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"Outdoor observation": actors and roles. Description of the plot

Kinodetektiva genre, crime stories gainincreasingly popular in our country. Individual films become true bestsellers. A considerable contribution to this was made by the writer Andrei Konstantinov, from under whose pen there was more than one popular detective story. About one of them tells the series "Outdoor Surveillance".

Outdoor surveillance actors

The story of "Outdoor"

The film "Outdoor Surveillance" was released in the2012 This is a domestic television series, filmed in the genre of crime detective. He tells about the history and specifics of the work of the surveillance department, which is included in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country. This is one of the secret police units.

The film, widely known,based on the eponymous three-volume novel by famous writer Andrei Konstantinov. Film criticism has caused an unprecedented interest of the audience, and in many respects the actors of the series "Outdoor surveillance" deserve praise.

What is the series about?

The plot of this film story is simple and at the same timepretty confused. He unfolds around the fate of the heroine of Yulia Mankovskaya - captain of the surveillance department Polina. It is worth making a reservation that, judging by the reviews of ordinary users in the network, after this role, the young and attractive Mankovskaya was treated not only as a beautiful girl, but also as a great actress.

Outdoor surveillance actors and roles

At the very beginning of the film, Polina loses her beloveda man and his colleague - the hero of Sergei Peregudov - Anton. He died tragically during the execution of a dangerous task - surveillance of the criminal. After Anton was gone, Polina's life turned upside down. She made a promise to find the cause of his death at any cost. The trail goes to the Siberian crime boss, who came to conquer St. Petersburg. Without waiting for herself, Polina becomes another victim of the investigation of this dangerous case when she is abducted.

The moral of the story is simple

Around this war between law and crime,police and crime and built the plot of the series "Outdoor surveillance". The actors who played in it already had experience with the stories of the writer Konstantinov.

actors of the series outdoor surveillance

As stated above, the author of the story, which lay inthe basis of the television film "External Surveillance", - Andrei Konstantinov. This is a famous Russian writer who was glorified first of all by the novel “Gangster Petersburg”. He was also filmed, but came out much earlier, in 2000. The series was an unprecedented success and brought fame to the talented author.

Experienced actors

Some actors from the film "Outdoor Surveillance"previously played in the series, based on the novels of this author. For example, Yulia Mankovskaya starred in the movie "Tula Tokarev", which is also a screenplayed criminal story of the writer. In his books were filmed "Friend-and-Other" and "Golden Bullet Agency".

Actor Maxim Drozd, who is in discussionit was possible to play Lieutenant Colonel Nesterov, the head of Polina and her beloved Anton, who was lost, is also known for other works. He received wide acclaim after the release of the tape "Two stories about love." In his filmography, work in the films "Russian Double", "Brother for Brother", etc. Now he has one of the key roles in the film "Outdoor Surveillance". The actors who played in this crime story will not leave indifferent fans of the genre. And the plot, so close to real life, captures the attention of viewers from the first minutes and does not let go until the last credits.

film actors outdoor surveillance

You will be able to watch the show in one breath"Outdoor surveillance". Actors will surely open to fans in a new way. You will appreciate the level at which they began to shoot modern Russian TV series, and become a real connoisseur of the genre of the criminal television series.

"Outdoor Surveillance": actors and roles

In addition to those already listed, the film took off andother familiar to Russian viewers actors. One of the roles played by Leo Zweig. Many people remember him on the opera crime series. The 52-year-old actor Oleg Geraskin, who worked in the theater for a long time, also appeared in the film. Recently, he has been filming a lot, and not only in television movies. After the release of "Outdoor Observation" Geraskin starred in the films "The Blizzard" (cameo), "Two Legends", "Rehearsals".

Another hero of the TV series "Opera", as well as films“Streets of Broken Lanterns 2” and “Homeless”, 31-year-old Artyom Karasev, after Outdoor Surveillance, played a major role in the full-length television series Pirate Trail, which was released in 2014

One of the roles was given to Daniel Strakhov, who needs no introduction. Winner of numerous awards and awards, theater and film actor played the role of Yevgeny Kamysh in the TV series "Outdoor surveillance".

Can be seen in this film strip and famoustheater and film actor Sergei Gorobchenko. He is well known to Russian viewers in the movie "The Officers", as well as in the films "Rowan Waltz", "Gypsy Girl with Exit". Gorobchenko worked for several years at the Lenkom Theater.

The actors who lit up in this film are unlikely to fit even on one sheet. These are Nina Guseva, Yury Nifontov, Artem Krylov, Fyodor Dobronravov, Mikhail Sedash and many others.

The popularity of crime stories is growing

Indeed, the star cast makesthe picture is unique in its own way. In fact, “Outdoor Observation” elevates the very genre of the domestic television series to a completely different, higher level. A plot built around intricate and audacious crimes and describing the laws of the criminal world, the nature of modern thugs, as well as the prowess and honor of people who professionally confront evil, is akin to high-quality foreign fighters.

film outdoor surveillance

Kinodetektiva genre, crime stories gainincreasingly popular in our country. Individual films become true bestsellers. And the writer Andrei Konstantinov made a significant contribution to this, from whose pen was not one popular detective story.

Characteristics of the series

The series "outdoor surveillance" prettylong lasting. In total, it includes 24 series. The duration of each of them is about 40 minutes. During this time, the viewer will be able not only to enjoy the play of actors, but also to see numerous fights, shootouts, chases. Love, pain of loss and human relations will not stand aside.

Five films took part in the film.directors. They are Yuri Nifontov, Igor Kopylov, Andrei Savelyev, Vasily Chiginsky and Vyacheslav Sorokin. Nifontov is known for the motion pictures “Hugging the sky” and “Hello, kinder!”. Chiginsky - the author of more than two hundred commercials, who participated in the filming of "Red Streptotsid" and "Mirror Wars." The reflection of the first. Saveliev was a director of two episodes of the eighth season of the Foundry series. He is also known for being the screenwriter of the film “Tula-Tokarev”, which was shot based on the novel by Konstantinov. Sorokin co-authored Undying Power-4, and Kopylov - the films Goryunov and Black Raven.

Who is Andrei Konstantinov?

This is a modern Russian writer and journalist, whose works are popular due to the realistic plot and unsurpassed style.

Andrew Constantinov's external surveillance

His real name is Baconin. Andrey Dmitrievich was born 52 years ago in the Astrakhan region. At first, I wanted to become an archaeologist, then a history teacher. However, the will of fate turned out to be in the military service, where for many years he worked as a professional translator. In the early 90s he left the service and began working as a journalist in Leningrad. He has held various positions in several major publications, including Komsomolskaya Pravda. He is the author of numerous journalistic investigations. For a long time headed the St. Petersburg Union of Journalists. He was the co-author of the journalist award "Golden Pen". He often gives lectures, participates in seminars. He was awarded a government award, as well as numerous medals. According to unofficial information, the total circulation of his books has exceeded 20 million copies.