legs it has. This all must be remembered so that the similarity is maximum.

how to draw toon
After that on the album sheet you need to applycontours of a figure using a pencil. Drawing should be phased, so much easier and easier. This process is very exciting, because it's easy and fun to draw cartoons. For beginners, it is better to use a pencil for drawing, and then you can try drawing with a pen and ink or a brush with paints. With the help of a brush and colors, the lines can be made bright and effective, thanks to this the drawing will be interesting and beautiful. Brushes need to choose a good quality, because the cheap ones do not have an acute hairy tip, and therefore it will be difficult to draw a thin and clear line.

First you need to draw a head in the form of an oval,depict the eyes, lips and nose. Then the neck, shoulders, trunk and legs are drawn. If this is a girl, then she can be portrayed in a dress, if the hero is a male, then make him pants or overalls. Not only children, but also many adults do not know how to draw cartoons, although everything is very simple, and even a non-professional can draw a cartoon character.

to draw in stages with a pencil toon
In this process, it is also important to choose the right onepaper and at first it is better to learn how to draw on different types of it, in order to choose one suitable variant for yourself. Paper can be with a smooth or rough surface, pure white or with a slight gray or brownish tinge. On this depends on what the lines will be and how bright the sketch will turn out. Even many artists are wondering about what and how to draw cartoons. in this case it is necessary to achieve a special artistic effect, and the lines should be clear and correct.

However, when creating a masterpiece, it is important not onlyto draw step by step toonts, but also be able to use various tricks. For example, you can use paper tracing paper. First you need to draw a sketch, then put it under a sheet of tracing paper and draw already on it. Thus, you can change the facial expression, increase the nose, change the pose or draw different clothes. With the help of this experiment, in the end you get what you need.
to draw in stages a toon

In addition, you can use tracing paperredraw the liked characters from various books, magazines, printouts. It is not difficult to do this, it is enough to impose a translucent paper on the desired picture and to trace the image along the contour. This is a good way to learn how to draw cartoons over time.

Such accessories asa table lamp, scissors, a special sharp knife, a brush for brushing crumbs from an eraser, a ruler and a triangle, will be needed for everyone to learn how to draw well. Step by step with a cartoon pencil it is also easy to draw on the table, if you fix the sketch with the help of an adhesive tape. There is also a special viewing device that helps to create the final version of the drawing.