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Painting "Peter 1": the greatness of change

Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov - master of creationpaintings on a historical theme. In his works, he emphasized the greatness of the Russian people and its difficult fate, sang about the great statesmen. The picture “Peter 1” is a vivid example.

picture Peter 1

History of creation

Known publisher I.N. Knebel was preparing to release a series of books on Russian history. Being familiar with Serov, he suggested that the artist paint a picture on a historical theme, which could illustrate one of the chapters. Serov gladly responded to this proposal, because the personality of Peter the Great had long since admired the artist.

Then followed a series of sketches and sketches. V. Serov sought to convey the greatness of Peter and the city he created. So in 1907, the painting "Peter 1" was created.

Description of the picture

The far plan of the picture illustrates the panorama.Petersburg The river and the buildings and buildings built along it look like decorations, against the background of which the figure of the king is exalted. There are no buildings yet - only the foundations of the buildings are visible, there is no embankment - only the earth is poured in its place.

Peter 1 picture is gray

Actually depicted on the canvasPeter and Paul Cathedral will be built a decade after the death of Peter. Having depicted him, Serov emphasized how the king's projects were being implemented even after his departure. Similarly, ships that are seen in the distance raise sails only in the thoughts of the king. This is only the beginning, a prototype of the Admiralty.

The sovereign steps hard and confidently. His whole figure is directed forward to the future. The wind is blowing in the face, but it keeps going. A group of people is led by a royal Peter 1. Serov's painting underlines his greatness in contrast to the bowed figures of chilled nobles, wrapped in warm clothes. They hide their faces from the rain. Traits are indistinguishable, they follow the king of the total mass.

Details and symbolism

The work of the artist very accurately conveysatmosphere of reform and transformation, the scale of which is still impressive. The painting "Peter 1" is made without the use of bright colors and shades. This underlines the harsh reality of those times. Small details a bit - the main emphasis is placed on the main character. Details of the clothing, decoration of Peter - the great reformer. Tightly packed pockets stand out especially. This is a symbol of the involvement of the sovereign not only in the design of the city, but also in its direct creation.

Interesting in terms of artThe expressiveness of a cow that drinks water from a river. Metaphorically, it conveys everyday life, which is established by people settled on the banks of the Neva. One can guess that the Baltic is very close by, it is possible by seagulls soaring in the sky. Access to the sea - is the expansion of the commercial space, the prospect of economic development of the state. All the details that the picture "Peter 1" conveys indicate the beginning of a new stage in the development of Russia, the irreversibility of change. However, there is no pathos in depicting Peter, there is the strength and power of a ruler leading the whole country into the future.

Peter 1 paintings by artists

We reviewed the work of Serov "Peter 1". Pictures of artists who worked in the same genre, noticeably fade in its background. The greatness of the ruler is artfully conveyed in the famous masterpiece.