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Rules and combinations of Texas Hold'em

The largest number of different tournamentsdedicated specifically to this type of card game, "Texas Hold'em." There is no limit and limited "Holdem". It is not difficult to master his rules, but it can take a very long time to perfect the skill of the selection of a successful combination of Texas Hold'em.


A standard deck consisting of52 cards. They can play from a couple to ten people. Before the first distribution is made, it is necessary to determine the nominal dealer next. But this does not mean that the player will be obliged to constantly hand over cards. After all, for example, in online versions of the game this happens automatically, and in the casino, the deal is dealt with by the dealer. The main thing, of course, is a combination of "Texas Hold'em", but you also need to know how to play the game. After determining the dealer, determine the players who are obliged to put the blinds (stakes blindly).

combination of Texas Hold'em

This is done for a permanent presence in the bankthe minimum amount. For this, two players are selected who put money before they can look at their cards. There is a big and small blind. Large is the sum of small, multiplied by two. Usually the big bet should be made by the player sitting to the left of the one who puts the smaller amount blindly. As a dealer should visit every player, as it is changed at all hands. Thus, blind bets will be made by all participants of the game.

The course of the game and the combination of "Texas Hold'em"

When all the betting is done, playersget two cards, turned upside down. They are called closed because they can only be seen by the participants. Then, five more cards are laid down on the table. They are called common, as each player at the table can use them to collect the best combination of five cards: two of their own and three on the table. Remember, before you sit at the table, carefully study the rules of the game of poker "Texas Hold'em", combinations and strategies.

Trading rounds

Pre-flop called the first round of bidding, or rathereverything that happens before the first three cards are on the table. At this point, players, having looked at their two cards, decide how to act in the game.

Texas Hold'em poker combinations

The player who is seated to the left ofthe person who made the big blind bet. He is also called a "target" player, since he is in a disadvantageous position. Each player has four options for action, namely:

  • "Fold". This means to fold, refusing to continue to participate in the game. It should be noted that the player can not get any money, even if he has already made a blind bid.
  • "Call." The player remains and the game, calling a large blind bet.
  • "Raise". Allows you to raise the current bet and set a large amount to stay in the game.
  • "Beth". This action is possible only if no one has used it before and raised.

When the first round is completed, the dealer puts ontable three first cards, which are called the flop. Already taking into account these cards, players can assess their chances of success and notice whether they should continue the game. It is usually at this point that the novice cards and neat players are discarded. Others decide how they should act. Basically, a serious struggle is under way and muhlezh begins.

rules of poker Texas Hold'em

The third round is "The Turn". After the end of the auction, the fourth common card is placed on the table.

"River" refers to the period when the last fifth card hits the table and players make the latest bets.

Time to open cards

After all bets are made, the turn comesthe opening of cards. Players open their closed combinations and determine which of them has collected the most successful. The one who collected the highest combination, takes the bank, that is, all the money from the bets. If several players have collected combinations that are equivalent in size, then the bank is divided equally between them. After the bank is dealt, the dealer's position is shifted to the left to the next participant in the game.

Differences between the limit and unlimited "Holdem"

Regardless of whether unlimited or fixed"Hold'em", the rules of the game remain the same, but here the bets are done differently. Also, the combinations of "Texas Hold'em", which are presented below, remain the same.

  1. Without a certain limit. In this variation of the game, players have the ability to bet any number of chips, regardless of the stage at which the game is played. Thanks to this, the game becomes more dynamic and exciting, and therefore this variety is very popular on television. It also means that a person can win very quickly and a very large sum if he collects successful combinations of "Texas Hold'em". But at the same time there is a big risk of losing all savings, which is not suitable for players just beginning to practice in poker. In addition, there is an important point: here the "raise" is not less than the double sum of the last bet of the opponent. For example, if the last bet was ten dollars, then the "raise" must be at least twenty.
    poker Texas Hold'em poker by seniority
  2. Fixed betting limit. Here all bets have their own specific size. This option is ideal for beginners in poker, but the "flop" in this game will meet often enough. The first two rounds of trades assume that "raises" and "betas" will not be more than a small bet. In the remaining rounds, you can raise only by the amount of the big bet. It is also worth considering that the bets can be made no more than three times per round.

In view of these rules, different strategies are used that lead players to win. Therefore, it is worth to carefully consider the choice of strategy, when you choose this or that way of playing.

Combinations in poker "Texas Hold'em"

  • "Royal Flush". This combination is based on a combination of cards of the same size from a dozen to an ace on increasing. In this game it does not matter which suit, they are all equal in value. The main thing is the precedence of combinations.
  • "Straight Flush". You need five cards, going on increasing, of the same suit.
  • "Kare". This combination is a combination of four cards that have the same rank. In the case of several "quads" at the table, the winner is taken by the one with the highest rank of the fifth card.
    combination of Texas Holdem photo
  • "Full house". Combinations in poker "Texas Hold'em", which are a combination of three cards of the same rank with a pair.
  • "Flash". You need five cards of the same suit. The value of a "flush" is determined by the larger map in it.
  • "Straight". You need five cards of any suit, which are consistent. Here it is worth considering that an ace can be used both as the lowest and as the highest card.
  • "Troika". The combination consists of three cards having the same rank.
  • Two pairs. You need two pairs of identical ranks, respectively, two cards with the same rank.
  • The highest card. Any card, the highest in rank, if there are no other combinations.

These are all combinations in poker "Texas Hold'em" by seniority, which are worth knowing, sitting at the game table.