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Museum of street art (SPb): exhibitions, address, reviews

St. Petersburg is the main treasuryarts and culture of our country. Its architectural buildings, monuments, sculptures, fountains, palaces and museums are real masterpieces of art that amaze with their originality and incredible grandeur.

Soon the territory of the city will be replenished with another amazing artistic object. Here they plan to open the Museum of street art.

Unusual Art Site

The museum is a unique art site,where works of famous street artists not only from Russia, but from the whole world will be presented. Its concept is that it should be an object of spontaneous work.

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Museum of street art (St. Petersburg) is located insoutheastern part of the city, on the territory of the plant laminated plastics. The originality of the idea lies in the fact that the plant is a valid object. The territory of the enterprise is about 11 hectares. The total area of ​​the walls, dedicated to the drawings of street artists, is about 200 thousand square meters. m. In addition, they will be able to translate their ideas and fantasies on the roofs and ceilings of abandoned rooms, as well as pavement paths.

Finnish project

Museum of street art (St. Petersburg) will be officiallyopen to visitors in 2016. Today, the abandoned buildings of the plant for laminated plastics are being reconstructed according to a project by the Finnish architectural company JKMM Architects, which won this right in a closed competition between Russian, Polish and Baltic firms.

According to the Finnish project, the central courtyard, wherethe destroyed boiler room is located, it will become a place for the main exposition This hall will be for visitors the first acquaintance with the world of street art. In addition, Finnish architects plan to hold temporary exhibitions at the museum. Also here, right in the open, a courtyard park will be organized, where it is planned to hold meetings and events of various levels. A pleasant surprise for the younger generation will be a skate park. It is also planned to build a large parking for visitors. The central factory chimney will become the location for spotlights. As a result of the reconstruction, they are going to open a restaurant, a shop, a concert hall and workshops.

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First masterpieces

Artists set to work on their streetmasterpieces back in 2012. Today, the factory’s walls are decorated with 11 graffiti created by the Spanish master Ecsif, as well as such famous Russian artists as Timofey Radya from Yekaterinburg, Muscovite Pasha 183, Pasha Wais, Kirill Kto from Nizhny Novgorod and others. By the time of opening, the Museum of Street Art (St. Petersburg) will be able to present 70 finished works of graffiti, video art and even 3D mapping to visitors. From 2012 to 2014 it was decided to pass one masterpiece per month. Since 2015, it is planned to increase the speed and take two a month.

One of the famous works of the museum is the creation"Urals Banksy" - Timofey Radi, who is a nominee and winner of many street art awards, including the famous New York award Cutlog NY Artist Prize.

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His masterpiece "Everything I know about streetart, decorating one of the walls, is a cry of the soul and a reflection of the inner world of all graffiti. According to Radi, what he could not say out loud, he expressed in these lines on the wall. He believes that by this he wanted to show the depth and individuality of this amazing art.

Acquaintance with street art

Street art is a unique street art thatonly gaining popularity in our country. To acquaint people with its origins and history, the Museum of Street Art (St. Petersburg) held a series of lectures in conjunction with the history department of St. Petersburg State University. Timofey Radya talked about existential and political discourses in this direction. Alina Zorya gave a lecture on the history of street art, and Arseny Sergeyev talked about how graffiti interacts with modern museums. In addition, anyone could listen to the story of famous street artists, interpreters and critics of Moscow from Cyril Who. There were also lectures on street art's morality and the marginalization of street art.

Debut exhibition

Although the Museum of Street Art (St. Petersburg) will begin itswork only in 2016, in July 2014, its unofficial opening took place. It was marked by a debut exhibition, dubbed Casus Pacis ("Reason to the world"). It was organized in the framework of the famous art biennale "Manifesto 10" and was originally dedicated to the 100-year date of the start of the First World War. But due to the current situation in the world, part of the exposition reflected modern military cataclysms. The most legendary work of the exhibition was the creation of the deceased graffiti artist, Pasha 183, “Alenka”. After the exhibition, this work has become an integral part of the permanent exhibition.

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Argentinian bicycle picnic

In the middle of August 2014 in the museuma bicycle picnic was held with Martha, a famous street artist from Argentina. This event was organized in the framework of the Lets bike it! and "Bicycling St. Petersburg". His work graced one of the walls of the main exhibition. Theme is about bicycles. According to Mart himself, for him the bicycle is a reflection of a person’s inner freedom. Each participant of the picnic could personally communicate with the Argentine artist and get to know his view on street art.

Season closing

September 13, 2014 Museum of street artheld a super party. This grand celebration was the last before the closing of the museum for reconstruction. Visitors were able to look at the exhibition Casus Pacis, attend a street symposium on the interaction of art and hooliganism, see designer new clothes, shoes and accessories from the best shops of the northern capital, fight in ping pong, ride a skateboard, see a grand evening concert and enjoy a night rave.

Museum of street art (SPb): address and reviews

The museum will begin its work in 2016 aftercomplete the reconstruction. In addition to the opening of additional sites and the creation of new unique street masterpieces, the museum plans to increase the number of guided tours. In this case, the total time should be about an hour.

Street Art Museum St. Petersburg

Despite the fact that in 2014 the museum spent onlyOnly a few events, he has already won the popularity and appreciation of its visitors. Both ordinary people and professional street artists consider it a unique creative object, which in the future will allow to reveal the inner world of people and help them to take a fresh look at modernity.

Visit the museum at: St. Petersburg, Art. Metro "Ladozhskaya", Museum of street art, Revolution Highway, 84.