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Vladimir Steklov: biography and filmography (photo)

This actor is well known to millions of viewersThe Soviet Union and Russia. Basically, he was attracted to the popularity of film. Not everyone knows that Vladimir Steklov is an actor who successfully works not only in the cinema, but also in the theater.


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Volodya Steklov was born in Karaganda, the thirdJanuary, one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight. Childhood of the boy passed in Astrakhan. He was brought up by his mother and grandmother. He did not know his father. At school, Volodya did not particularly shine, and after classes he ran to the street where peers and football were waiting for him. In other words, the boy grew up like millions of his peers in the Soviet Union. But nevertheless there was something that distinguished him from the other boys. This is a serious passion for theater.

This predilection was instilled in him by his mother, whoworked as an accountant in the theater. She led her son to all the performances at the beginning of the puppet theater, then TYuZ, and later dramatic. They never missed the tours of the capital's troupes. After the performances, she and her mother discussed the production. Sometimes their opinions did not match, but it did not stop them to remain avid theatergoers. Especially Volodya liked opera performances: Rigoletto, Faust, Demon. He knew them by heart. At the same time, the young man did not even dream about acting for a long time. The first thoughts about her appeared only after he enrolled in a theater studio.

Once their theatrical collective took part in thethe regional show of amateur performance and won the prize. They showed the play "Two Colors". The jury especially noted the role of Glahar, which young Steklov brilliantly performed, and advised him to enter the theater university. Vladimir long doubted whether he should go into this profession, whether he will cope.

After graduation, the young man followed the advice of professionals.

Theatrical school

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Despite the disgusting diction, Vladimir is easyentered the theatrical school in his native Astrakhan. True, the young man was given a condition that during the first semester he had to correct the defect. Vladimir Steklov seriously took up this matter, began to engage with the teachers and soon became a full-fledged student.

Having finished the second course, the young actor decided to tryhappiness in Moscow and went to GITIS. The attempt was unsuccessful, and Vladimir Steklov, whose photo you see in this article, returned to Astrakhan. Ironically, many years later he became a professor at GITIS, which he was not accepted to, and headed the acting course.

The beginning of creative life

After graduation, Vladimir Steklov wentserve in the army. He was sent to the Air Force Ensemble "Polet". Having served two years with faith and truth, he returned to the profession. At first he joined the troupe of Kineshma Theater, and then Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Years passed, our hero turned thirty-three. It was at this time that Vladimir Steklov, whose biography was inextricably linked to the theater at that time, was on tour in Moscow. This was in 1981.

The troupe brought to the capital the play "Idiot", inwhich was occupied by many popular actors. Vladimir performed a very difficult role Prince Myshkin. His work did not go unnoticed. But the most important thing is that the image created by the actor struck Alexander Tovstonogov - the artistic director of the theater. Stanislavsky, who invited the actor to his troupe.

In the theater. Stanislavsky Vladimir Steklov worked for almost nine years. One of the most striking theatrical works of that period - the role of Sharikov in the play "The Heart of a Dog" based on Bulgakov's play.

Soviet actors
This period is very important for Vladimir. His partners in the scene were many famous Soviet actors. In 1988, the actor received the high title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Debut in the movie

This event happened when the actor was fulfilledthirty five years. The debut work was the role of Zakhar Dudko in the melodrama "Hurricane". After the first film Steklov, the actor versatile and very talented, was seen by filmmakers. His career in the movie, which was somewhat delayed on the way, splashed out a powerful fountain. Already in 1984, one after another, there were films with Vladimir Steklov. All of them were very bright and memorable.

In the psychological detective "Accomplices" heplayed Tsyplakova, in the movie "Dead Souls" - Petrushka. In the magnificent painting "Faith, Hope, Love" - ​​soldier Sorokin. His popularity is growing rapidly, the actor Vladimir Steklov earns national fame. Remember his Lopatova in the drama "Plumbum, or Dangerous Game" by Vadim Abdrashitov. His filmography began to increase rapidly. Vladimir Steklov is removed almost without breaks, and does not give up episodic roles. His demand for that period could envy many more eminent and popular actors. In many respects this is due to the fact that, according to Steklov himself, in this profession there should not be pass-through jobs. That's why he comes very seriously to the smallest role. By the end of the eighties, Vladimir Steklov is already among the ten most popular actors. Much importance in this played a major role in the melodrama "Homeless. Without a fixed place of residence. "

In the period from 1988 to 1991, Steklov - an actor,who works in the movies for wear and tear. He releases up to ten films a year! He is greatly loved by the bright role of Portnoy Seeds in the thriller "The Criminal Quartet". His partners on the site are wonderful Soviet actors: Boris Shcherbakov, Vladimir Eremin, Nikolai Karachentsov. Four friends join the fight against organized crime and emerge victorious. It is difficult to name Steklov an actor of a certain role. The images created by him are equally good, both positive and negative.

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Vladimir Steklov: personal life

Lyudmila Moshchenskaya is the first actor's wife. They lived seventeen years. In marriage, the daughter of Agrippina was born. The second time, Vladimir created a family with actress Alexandra Zakharova, with whom he lived for nine years. But this marriage ended in divorce.

The third wife of Steklov does not belong to the worldtheater and cinema. Olga is a dentist, PhD, a specialist in Moscow. She has her own clinic. In the last marriage, the second daughter, Glafira, was born. The girl is fond of design. Vladimir Steklov is already a grandfather. The daughter of Agrippina gave him two grandchildren.

Eldest daughter

On the fifteenth day of February one thousand nine hundred and seventyIn the third year, Steklov had a daughter named Agrippina after her grandmother. The girl inherited her father's talents. In 1966 she graduated from GITIS and started working at the Satirikon Theater. Since then, she has played dozens of beautiful roles on the stage of her favorite theater. This is Queen Elizabeth, and Regan, and Lady Macbeth. Well known to the audience and the work of Agrippina in the cinema. Her debut work was the film "Tranti-Vanti".

Today Agrippina Vladimirovna Steklova is the honored artist of Russia, the leading actress of the native theater "Satyricon".

About space

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Today Vladimir Steklov is an actor whose photocan be seen in many glossy magazines. Ubiquitous journalists take pictures of a popular actor on stage, with family, friends, and nature. It would seem that the admirers of his talent know everything about their favorite. However, not everyone knows that in the late nineties, Vladimir successfully completed training in the Star City program "astronaut researcher." This happened during the filming of the film Prize - Flight into Space. It was planned that part of the filming would take place at Mir station. Unfortunately, there were problems with financing the picture. The shooting was stopped.

Quite often there are cases when a new starcinema, just appearing on the screen, immediately disappears. This can not be said about Steklov. With age, his talent acquires new bright colors. He is still popular and loved by the audience. He is pleased to invite to the shooting leading domestic filmmakers. Today we will present you the latest, most interesting works of your favorite actor.

"Gold mother-in-law" (2006), comedy series

Head of the travel agency SergeyKrymov lives in a small mansion in the suburbs of Moscow. He brings up the child from his first marriage. Together with him his sister lives. She is a person of strict rules, striving to be refined and refined. Meanwhile, she has a grumpy character, a habit of all around him to teach.

Sergei lives in a civil marriage with Svetlana. Once her mother came to visit her from the province. With her arrival, life in the house ceases to be fresh ...

"Tulsa Luper's Suitcases" (2006), drama

Trilogy, telling about the events, coveringsixty years of history. Tuls Luper always depends on something or someone. He is an eternal prisoner. His life is a string of sixteen conclusions, the first happening in South Wales, where his own father locked him in a coal store ...

"Kill the snake" (2007), action, adventure, mysticism

The warriors of the Light of the Mongoose went out on the open for centuriesfight with the forces of Darkness. In this battle they do not use cunning or deceit. And the adepts of Darkness make their attacks in a hurry. The last Mongoose - Gleb, who teaches French in one of the schools in Moscow, can put an end to this eternal confrontation. In this war, the director of the school, the students, the general of the FSB, the baron from Scotland McGregor are involved ...

"Ligovka" (2010), a criminal film

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The series takes place in 1925. NEP operates in the country. Against this background fraud and crime are flourishing. Ligovka is the most criminal region of Leningrad. The bizarre system of entrance courtyards promotes the prosperity of criminal gangs. The elusive Leha Chert is leading crime in Lig ...

"Raider" (2010), drama, criminal film

A painting based on the novel by Pavel Astakhov. Hunters for big business are called raiders. In order to seize a vending enterprise, they go for forgery of documents, forgery, the use of force. Powerful raider Spirsky wished to capture a major research institute. The director, dismissed from his post, asks for help from a well-known lawyer. Raiders lose control of the situation ...

"Robinson" (2010), a multi-part film, a drama

Based on the works of A. Pokrovsky. In a small provincial northern town there are three boys who dream of becoming officers. The fathers of the guys are serving on the secret submarine "K-963", which leaves for the mission in the area where the exercises are held by the ships of Nato ...

"Moscow. Three Stations" (2010), detective

Events unfold in Moscow, at three stations: Leningrad, Kazan and Yaroslavl. Bermuda Triangle of the capital. Life boils here, you can become a victim of criminals and scammers. This is a special world, living by its own laws. Militia officers San Sanych, Valery Drobot, Mikhail Golovin are fighting the daily crime ...

"Bones" (2011) series, melodrama

Joint work of cinematographers of Russia andUkraine. Anatoly Savchuk - a doctor who left traditional medicine, settled in a remote village. In the district he was called a bone-opener. At the beginning of the series, a talented doctor puts on his feet the son of a large businessman, the owner of a private clinic in Moscow. As a token of gratitude, he appoints him to manage the department of his hospital. However, not everyone was happy with this appointment ...

"Narkomovsky train" (2011), a war film, a drama

Events take place in the fall, in the first year of the war. According to the resolution on vodka contentment for the army, the foreman Filippov must deliver to the division “100 Ngkomkovskiy grams”. As assistants, he receives four girls, the conductor Arkhip and the teenager Mitya. Collecting the packaging on the carts, the wagon train sets off. During this trip, they go through real military trials, several times engage in battle, see true valor and primitive cowardice ...

"Shock Therapy" (2012), drama

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The story of two brothers-actors. A talented and sought-after Michael is in demand in movies and TV shows, the viewer knows and loves him. Alexey is also removed, but in small, episodic roles. Michael receives an invitation to play the main role in the series of a very famous director. When the shooting is almost coming to an end, he drinks a sip of brandy at the site and since that moment he no longer remembers anything. The actor woke up in a closed-type psychiatric hospital, where he was prescribed intensive treatment ...

"Provincial" (2012), crime film

From the hands of the unknown in a small provincialthe town died Peter Andreev - director of the plant. Shortly before his death, he refused to sell the company to a millionaire from St. Petersburg. The son of Andreev blames the businessman for the death of his father and starts his own investigation ...

"Gagarin. The first in space" (2013), historical drama

A film about space exploration and, of course, the fateYuri Gagarin. The leitmotif of the picture - the struggle for the right to be first. Numerous documentaries have been made about cosmonaut number one, and there has not yet been a large-scale feature film about him.

Vladimir Steklov today is one of the most popular and favorite actors of the national cinema. He is full of creative plans and is ready for new interesting works.