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Maxim Lagashkin: biography, production, personal life

Russian actor Maxim Lagashkin can often besee on the TV screens. Virtually all of his roles are secondary, but the characters are always remembered by the audience, and this already speaks about the ability to express and show everything that a professional actor can.

Biographical information

Maxim Lagashkin was born on October 12, 1976year in a small city, which is located in the Samara region. Back at school, the future artist realized that he was attracted to the stage, so he began attending theatrical circles and taking part in a variety of skits. After graduating from school, Maxim does not hesitate for a long time and decides to enter GITIS at the faculty of the famous at that time master Andrei Goncharov. There, the young man begins to study all the subtleties of the production business. After graduation, he was immediately taken to the Mayakovsky Theater, where Maxim played brilliantly in various performances and was remembered by avid theatergoers and directors.

Maxim Lagashkin

When Maxim Lagashkin turned 22, inhis professional career as an artist, the first film debut took place. The film "Full Moon Day," in which he played a small role, won many awards. And although Maxim played a small role there, she gave him a push and a ticket to the world of cinema.

In subsequent projects, he also continuedto be removed, but not in episodes, but in secondary roles. "Truckers", "The Island of unnecessary people", "Chiromant", "Kotovsky" - all these pictures have made the actor even more recognizable and beloved by many fans of his work. Directors sing out his role in the series "Kotovsky", where he masterfully played the best friend of the main character Kotovsky (Vladislav Galkin). Here he revealed to the full, that already deserves respect for this artist.

You can also highlight the project "Village romance"where Maxim masterfully played a precinct, "Odnolyuby", in which the professional leader turns into a drunkard, as well as "Payback", where the viewer saw an honest investigator. In fact, there are plenty of acting projects for Lagashkin, and in each he looks special, each new picture is not like the previous one, and this sign is already a professional talent.

Producer activity

In addition to his acting career, Maxim Lagashkin, is engaged in producing. In 2004, together with his friend, actor Alexander Robak, he established a joint company, Cinemafor.

Maxim Lagashkin personal life

This is a very good and smart step thatcould come up with two then still little-known actor. In addition to acting they can now earn their living and producing. Maxim Lagashkin, whose filmography has a fairly impressive list, is very much in demand today. And if you consider that now he is also a producer, you can say that his work is only gaining momentum. After all, in many of the films that he produces with a friend, Maxim himself is removed, which also gives a good jump to his acting career.

Mini-series "Honeymoon", a feature-length film "Russian", the series "Breed" - all these paintings Maxim Lagashkin produced together with Alexander Robak.

Personal life

Actor Maxim Lagashkin, whose private life is not enoughwho knows, does not like to spread about her family. It is known that Maxim is married to actress Ekaterina Stulova, whose acquaintance happened during her studies at GITIS. The couple is raising a son.

Maxim Lagashkin Filmography

Maxim often works in projects with his wife,so they manage to see often not only at home, but also on the set, which, unfortunately, not every actor's pair can do. "The Island of unnecessary people", "Kotovsky", "Chiromant" - pictures in which you can observe this happy family together. Even at work, they remain inseparable. Perhaps this only serves as a plus for strengthening their marriage.