/ / Alexey Uchitel, director: biography, personal life, films

Alexey Uchitel, director: biography, personal life, films

No wonder folk rumor says that it is truea talented person is talented in everything. This statement is absolutely true in relation to many outstanding personalities of modern Russia, whose anger is Alexey Uchitel. The director of many famous films and became the hero of our article. His fate and achievements we will consider in detail.


Alexey Uchitel, whose films are todayview millions of viewers, was born in Soviet Leningrad (present St. Petersburg) on ​​August 31, 1951. Many people think that Teacher is a creative pseudonym of a native figure, but this is all the real name of Alexei Efimovich.

alexey teacher teacher

The explanation is very simple:the father of our hero was born in places where the surname was assigned to a person on the basis of his kind of detail, so one can easily assume that one of his ancestors was engaged in teaching.

A few words about the family

Many know that Alexey Uchitel is a director,scriptwriter, producer, operator and creator of the film studio. But not everyone knows that his father also was engaged in directing and writing scripts. Efim Teacher made twenty-two films, many of which have gained popularity among the people. Little Alyosha often visited his father on set and saw the work of the acting company and the whole process of creating a movie. Thanks to his father, Alexey also fell in love with documentary films.

At the age of seven, the boy began to visitthe Cinematographer of the Palace of Pioneers. A little later the young man began to devote himself to photographing, which he spent many hours walking along the street with a camera and taking pictures of the surrounding landscapes. However, this fascination did not last too long, and soon the guy returned to the cinema again.

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This is today Alexey Uchitel - director with the worldname, and in 1969 after graduation, he failed the entrance exams at VGIK, unable to enter the directing department. However, the young man did not give up and for a year worked as an assistant operator, which allowed him to gain precious practical experience, which later was very useful to him in study and life.

In 1970, Alexei Efimovich again submitsdocuments in high school and becomes a student of VGIK. Five years after the successful graduation from the institute, he returned to Leningrad, where he became an employee of the documentary film studio.

Key turn in career

In 1988, Alexey Uchitel was a director,almost no one knows. Nevertheless, he made the film "Rock in Russia", which quickly became popular. The painting was dedicated to the then young Yury Shevchuk and Boris Grebenshikov. It was this work that allowed our hero to quickly become a favorite among the people and gave him the opportunity to move to a higher level.

Some time later, Alex began to trymy strength as a cameraman. His film called “The Bypass Channel” has received very great recognition. The picture makes the viewer think about the boundary between reality and madness. In it intertwined features of both game and documentary films.

Alexey the teacher and Julia Peresild

Recognition in art cinema

In 1996, Alexey Efimovich debuted atart cinema, removing the tape "Mania Giselle." The picture made it clear to Teacher that the direction of documentary films is different from similar activities in the artistic direction, although there are many similarities. This film was eventually awarded during the Cannes Film Festival in France.

A little later, the director shot his wife’s diary, wheredescribed the history of Bunin's complex and very complicated life. Such actors as Andrey Smirnov, Yevgeny Mironov, Galina Tyunina were involved in the film. The work was awarded the prestigious award “Nika-2000” and at the International Film Festival in Milan.

On top of success

Alexey Uchitel, whose films are repeatedlytook prizes at world festivals, continued their triumphal march in 2003, removing the painting “Walk”. It was she who won the main awards in Syracuse and Cleveland.

Alexey teacher personal life

Two years later, the director was again awarded. At this time, the success of him provided the film "Space as a presentiment," which turned out to be marked by "Golden Saint George" and "Golden Eagle".

In 2008, Teacher shot the film "The Captive." The picture was based on the work of Makanin "The Caucasian Captive". The meaning of the work of the director is reduced to a simple as the world of truth - you should always try to find a common language and come to an understanding, because even the most sworn opponents may well agree, and this is sometimes the only way to salvation. This film was awarded the Crystal Globe in Bulgaria the same year.

The director’s latest work is a movie."Matilda", which will be released in mass rent in the spring of 2017. The picture tells the viewer about the personal relationship between the heir to the throne Nikolai Romanov and the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. Almost no one has yet seen the film, and he has already made a lot of noise, since some members of the Russian State Duma believe that he is insulting the feelings of believers.

Character traits

Aleksey Uchitel, whose personal life, like that ofMost public people are known to many, is a professional with a capital letter. Most likely, this explains his vanity. The director really likes to win and be in demand. In his opinion, not just films should be shot, but pictures that would be equally well received by both critics and viewers.

Alexei teacher wife

Family status

Alexey Uchitel (wife - Kira Saksaganskaya)successful not only in the professional field, but also in personal life. His lawful spouse is both the second half and a business partner, as she and her husband work in their common film company, Rock.

As for the director's heirs, the children of Alexey Teacher are two sons, the youngest of whom also followed in the footsteps of his star father.


Alexey Uchitel and Julia Peresild todayopinion of many, not only a creative tandem, but a couple in love. This version is put forward because not so long ago the director was spotted in the early morning at the entrance of the house of the actress with the packages in her hands. The public suspects that they are connected not only work, but also personal relationships. Although Alexey Uchitel and Julia Peresild strongly repudiate their intimate connection and there is no romance in public between them. Nevertheless, it is difficult to believe in their platonic relations, since they were seen together in different public places together, often in the early morning.

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Aleksey Uchitel, whose personal life wasdiscussed above, is an ardent fan of tennis. Despite his busy schedule, he tends to set aside time for two workouts per week and often plays at various amateur tournaments.

Also, the director loves football and everything withit is connected. Moreover, Alexey Efimovich believes that football and cinema have a lot of similar features, because a coach on the field is practically the same thing as a director on the set.

In addition, the teacher reads a lot and does nothides that in the books looking for new scenarios for themselves. He also frequently attends theaters, where he also pursues mercenary goals — he searches for new faces for his film works.

Aleksey devotes a lot of time to social activities. He is a member of the board of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, and is also a member of the Russian Academy of Cinema "Nika".