/ / The meaning of the phraseology "the sky seemed with a sheepskin", its origin

The meaning of phraseology "the sky seemed with a sheepskin," its origin

Phraseological units are one of the main treasures of the treasury of the Russian language. Knowing their interpretation, you can significantly expand your vocabulary and make the speech more expressive and poignant.

In this article we will consider the meaning of phraseology "the sky appeared with a sheepskin." We will replenish our vocabulary with this sustainable turnover.

"The sky seemed with a sheepskin": the meaning of phraseology

For the most precise definition of this expression, let us turn to authoritative linguists and their works.

In the dictionary of SI Ozhegov the following meaning of phraseology "the sky appeared with a sheepskin" is indicated: this is how one speaks of a feeling of strong fear, pain. It is noted that the expression refers to the colloquial style.

the meaning of phraseology the sky seemed with a sheepskin

The meaning of phraseology "the sky seemedsheepskin "in the phraseological dictionary of MI Stepanova:" Someone will be very frightened, stunned, shocked (from pain, horror, despair, etc.), "that is, everything surrounding will seem disproportionate. The author notes that this stable turnover is expressive and is used in colloquial speech.

Based on these definitions, we can draw the following conclusion. Phraseology characterizes a strong sense of fear, pain, horror and despair. But how did it form? This we will learn further.

The origin of expression

As you know, the sheepskin is the same as the sheepskin - a sheepskin. But how can the sky seem the size of it?

the meaning of the phrase sky with a sheepskin will seem

The thing is that in the old, dark timesThe guilty were put in a deep pit, punishing in this way. The prisoner could see from it only a small piece of the sky, quite a bit, with a sheepskin, the size of a sheepskin. That is, what was really big and immense seemed small. So the expression that we are considering has appeared.

The meaning of the phraseology "the sky seemed with a sheepskin" is associated with a state of fear, shock, pain, when the surrounding is not perceived as what it really is.

Synonyms of expression

As we have already noted, the meaning of the phrase "sky withsheep will show up "- a strong fear. The same interpretation have the following idioms: "soul went into the heel," "ran shivers down your spine," "frost on the back ran", "hair on his head began to move", "hair stood on end", "blood froze in my veins."

the sky seemed with the sheepskin meaning of phraseology

Also, the expression characterizes severe pain.In this regard, the following expressions can be cited as synonyms: "though shouting scream", "though climb on the wall," "do not gasp or sigh," "white light is not nice."

If we talk about the feelings of terror, then close to the meaning will be a steady turnover of "even the holy vonas".

The use of phraseology

The expression is found in fiction: in the Captain's Daughter of Alexander Pushkin, Konstantin Stanyukovich's First-Born, Dostoyevsky's "Uncle's Dream," "Kutuzov" by L.Ranovsky, and other works.

Phraseology is used in print media. Journalists like to resort to sustainable combinations of words for a more vivid and accurate coverage of the topic.

Having considered this phraseology, having learned its meaning, you can safely use it in your speech, making it more expressive and diverse.