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Movies about the summer and adolescents: a list, description, actors and reviews

It's always nice to watch summer movies. As a rule, they are shot in the genre of comedy or melodrama. In many of them, the main characters are teenagers - students or schoolchildren. And, accordingly, these films by any representatives of the same age category.

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Listing movies about summer is first thingNote this comedy with elements of a melodrama, released in 2009. Such actors as Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds, Margarita Levieva, Martin Starr, Matt Bush and others played in it.

The film takes place in the summer of 1987. In the center of the plot - James Brennan, a college graduate. He plans to go to New York to study journalism at Columbia University, and to spend the summer traveling around Europe with his friends. However, all his plans are crumbling, because parents cannot afford the trip because of their wealth. New York studies are also under threat. And the job is hard to find, because wherever it seemed real, James was refused.

But suddenly the young man smiles luck - he is taken onwork at a local amusement park. There is also a pretty girl Emily. In her life, too, everything is not smooth: there are problems in the family, and the relationship is tied up with a secret married lover. Emily likes James, and that likes Lisa, another park worker. As a result, an intriguing and in some moments dramatic story ends, which ends in a happy ending.

film about summer and love

Summer film

Such, perhaps, can be considered melodramathe original name of which sounds like lol. And the Russian version is: “LOL: Summer. Classmates. Love". It featured such famous actors as Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Douglas Booth, Ashley Greene, Jay Hernandez, Gina Gershon, George Finn and many others.

This melodrama was rated 13+. On the filming, which were held in Chicago, Detroit and Paris, was spent 11 million dollars. Charges were less than $ 1,000,000.

This film has received a variety of criticism. Some compare it with the French “original”, released in 2008, and claim that the remake failed. Others, on the contrary, liked the melodrama. In general, the point is in the audience. Such films about summer as LOL are meant for teenagers. This melodrama demonstrates feelings, friendship, first love disappointments, and also reveals the problem between parents and their children, as well as the importance of solving them on time.

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"Kings of summer"

Listing films about the end of summer, one cannot help noting attention to this comedy with elements of drama.

In the center of the plot - two best teenage friends,tired of living with their parents, and the strange boy Biagio, attached to them. The guys are fed up with their usual existence and dependence on the house. And they decide to escape to the forest. But before that they are prepared - they collect supplies, build a house in the place they like.

When the boys run away, they are declared missingmissing Their families are alarmed and frightened, and the guys have a great time - they even invite girls to their “housewarming”. But in this film, not everything is so simple - it’s not for nothing that the genre is marked “drama”.

Interesting facts about the film

Despite the fact that this is the first work of the directorJordan Vogt-Roberts, in the shooting of which not the most famous actors participated, was greeted very well. Moreover, "Kings of Summer" ranked fourth in the ranking of the best films of 2013. And at one of the most reputable movie sites in the world (which is Rotten Tomatoes), this comedy drama has a rating of 76%, which is a very solid indicator.

films about the end of summer

"We were accepted!"

It should be noted attention and this comedy,listing films about summer. In this movie, the sunny time of the holidays is coming to an end - school graduates are leaving for different cities to move into a dormitory. But the main character named Bartleby Gaines is not going to be credited anywhere. Eight several universities refused him! However, like some other careless applicants. But nobody's parents are not happy.

And the enterprising Bartleby, along with hisclose friends decide ... to establish their own university! He opens the fake website of the fictional university, makes it "natural", sends himself a bogus letter that he was accepted to the university. He even made the function of accepting funds on the website by signing: “In order to enter a university, you must pay $ 10,000”.

And suddenly ... money begins to come into the account! The guys understand that dozens of careless applicants in a fake university have found their salvation. But they do not know that the university is fake! But students do not despair. They find a building (a former psychiatric hospital), make a university manifesto, appoint a dean ... and this is only the beginning! After all, ahead of the school year, which portends not only entertainment in a fictional university, but also problems. After all, the university is fake.

films about summer and sea

Films about summer and sea

Such films are also popular. And three very popular films with excellent ratings of this genre should be combined into a list:

  • “Sabrina Under the Sea” - a 1999 film basedon the series and comics about the young witch. Talking animals, mermaids, azure ocean, picturesque barrier reef, sparkling humor and a lot of magic - this comedy will leave only positive emotions!
  • “Be Careful With Desires” - a 2015 movie filmedin the genre of thriller. In the center of the plot - a teenage guy Dag, who went on a vacation in the country. A wealthy businessman lives in the neighborhood with his beautiful wife, who clearly laid eyes on Dag. Ordinary intrigue turns into incredible madness and problems.
  • “And your mother too” - very bright and emotionalfilm about summer and love, which won more than 30 film awards and awards. In the center of the plot - two best friends Tenok and Julio, whose girlfriends flew to Italy. Guys do not mind to spend their summer brightly, and go to the beach "Gates of Paradise." They are joined by Louise - a beauty with a broken heart, which her husband has changed. Guys are waiting for unbridled fun, good mood and complete separation.

There are many other films about summer. The list can be continued, however, these are those films that, in the general opinion, really deserve attention.

 films about summer sea and love

Authoritative "ten"

There are films about summer, sea, and love with fun,whose names are mentioned in almost all ratings and tops. Well, it is worth distinguishing from them 10 most often meeting, and to define in the separate list. So, this is what is recommended for viewing by the majority:

  • "Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • The Kingdom of the Full Moon with Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and Bill Murray.
  • “Sunny holidays” with the Olsen sisters.
  • “Two: me and my shadow” is a family film with them, but only very young.
  • "On the crest of a wave" with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.
  • “Vacation” is a very simple and silly-cute movie, which entailed three sequels and restarted in 2015.
  • "Blue Wave" - ​​a positive film with an unrealistically beautiful underwater shooting;
  • Eurotour is a comedy and youth movie with a rating of 18+ about the merry company of best friends who set off on an unusual tour of Europe.
  • “My Great Greek Summer” is the first American film, for the filming of which they managed to get permission from the Greek government. With a very warm and positive storyline.
  • "On the Span" is a great melodrama, shot in Hawaii, with Mila Kunis, Jason Segel and Jon Hill starring.

Of course, not all films are on the list - about summer and teenagers, adults appear in some tapes. But from this they are no less interesting.

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"Project X: Torn"

Listing films about summer and teenagers, one cannot forget about this comedy. Two features: it is based on real events, and the actors, it was decided not to change the names to create characters.

In the center of the plot - a crazy party, arrangedtwo high school students in honor of the birthday of their best friend. One of the guys had a house vacated since their parents went on vacation - so why not have fun? But the party turns into real chaos. According to its results, a Mercedes CLS was discovered in the pool, a completely destroyed house, a scorched area around, and a host of other consequences. There is only one comment: “Poor parents”. It is depressing that all this actually happened, and the damage of 38 thousand dollars really had to be repaid. By the way, as a result, the future of the young organizer in college is covered with a copper basin - all the money is spent on rebuilding the house. And on his father's question about whether one night was worth all this, the guy answers - unconditionally.