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Svetlana Chuikina: biography, filmography and personal life of the actress (photo)

Svetlana Chuikina

Svetlana Chuikina is charming, charismatic andextremely talented actress of cinema and theater. The owner of a beautiful figure, a sunny smile and many deserved awards does not cease to please viewers with a new role. And what do we know about her creative path? Was it light or thorny? How did the incomparable actress Svetlana Chuikina go to the popularity and recognition?


The birth of Chuikina Svetlana Pavlovna 1.05.1975 in the Pskov region, in the town of Ostrov. Her father was a military man, and soon he was transferred to work in Volgograd, where a girl spent her childhood. She studied Sveta very well, was an activist, studied in many circles. Even then, she knew perfectly well what profession she would choose, so she studied at theater studios. Svetlana Chuikina, whose biography is covered in this article, was confident that she would become an actress, as it happened.

Education in Saratov

Svetlana graduated from the school in 1992, after whichimmediately went to Saratov and successfully entered the State Conservatory. Sobinov Leonid, at the theater faculty. She had a unique chance to study at the very Galko Alexander Grigorievich - a professor, a great teacher and People's Artist of Russia. Svetlana Chuikina, whose biography instudent years still causes laughable smiles from her classmates, was a cheerful, fervent girl and often fell into curious situations. For example, one day she laughed so much that she fell to the floor and found herself in the hospital, and with a concussion! A little later, she did not miss the iron door, which broke her forehead in the hostel. After these and similar stories, she was called "Epihodov - 33 misfortunes".

However, all this in no way affected herstudy, Svetlana Chuikina has always been the best and most diligent student in her course. She graduated from the conservatory in 1997 with a red diploma. Beautiful, talented, excellent student ... It would seem that all the doors should have opened before her, but not everything is so simple at times in life.

Work at the Theater of Drama

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Svetlana came to the troupe of this theater right afterconservatory. However, she worked here only one season, for which she managed to be noted in such productions as "The Apostle Paul", "The Cherry Orchard", "Platonov", "The Bear", "The Living Portrait", "The Madness of Love". Not only the audience, but also the press admired the work of the young actress. However, Svetlana Chuikina was at a crossroads. On the one hand, a scanty salary in the theater and a reluctance to live in poverty, on the other hand, attracting Moscow with prospects and hopes for a prosperous future.
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Not an easy time

In 1998, the girl went to conquer the capital,as almost all graduates of similar provincial educational institutions did at that time. However, Moscow had enough of its graduates, because the capital's theaters did not hurry to open their doors to a young actress who did not even have a residence permit. Finally, she got a job at the youth theater "Modern", although with great difficulty. And still no one offered good roles. It came to that she received an offer to wash the floors there, to which the girl was very indignant and resigned. Then Svetlana Chuikina tried to enter VGIK, but failed. In 1999, terrorist attacks began in the capital, because of which Svetlana returned to her parents in Volgograd, where she settled in the NET. The head of the theater warned the girl right away that it would be difficult with the roles. Indeed, the repertoire did not suit her at all, because Svetlana was a dramatic actress. She worked for only one season and realized that she could not continue like this, it was necessary to do something: either to quit the profession altogether, or again to torture her happiness in Moscow. Svetlana chose the second option and simultaneously entered the Moscow Art Theater and the Shchukin School. However, at that time she was so tired of everything that she refused to study at all.

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Fateful meeting

Nevertheless, Svetlana went to Moscow, andparents asked her to fulfill one request - to transfer the package with the fish to her father's acquaintance - Vadim. The girl still remembers how uncomfortable she was with this transfer, but the promised must be fulfilled. She came to the office to Vadim, they met, talked and immediately felt that this was only the beginning of their relationship. Svetlana did not have time to leave the office, after just two hours Vadim called her and said that she wanted to introduce her to her son from her first marriage. So everything turned and developed, and developed according to the usual scenario: courtship, flowers, dates, weddings, honeymoons in Europe. Svetlana Chuikina's husband made his wife very happy, but not only in his personal life ...

 bridegroom's husband

Unsuccessful beginning of a career in cinema

Soon Vadim introduced his wife to the director FoliyantsKarine, who, by the way, was also from Volgograd. She just wanted to make a movie in her personal script. After looking at Chuikina's portfolio, Karine offered her the main role. Filming began, but, unfortunately, the funds for their continuation at a certain stage was not enough, on which it all ended. The only plus - the portfolio Svetlana got to the agency "Max", where the directors Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky almost immediately drew attention to him.

Signed role

Filmography of Svetlana Chuikina began with the mainrole in the series "Nina", which filmed the above directors. Samples were not only our heroine, but also dozens of other actresses, but they approved it, to some unknown provincial girl. As Svetlana recalls, the shooting was interesting and easy, although she was on the same stage for the first time with such stars as Nikolay Dobrynin and Alexander Baluyev.

In this series, the actress played a fashion model andfashion model Nina, who is crazy about her work so much that she simply does not notice the obvious things around her. And at this time her husband pretends to be a successful businessman, although in fact he is a killer. When the heroine finds out about everything, her life begins a completely different life.

Svetlana has perfectly played, that has noted also itsteacher Galko, although he did not particularly welcomed the series. And now, finally, our heroine has come so sought-after popularity. They began to recognize her on the street, send gifts, and Svetlana Chuikina's photos did not leave the covers of glossy magazines.

Other works of the actress

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The role in the series "Nina" was a pass incinema. Svetlana constantly received proposals, which she had been waiting for. The filmography of Svetlana Chuikina began to be replenished with magnificent paintings, which many of us are reviewing several times. In 2002 she played the secretary Lyubochka in the sensational series "Brigade", and in 2005 she pleased the audience with her appearance in the tape "Hunting for the wapiti", where she perfectly got used to the role of Tomka, the mistress of Zaslavsky. In 2005, the screens left the paintings "Lola and the Marquis" and "Paris Love of Bones Gumankov." These tapes were not as popular and box-office as the previous ones, but they allowed the actress to hone his skills and gain experience. In 2007 Svetlana played Elena Rodionova in the film "On the way to the heart", and in 2008 Galya in the series "Gromovs. House of Hope. " Of the latest and most successful paintings, where the actress played, one can single out "The vicissitudes of love", "The occasional witness", "The blue sea does not end", "Brother and sister".

To date, Svetlana Chuikina is one of the most sought after actresses in cinema. Let's wish her to conquer new peaks and to please spectators with interesting roles!