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Berik Dondarion: Description of the character of the series "Game of Thrones"

Lover of knight tournaments and an immortal warriorBerik Dondarion - one of the most interesting secondary characters in the series "The Game of Thrones". He appeared in several seasons. Scenes with his participation were remembered by the audience for their colorfulness.

How it all began

The first season of fans was remembered by the scene where BerikDondarryon carries out the order of Edard Stark to capture Grigor Cligan. The authors did not show the battle, but rumors began circulating about the house that the hero died at performance, and his people formed the Brotherhood without banners. This was the first death of the character, recorded in the battle of Shutov's ford.

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His eternal friend the priest Taurus resurrects him, andafter that they are not shown on the screen for a long time. The next exit took place in the third season, when Sandor Kligan ("Dog"), along with Arya and Jendry are captured by the fighters of the brotherhood. Here, Berik Dondarryon summons his sworn enemy to a duel and receives a fatal wound from him. Again, Toros had to resort to the force of fire, in order to resurrect his friend for the sixth time. He had died four times before.

Sixth season

For two seasons did not appear in the centerplot of the character, but with the coming of the season the Brotherhood without banners again made itself known. One of the members of the Order of Lim attacked defenseless citizens with whom Sandor Kligan lived and worked. The latter tracked them down, but they were already ready to accept their deserved punishment through hanging. In the series "The Game of Thrones," Berik Dondarion passed a verdict on them and allowed him to execute Kligan. After that, Dog decided to share with them their meal, where an interesting conversation started.

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The immortal knight offers Sandorajoin them, because the winter is coming, and with it the battle for the survival of people. Toros convinces him that the revival of the knight is not just given and something really awful is coming. The Brotherhood has to play its part in this, because it was destined by the gods. After this, Berik remarks of the courage and fighting qualities of Kligan as an excellent fighter. On this offer, the Dog did not answer, and the scene was immediately interrupted.

Legendary immortality and fate

In the series "The Game of Thrones" the revival of Dondarionhas a logical explanation. In this world there is a religion of worship to the Lord of Light. This deity can return a person from another world through his priests. Among them is Toros, who, after the first revival of his comrade, managed to persuade the latter to his religion. After the first death, he was fatally wounded four more times before the fight with Kligan.

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He had time to die of a bow, an ax, a dagger andhanging in the captivity of Lanister soldiers. Every time he was saved by Toros, but the process has its drawbacks. After each revitalization, wounds remain, hence the absence of the eye.

Actor Richard Berdick DondarryonaDormer, starting with the third season. In the first series of the series, the immortal knight appeared in one episode, and then the hero was played by David Michael Scott. In the future, the appearance of Dormer can be expected in some episodes, because the Brotherhood without Banners must play its part in the battle by white walkers and their leader.