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What is Helmova Pad?

Helm's Pad is a figment of the imaginationthe greatest writer John Tolkien, who created the whole world. The author has thought through every little thing. Reading his creations, it seems that Helm's Pad is in another universe. With its history, landscapes, kings and completely unusual inhabitants. The terrain is truly unearthly and mysterious.

Green Ownership

Originally Helm's Pad belonged to the peopleGondor and was part of a huge province, which was called Calenardhon or "Green ownership". But due to the strong remoteness of this area was not popular with residents and was sparsely populated. Initially, it was reliably protected by rivers and mountains. However, the bulkot subdued all the fortifications, and Gondor was able to save only in time the emerging army of horsemen of the North.

Helm's Pad Great Valley

The northern entrance is blocked by a large numberof the hills, which due to their location were called Helmova Kerpi. They act as a fence, which has a natural origin. Due to which it is difficult to damage during the battle. And all that is hidden in the valley, will remain safe and sound. Also on these hills is a fortress built by the Numenoreans in ancient times. Passing through it, you can get to the entrance of the Glittering Caverns of Aglarond, which the gnomes once used. The caves were their habitat.

A gift for courage

In gratitude for the courage shown andnon-indifferent the governor Kirion gave the whole area to King Eorlu Young, who proclaimed this plain as Rohan. Subsequently, there was formed one of the strongest states in the world - Tolkien. Later, Helm's Pad and the fortress, located on the surrounding hills, became a stronghold for the Rohirrims, who defended their territories, including defending the ford across the river Isen.

Unusual Valley

Helm's Pad - a large valley of extraordinaryBeauty, which is located in the northwest of the White Mountains. The valley is well protected from the outside world, which attracted the attention of many inhabitants. In it you can hide from various kinds of misfortunes from the outside world.

Where is Helm's Pad

The valley owes its name to King Helm.Rokhansky, who chose her as a shelter during the Rohan-Dundland War. Due to the mountainous landscape, the fortress and the valley itself did not succumb to the onslaught of the enemy and were not broken. But many residents, including the king himself, survived the brutal blockade during the long winter.

The conditions were so harsh thatthe onslaught of cold weather and the enemy was far from being to many. The king died a worthy death, he fell along with a huge part of his people, protecting him from the conquerors. He did not try to get more provisions or to somehow warm himself; Helm Rokhansky accepted all the burdens on a par with his people, which he did bring to him great respect.

King's Sacrifice

Also among the people goes faith, that preciselythe king, with his sacrifice, stopped the Great Winter and saved his people from certain death. After he froze to death on the slopes of mountain ranges, loyal subjects decided to perpetuate his name. They called him a territory, which, like the king, was not broken by enemy troops. Thus, the valley, located in the western part of Rohan, called Vestfold, has a new name - Helm Pad.

Helm's Pad photo

The most significant place in the whole valley isHornburg Fortress, which did not fall even when all other territories surrendered under the onslaught of the enemy. In the possessions of Rohan there were no cities other than the capital, Edoras. And the rest of the territory was covered with little protected villages. Upon learning of this, King Gordon, in gratitude for the honor and bravery shown, helped to build a solid fortress.

Rohirrim fought valiantly and enduredseveral assaults. It is also believed that this fortress will be the last refuge for refugees in the event of an attack from the east, and that its walls are strong enough to withstand and protect the people hiding in it.

War of the Ring

At the time when the War of the Ring took place, goodand evil mixed up, the white magician Saruman went to the dark side and began to serve Sauron. And he wanted to seize all the land and subordinate them to his influence. Saruman led the battle with the help of a powerful Uruk-Hai army, which formed the elite of the entire dark army.

Helm's Pad is

Due to its high growth and endurancethey could walk great distances without stopping to rest. But the main difference from ordinary orcs was their ability not to weaken, being in the sun. Uruk-hai was considered an ideal warrior, and it was virtually impossible to defeat him alone.

Thanks to all these qualities soon afterThe entire Vestfold offensive was captured by the enemy, with the exception of Helm's Pad. The photo clearly shows that the inhabitants used a powerful fortress as a shelter. The onset of the enemy was not long in coming. There was a fierce battle of Horinburg.

A great victory

The battle was different from the rest of the special heatPassions, people understood that if the fortress falls, the whole Rohan will be under the influence of Saruman. They fought to the bitter end and tried their best to hold back the onslaught of the enemy, who inexorably advanced. Uruk-hai blew one of the walls of the fortress "Orkhan fire." Then they approached the main building, behind the gates of which there was an underground shelter.

what is Helm's Pad

There, the common people were sheltering from war;including old men, women and children. Desperate to lose everything, King Theoden decided that he needed to give his last strength to fight the enemy. Otherwise, not just a battle will be lost, but a whole war. During the last attack, they still managed to drive the enemy out of the fortress itself. They managed to win only with the help of riders Eomer and Gandalf, who had time to come to the rescue.

Among the people of Rohan there is a belief that whileHelm's Pad has defenders, it will never be captured by enemies. And all the actions that took place in this territory are the clearest confirmation of these words.

Safe shelter

The valley never fell under the oppression of the enemytroops. She always remained a reliable shelter for the people. This place is perfect for military support points. Where Helm Pad is located, in the heart of the valley, after the War of the Ring, the Horinburg fortress was restored. Then she continued her service for the good of the people of Rohan.

where is Helm's Pad

Of the above story has become clear what isHelm's Pad. This is the name of the recalcitrant valley, protecting its inhabitants from enemies for a very long time. Differs from all other places with its beauty and grandeur.