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"Son of the Mask": actors who starred in comedy

Sparky comic film - a sequela cult comedy with Jim Carrey - the film "The Son of a Mask" - was released in 2005. The slogan of the film is: "The next generation of mischievous people". And indeed, this comedy about the pranks and tricks of the new "Mask" - the son of the famous in his circles, the artist-cartoonist Tim Avery. A comedian and an artist decided to have a family, but did not take into account that the newborn son has the same powerful curiosity and craving for pranks. The kid quickly found a mysterious mask and found the most unexpected application! The life and work of the actors "The Son of the Mask" will be discussed in this article. Also you will learn about the features of the comedy and more interesting facts about the shooting process.

"Son of the Mask": actors

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Truly the stellar composition of the film has collected the bestcomedies of our time. Starring Jamie Kennedy (known for the movie "It's No Better"), Alan Cumming ("Spy Kids"), actress Taylor Howard, Stephen Wright ("Born Killers"), Kel Penn ("Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle") , Bob Hoskins ("Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", "Denny the Chain Dog") and many others. Although many critics say that the listed actors in this film were "not in their roles," the comedy came out really funny.

Facts about the film

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Cash gathering of the comedy turned out several timesLess than the first film about the Mask with Jim Carrey. And the audience's liking for the last film is less. Nevertheless, the film has a large enough budget - 84 million US dollars. For indicators of the success of the film, it is important to note the payback of the film in the States. Cash in the US amounted to about 17 million dollars, and in the world - 57 million. For comparison, the first "Mask" was filmed for only 23 million US dollars, and the world's revenue from the film was 351 million rubles.

Criticism of the film

Most film critics criticized the director'swork in this film. It is known that the director of the first part, learning that the most charismatic comedian actor - Jim Carrey - refused to shoot, also refused to shoot the sequel. Director of the second part - Guterman - a man who shot an interesting from the point of view of the director's decisions film "Cats against dogs." Criticize Guterman for the fact that he removed the "Mask" in a similar, somewhat naive and even childish style.

Criticism of actors

Jamie Kennedy, who came to the place of the heroKerry was also criticized for his failure to conform to the previous image, but what can I say, to be funny comedy hero against the background of the master is quite difficult! One would like to mention Bob Hoskins. His acting was at the proper level, although many noted that he should not have been shot in such a film. Another actor - Ben Stein - a man famous for the voice acting of the main cartoon actors from Nickelodeon ("Jimmy Neutron," "As Ginger says," and others). In addition, Stein - this is the only actor from the first part, which was shot for its continuation.

Back to the past: "Mask"

Actors of the "Son of a Mask" received not the most flatteringreviews about their work, but quite differently it was in the distant 1994, when the first part of the film was released. The film tells the story of a simple man, a clerk, modest and even too timid. In life, it's hard for him to communicate with girls, shyness does not allow the hero to attract the attention of some beauty, but the life of this eccentric man changes dramatically as soon as a mysterious artifact - a mask - enters his hands. The thing that turned his life, makes Stanley Ipkus a real ladies' man, conqueror of women's hearts, self-confident and charming man!

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Stanley seems to fall into a different reality, hebecomes almost a cartoon hero who can do incredible things. The main actor of the "Son of the Mask", of course, does not have such a pronounced charisma, it is difficult to say that he represents the image of a hero who once in the past, before his family life, did incredible things.

Interesting facts about the first "Mask"

Initially, the director of the first films planned this film not as a comedy, but as a real horror with elements of thriller, but in the course of filming the concept has changed a bit.

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Beauty Cameron Diaz first appeared in a moviein this film. The magical mask in the film allegedly personifies the Scandinavian god of evil Loki, in fact Loki is not so, he could rather be called the god of deception and cunning.