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The most touching historical love films

Romantic, beautiful and sometimes catchyare historical films about love. The main trump card of such paintings is that they intertwine history, then life, culture of people and relationships, which at all times were the same. Many consider such films to be classics of novels, others call it one of world history. Therefore, now we will consider the best historical films about love that tell us about different eras and countries.

historical films about love

The brightest and at the same time dark period wasMiddle Ages. It was against the backdrop of the fierce inquisition of the Church, the church authorities and the repressed world of the beautiful that the events of the novel Notre de Paris were developing. According to his story in 1997, the film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” was staged, in which the mood of people, their feelings and relationships were beautifully conveyed.

An interesting historical film about love -"Duchess", which starred the famous actress Keira Knightley. The picture tells us about the duties and debts that were required for each noble girl. Before the audience appears the young Duchess of Devonshire, a fashionable woman and a beauty who is not averse to flirting and making new friendships with anyone. However, the mother marries her to the person she dislikes, and as a result she becomes a respected and revered lady in society, but unloved.

best historical films about love

Often historical films about love narrate aboutevents that developed in the East. The most striking are the Indian paintings, in which the holy laws are constantly on the path of human feelings. About the events of the 16th century the film "Dzhodha and Akbar" was shot. Express the whole essence of this picture in a few words: for love there are no obstacles. In the center of the film stands a young Muslim king, Akbar, who dislikes Hindus. And in order for wars on religious grounds to end between these two worlds, he decides to marry the obstinate daughter of the Indian ruler, who later becomes his life's purpose.

Historical films about love tell us aboutsecrets of bygone eras, and among the most entertaining in this series can be called the painting "Arsen Lupine." In the center of events is the skilled robber Arsen, who, like all brigands, loves women, a beautiful life and does not think about the consequences. However, he has one terrible secret connected with the imaginary death of his father, which he is trying to unravel with the help of the lovely ladies.

interesting historical film about love

Famous french historical films aboutLove were released last century under the same name - "Angelica". The tale of incredible love, of wandering, of high society and its monstrous secrets - all this has to endure a woman in love in order to find her happiness.

And undoubted leader in the number of films in whichreflects the history and love relationships, is the "Titanic." The picture describes the epoch when the society was still faithful to the traditions of the past century, but their observance was no longer such a strict duty. The game of famous actors - Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet captivated everyone who has ever watched this movie. He is incredibly realistic, sensual and gorgeous, and undoubtedly deserves the highest praise.