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Javier Hernandez: biography and career

Spain gave the world many beautiful andtalented actors. Among them are those whose names are known to the whole world: Antonio Banderas, Benicio Del Toro, Javier Bardem. There are also rising talents, such as Mario Casas and Martino Rivas. Among them it is impossible to leave unnoticed by the young Spanish actor Javier Hernandez, who has already managed to win the hearts of not only the Spanish public, but also the Russian. In addition, Javier has repeatedly entered the ten most beautiful male actors in Spain, which only stirs interest in him and his work.

Biography of the actor

Javier Hernandez Rodriguez - Spanish ActorTheater, TV series and films. Born in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1984 on June 5 (33 years). Gemini. Loves animals, keeps the dog at home. He has the equally famous namesake, Javier, once a Barcelona midfielder.

Javier Hernandez

Actor career

The first picture of the actor was released in rent2000 He studied acting in the studio "Juan Codinn" and the Madrid School of Cinematography. Preferred genres are short films. Them in the filmography of the actor the largest number. Took part in the 25th Goya Award Ceremony, held in 2011.

Recognition brought him the "Ark." The actor Javier Hernandez himself considers his debut to be the film “Innocent Killers”. He mentions him in an interview as a wonderful experience, which is completely different from his work in the theater and TV shows. The actor adds that when he played on television and in the theater, he lacked the experience of filming full-length films and a better debut than Innocent Killers, he could not imagine. The actor hopes to again take part in the filming of full-length films in the future.

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Movies with an actor

Javier Hernandez’s filmography includes more than 10 films and TV shows. The most popular series were "Physics or Chemistry" and "Ark". Rating "Kinopoisk" - 8.3 and 8.1, respectively.

The film "Innocent Killers", 2015

  • Genre: crime, comedy.
  • Role: Manuel Ballesteros.

A professor of psychology invites his student to commit a murder. Who do you think ?! The professor invites him to kill himself. So begins this intricate story.

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Short films and TV series

Mini-series "Father Cain", 2016

  • Genre: crime, drama.
  • Role: Cape Quintana.

The action of the series takes place in the eighties in the city of San Sebastian. The action takes place around a policeman who must calculate and neutralize terrorists so that the citizens do not suffer.

Short film “Time is still there”, 2014

  • Genre: fiction, comedy.
  • Role: Angel.

Angel is trying to return his beloved and fixtheir relationship. To do this, he goes to the mall in the hope of reconciling. The action takes place on Christmas Eve, and Angel still does not know that Santa Claus himself will intervene in his plan. Javier Hernandez plays the main role here.

The Short Film "Animal", 2014

  • Genre: horrors, thriller.
  • Role: man-perilla.

The company of friends dreamed of rest, but becauseof failed plans they find themselves in unfamiliar terrain, pursued by a terrible predator. The guys are hiding in a hut. As the film develops, the tension between friends increases. Will they be able to cast off their grievances and rally in order to survive?

The series "The Ark", 2011-2013

  • Genre: fantasy, adventure.
  • Role: Pitti.

The crew of the training ship survives afterheavy flooding. On Earth there is no land left. Scandals and intrigues corrode survivors. Is there a place for love in them? And although the role of Javier Hernandez is not central to the film, the Spanish critics praised the play of the actor as well as the character Pedro (Petey).


Mini-series "Princess Eboli", 2010

  • Genre: history, drama.
  • Role: Rodrigo.

The series tells the story of Ani de Mendez, the beloved woman of Philip the Second. And her love with secretary Antonio, for which she paid with her life.

Mini-series "Pact", 2010

  • Genre: drama.
  • Role: the name is not mentioned.

This is a tangled story of 16 teenage girls who decided to get pregnant at the same time in order to raise their children together. The college begins its own investigation of this strange phenomenon.

The series "Red Eagle", 2009-2016

  • Genre: historical, detective.
  • Role: Sancho.

The film tells the story of a simple rural teacher, whose wife was killed, and for whose death he is trying to avenge.

The series "Physics or Chemistry", 2008-2011

  • Role: Marcos.

Several young teachers should find a common language with their wards - a group of teenagers - and help them understand their own feelings, dreams, and aspirations.

The series "Love forever", 2005 - n. vr.

  • Genre: drama.
  • Role: George Artesh.

The plot tells about the relationship tracedfamous writer, between the burning of witches and modern charges of witchcraft. Despite the fact that the first shooting in the career of Javier Hernandez were back in 2000, in this series, he found his first character.