/ / Actor Nikolai Ivanov: biography, films, personal life

Actor Nikolay Ivanov: biography, films, private life

In our material we will talk about the young Russianactor Nicolae Ivanove. Let us find out how successfully his career is developing in the national cinema? What famous films did our hero do? What can you say about the personal life of the actor Nikolai Ivanov? Answers to these questions will be considered later in the article.

Childhood and youth

Actor Nikolai Ivanov, whose photo you can seein our material, was born on March 6, 1980 in the city of Temirtau, Kazakhstan. Later, the family moved further north to Noyabrsk. It was here, in the conditions of a harsh winter, our hero spent a substantial part of his childhood.

When the future actor Nikolai Ivanov reachedAt the age of 10, the head of the family decided that he needed to move to a place with a more favorable climate. New home for the guy was a small village in the suburbs of Penza. Here the young man fully felt what labor is. Nicholas had to graze cows, engage in the preparation of firewood, plow on the field. As you might guess, the family was poor. It was necessary to survive at the expense of a kitchen garden, a livestock. In such an atmosphere for the guy went 90th.

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After graduating from school, Nikolai went to the nearestthe regional center Nizhnelomovsk, where he became a student at a pedagogical school. Soon the young man began to attend a local theater group. Playing on the stage so much to our hero that he seriously thought about becoming a professional artist.

How did the actor Nikolai Ivanov?

In 1996 an event took place that proved to be a turning point in the life of our hero. The troupe of the Maly Theater arrived in Penza. Rumors reached Nikolay about the search for young talents by the head of the creative platform. The guy immediately decided to try their hand. The first stage of selection was excellent for Ivanov. The next casting was held in Moscow, where the guy went.

During the trip to the capital, Nikolai did not countfor success. However, our hero without any problems coped with the selection. Soon he became a student Shchepkinsky drama school. In the last courses, the young artist has already participated in such popular plays as “Zoykina's apartment”, “Pinocchio in the land of fools”, “The Brothers Karamazov”. Even before obtaining a diploma, Nikolai staked out for himself a permanent place in the acting troupe of the Theater of the Young Spectator.

nikolai ivanov actor private life

Shooting at the cinema

In the films Nikolai Ivanov began acting in 2000year The debut work in this field for the young actor was the role in the film "Conditioned reflex". Here the artist appeared in the image of one of the minor characters named Mark.

Almost immediately after a successful start onNicholas showered numerous proposals for filming. A beginner actor played in the films "Red Sky. Black Snow and 101st Kilometer. However, these works did not bring him the desired fame.

The tape has become a real breakthrough in the actor’s career“We Die Together,” which was released in 2005. In the thriller with melodrama elements, Nikolay played the main character named Eugene, who is ready for anything for love. Ivanov perfectly coped with the disclosure of the image of a controversial hero, for which he won the “Reflection” film festival award in the category “Best Male Role”.

Currently, the actor’s record includes shooting in such successful motion pictures:

  • "Pavlov's Dog";
  • "Braking distances";
  • "Other people's dreams";
  • "We will die together";
  • "The war ended yesterday";
  • "Caesar";
  • "Mom will be against!";
  • "Third World";
  • “Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone";
  • "Hills and plains".

Actor Nikolai Ivanov: personal life

Nikolai Ivanov actor

While working on the next theatricalstaging fate brought our hero with the young actress Natalia Moteva. Joint rehearsals brought together a couple. Soon the young people formalized their relationship. Today, Nikolai and Natalya are the happy parents of four beautiful children - a boy named Thomas, and also three daughters, who were given the names Aglaya, Dunyasha and Pelageya.