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Actors of the film "Corporate" and a description of the plot

The film "Corporate" (2014) - a comedy from the directorOleg Asadulin, known for his previous work "Phobos. Fear Club", "Dark World: Balance", "Closed School". The project was released under the auspices of Enjoy Movies, which produces the majority of Russian comic films, including “Pregnant,” “Moms” and “Friends of Friends. The recent release of the defensive blockbuster Defenders that caused a stir is also associated with the name Enjoy Movies. So what formed the basis of the Korporativ scenario written by Sergei Mokhnachev and Pavel Karnaukhov?

Comedy plot

In the center of the plot - Igor, who works in furnituresalon manager and dreaming of career growth. The guy is secretly in love with a girl who sells chandeliers nearby, but does not dare to confess feelings. Colleagues Igor in anticipation of corporate party in connection with the anniversary of the store. The director strictly punishes him not to throw any parties. However, after his departure, the characters begin to have fun. The table is crammed with snacks and bottles of alcohol. Diligent Igor leaves the corporate party before anyone else, they say, tomorrow is the working day and you need to sleep. Others remain in the cabin and continue the festive meal.

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In the morning a responsible manager comes to work.before all and sees that the store is simply crushed. Who are the employees to blame for this chaos and who will have to cover the losses of the store? Everyone tries to justify himself and tells how he spent the rest of the night after the ill-fated party. Igor, like Sherlock, is trying to restore the chain of night events and identify the culprit pogrom. The actors of the movie "Corporate" are full of famous people. Miroslava Karpovich, Ksenia Sobchak, Marina Fedunkiv, Sergey Belogolovtsev, Natalya Medvedeva and others - the performers of all the roles are somehow familiar to the audience.

The protagonist performed by Nikolai Naumov

Nikolai Naumov, known for the TV series "Realboys, "appears in the role of a bona fide manager. He began his career with playing KVN, and became really popular after filming a project about the life of ordinary Perm guys. retains the same immediacy and sincerity. Secret love makes him clumsy, but in the end he still decides to speak with the object of adoration.

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Secondary Characters

The remaining actors of the movie "Corporate" thoughplayed minor roles, but their appearance on the screen turned out to be no less vivid. The number of celebrities in the movie rolls over. Legendary Vladimir Tolokonnikov appears as the store’s watchman. Miroslava Karpovich, known for the role of Masha in the TV series "Daddy's Daughter", plays a glamorous employee of the furniture salon, constantly painting her nails in the workplace. By the way, another actress from "Daddy's Daughters" starred here - Elizaveta Arzamasova. Everyone remembers her as a know-all Galina Sergeyevna. Andrei Fedortsov, the actor known as Vasily from “Deadly Power”, reincarnates into Leonid, who is eagerly craving female attention. There was also a screen Dukalis - Sergey Selin.

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Aristarchus Venes, who conquered the hearts of the girls after"Kadetstvo", plays infantile party-goer Sasha. Marina Fedunkiv, who is Naumov's colleague on the TV series “Real Guys”, got the role of the scandalous Zhanna, who even the store manager is afraid of. The comedian Sergey Belogolovtsev, the star of the 33-square-meter sitcom, embodied his image. The actors of the film "Corporate" include other comedians: Roman Yunusov, Mikhail Bashkatov and Natalia Medvedev. A very interesting and curious duet of spouses Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan - they appeared in the images of a girl of easy virtue and driver. Unexpected person comedy - musician Vasya Oblomov and Nikita Presnyakov. Oblomov's song "Chief" is included in the soundtrack. Also there were rhythmic and perky compositions of the Russian groups "Nogu Svelo", "Two aircraft" and "Mango-Mango". To create a light and playful atmosphere, the tracks of the foreign singer Killy Cakes were also used.

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Interesting Facts

The slogan of "Corporativ" during the rental - "Onthe work has to work, not to plump! "The comedy shows how much negative consequences can alcohol cause in the workplace. The budget of the film was $ 2 million, and the fees exceeded the amount invested in the filming process twice. The film’s actors contributed to it." Corporate "is distinguished by a dynamic change of different locations - the plot takes the viewer to bowling, then to the apartment of the characters, now to the club and to the youth street party.

Estimates from critics and viewers

Film critics took the film without muchenthusiasm. Miloslav Chemodanov lamented the vulgarity and playability, as well as an uninteresting and unfamiliar storyline. He noted that the actors of the movie "Corporate" did not try very hard, and many of the characters came out as fake. At the same time, Ivan Nikolaev from Evening Moscow called the comedy soundly. The surest, of course, will be the viewer's own verdict after viewing. "Corporate" - the movie is very easy, and with it it is quite possible to pass the boring evening.