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The film "My Guardian Angel". Actors and roles

The film "My guardian angel", the actors and roles of which are presented in this article, is created by the book of Jody Pikolt - the author of thirteen bestsellers. The director of the picture is Nick Cassavetes.

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The film was released in 2009.The main character is eleven-year-old Anne Fitzgerald. The girl has an older sister and a brother. The family of Anne at first glance may seem quite normal, albeit unhappy. After all, the eldest sister of the main heroine suffers from an oncological disease. Healthy children in this family from infancy do not see toys - only syringes and ampoules. However, not only in this lies the tragedy of Anne Fitzgerald.

The trouble with the main character is that she was bornin order to become a donor for his older sister. The girl took plasma, blood and bone marrow for many years. But one day, Kate - the sister of the main character - denied the kidneys. Ann must give her organ. Both Ann and Kate do not want this. The girl has to seek help from a well-known lawyer - another hero of the film "My Guardian Angel." The actor who performed this role, has a rather famous actor's name, in addition, he played a lot of roles in films and was several times awarded prestigious film awards. The names of the other actors in the movie "My Guardian Angel" are also well known to viewers.

Kate does not want to live anymore, torturing herself and her family. Anne is tired of being a donor for her sister. The trial begins.

Most of the film is about memoriesa girl with leukemia. The ending of the film is significantly different from the finale in the artwork. In the movie, Kate dies. The final of the book is no less sad, but the novel dies the main character. Ann falls into a catastrophe, after which Kate transplanted the kidney of her deceased sister.

The film caused a lot of positive reviews. The audience appreciated both the plot and the actors' play.

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"My guardian angel": the main roles

Ann and Kate's parents were Jason Patrick and Cameron Diaz. According to the viewers, one of the main virtues is the play of the actress who played the role of the mother.

Cameron Diaz became famous in the early nineties,when the comedy "Mask" appeared on the screens. After the premiere of this film, the actress began to receive a large number of proposals from the directors. But they offered mostly roles in comedies. Nevertheless, the actress embodied the images of several dramatic heroines, among them Sarah Fitzgerald in the film, referred to in this article.

Performing the role of the father of the main character in the drama"My guardian angel" began his acting career in the mid-eighties. Jason Patrick played in such films as "Narcombaron", "Fort Alamo", "In El Valley", "Luzers".

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Other actors

Alec Baldwin played a lawyer in the film "Mythe guardian angel. "The actor won the Golden Globe, Emmy, and began his career in 1980. His roles in the films" Simple Complexities "," Studio 30 "," The Way to War "," Nuremberg " "In addition to them, in the filmography of the actor several dozen works.

Abigail Breslin performed the main role - Ann.The American actress of Russian origin Sofya Vasilyeva played a girl dying of cancer. The film also involved actors Evan Ellingson, Thomas Dekker, Heather Wolquist.