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Persian names are unusual, but beautiful

Every nation has its own national names. If for other nations they sound like funny, difficult to pronounce, then for themselves they are the most beautiful names that have a certain meaning.

The name for the person is always expensive and desirable. From an early age, he gets used to it and treats with great trepidation.

Let us consider how the Persian names sound and what significance they have.

First, you need to determine who the Persians are.

This is one of the varieties of the Iranian nation. A rich culture and ancient traditions are the main features of the Persian people.

Persian names are mainly associated with Islam. But there are also those who are not connected with the Muslim religion.

Persian names and their meaning

To choose the names for their children the Persians werevery seriously. Any parent wants his child to have a certain quality. For example, the owner of the name Bakhtiyar should have been lucky in everything and happy for the rest of his life. The possessor of the name Nariman was considered a strong spirit.

Persian names
Any name for the Persians consisted of a long chain ofseveral names. That is, in addition to his main name, he was joined by the name of his father, grandfather, occupation, place of residence. If the bearer of the given name has a son, then the name of the son was added to this chain.

Let's see what the long name means: Abu Farhad Firuz ibn Hershid ibn Yusuf Hatamkari Ganjavi. This means that Firuz is the son of Hershid and the grandson of Yusuf, has the son of Farhad, engages in wood encrustation, was born in the city of Ganja.

Apparently, it's a hard-to-pronounce name, but beautiful and original.

Persian names originated mainly from Arabic.

Also to the names were added such phrases,as "aha" (meaning "lord"), "haji" (the one who visited Mecca), "mullah" (preacher of Muslims), "ostad" ("master", "teacher"), "Mashhadi" (who visited Mashhad), Mirza ("educated") and so on.

Also, children were given names thatwere formed from the name of the month when he was born. For example: the born in the first month was given the name of Farvardin, in the eighth month - Aban, in the eleventh - Bahman.

The Novruz family was born Novruz.

Female names

Female names emphasized the beauty, tenderness and mind of the girl. They were called words derived from the names of colors, stones, stars, planets and so on.

There are such women's names as: Aidana means chastity, Anahita - impeccability, Danai - wisdom, Ziba - beauty, Sherin - sweetness, Tehirih - purity, Hordad - means health, Niga - caring and others.

Persian names
In the modern world, some names of steelso popular that they are called girls and other nationalities. Especially popular are such beautiful Persian names for girls as Aidana, Ainagul, Anisa, Guldana, Guldar, Gulzada, Gulfara, Gulchachak, Gulnaz, Gulchek, Darina, Dariya, Dilara, Zara, Zarina, Nargiz, Raushania, Roxana, Rubina, Yasamin and so on.

All these euphonious names speak of beauty, of femininity and of the tenderness of the weaker sex.

Men's names

There are a lot of Persian names for the male. They also have their own values, which denote the mind, strength, wisdom, justice, courage, the success of men.

For example: Anwar means "radiant", Rustam - hero, Rushan - light, Tamaz - approval, Tigran - tiger, Farhad - clever, Eldar - imperious.

Especially popular are such names as Aivaz, Bakhtiyar, Rustam, Faiz, Yadgar, Yasmin, Farhad and so on.

beautiful Persian names
Some Persian names are borrowed from otherslanguages. Therefore, there are also such: Ali, Mohammed (Muslim), Marta, Thomas (Aramaic), Brian, Dylan (English), Alison, Olivia, Bruce (French), William, Leonard, Charles (German), Angel, Celina ), Mia, Donna (Italian), Nadia, Vera, Boris (Slavic) and others.

Persian kings

One of the great Persian kings was Darius 1. He was able to conquer Babylon, invaded Egypt, India, Phenicia. Of no small importance, perhaps, was his name Darius, which means "winner."

After his death, the son Xerxes took over the throne. His name means "a hero among kings." Xerxes managed to stop the uprising in Egypt. When he was fifty-five years old, he was killed as a result of a conspiracy.

In history, there are also names of Persian kings such as: Artaxerxes, Cambyses, Cyrus, Histaspus and others.

names of Persian kings
Any name has its own meaning, so when choosing it your child needs to be careful. Some names impose a negative imprint on the future fate of the heir.