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Caroline Casting, actress: biography, personal life, films

Cinematography counts a large numberactors, but most of all of them we give, of course, girls. And among the huge number of actresses stands out Carolina Casting. This is the same man who took part in such well-known TV shows like “The Prophet”, “Love for Life” and “Out of Time”. How did the life of this wonderful woman? This will be discussed in the article.

Carolina Casting


Born actress in Brazil in 1975(Florianpolis, Santa Catarina). In addition to her, her elder brother, Guga, and elder sister Regina were also in the family. Closer to the age of 14, Carolina Casting left Florianópolis to start her studies at the School of Theater Dance in Curitiba. After a few years of study at this school, she felt an even greater interest in the theater and decided to move to Sao Paulo, where she intends to engage in the drama arts. She is very good at this and she understands what her vocation is. In the same city, she repeatedly participates in various model contests, where she became one of the winners.


This actress’s career starts from the momentwhen she first tried to play in one of the youth series, whose name is “New Hercules”. Here she was just a false nun. She really enjoyed playing the role and in 1996 she was going to the casting of a new film from the company “Globa”, whose name is “My Angel”. Success smiled at the actress, and she was taken into the film as the main character.

In addition to cinematography, Carolina Casting, biographywhich is presented to the reader in the article, also participated in theatrical performances. The actress won her first significant award at the Reef Festival for her performance in the film Tropical Dreams. Until now, Caroline’s career has remained at the peak of popularity, because either films or TV shows with her participation almost regularly come out.

love of life

Carolina Casting: Movies

The following year, Carolina takes one of the roles.in preview to the short story "Cruel Angel". Also in 1997, they took part in the filming of a small series called “Indomitable Hilda.” Already in 1998, she was noticed by the television company Rade Manchete and offered to play a role in the film “Brida”. Again, the following year, Caroline returns to the company “Globa”, where she starred in the film “Land of Love”. It is for her participation in this picture that she receives positive feedback. All subsequent work with the actress was not worse than the previous ones.

So in 2002, Carolina Casting was ableRealistically and brilliantly play an alcoholic named Mariana in the film "The Heart of a Student." With each film, the actress's skill grew, and more and more often she was invited by television companies to film this or that film. The following year, she starred in the television series Woman in Love, where she played the egoist Laura very well. At the end of 2007, Carolina Casting began to appear again in the new season of the New Hercules series, which, at one time, served as the start at the beginning of her career. She starred in such stories as "Eternal Love", "Sun" and more in many other interesting performances. The last so far the series, which starred the actress, is the melodrama "Out of Time". The audience liked this project due to the fact that all the actions take place in the XIX century and the creators were able to convey the whole atmosphere of those times, find suitable actors and use all the necessary decorations for the thrill of sensations.

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Another successful project

In addition to the above movies and TV shows,participation in which the actress took, there is another no less interesting project called "Love for Life." It would seem that the usual Brazilian melodrama, in which everything is trite, monotonous and gray. But this is not at all the case, because this series is not similar to other films of this genre. Here there is an interesting and original plot. The acuteness of all experiences and life situations will not leave you alone. The series is very large, and therefore have to watch a lot. Events will most often develop in the hospital, since the main essence of this melodrama is precisely who will receive a doctor’s place after his father. A big cast will only increase your desire to watch series after series. Each of the characters is individual, and the audience watches with feelings, feelings and emotions for each of them. Carolina Casting played a significant role here. Many film critics, compiling a review of the series, did not forget to mention the magnificent acting of a woman, her skill and behavior.

Carolina Casting Biography

Carolina Casting: personal life

Caroline has a husband, daughter and son. Her soul mate is Mauricio Grekko. He does exactly the same thing as his wife - is in films. A daughter named Cora actress gave birth in 2005. And most recently (July 30, 2016) gave birth to a son, Toma. The actress's family life is very good, because at home, like her husband, she is always supported. If you suddenly receive a proposal to play in the film, relatives will welcome it and rejoice with them. The daughter, who is already 11 years old, looks very beautiful, because all went to her mother. Caroline herself admits that her daughter is charming, and together they are like the two best friends. They share secrets, discuss something, or simply speak on topical issues. Also, Carolina can be called a good housewife, as her husband has repeatedly noted in various interviews and social networks.

Carolina casting personal life


Rating actress grew every year from the beginningcareers. She received the most recognition after the TV series "Love of Life" and "Beyond Time". Carolina already has a lot of experience in films, novels and TV shows, so in recent works she played her role flawlessly, and as a result she gained even greater fame. Rating of the actress is now at a high level, but so far it is not yet known whether she has plans to roll somewhere. This is unlikely, because most recently she had a baby and now at least a year she needs to be with him. But true fans of her work will be waiting for the return. Now she needs to act in films and not try to jump over her rating, but just keep, as they say, afloat, because all her popularity came to her back in 2000, when she was actively involved in filming.