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Victor Pelevin: bibliography and interesting facts

One of the leading authors of our time isVictor Olegovich Pelevin. Creativity of the writer will be covered in this article. In it, as in a mirror, reflected the realities of the surrounding world. Despite the numerous details, the author is able to emphasize the most important and important. Thanks to his talent, our compatriot has gained worldwide fame. Let's find out what works of the writer have become a real revelation for grateful readers.

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Victor Pelevin, whose bibliography will bepresented in our article, was born in Moscow, in 1962. His father, Oleg Anatolievich Pelevin, worked as a teacher in the military department at the Bauman University. In the past, he was a career officer. The mother of the future writer - Zinaida Semyonovna Pelevin - once headed the department of one of the central deli of the capital. She had access to all the scarce food at that time. However, despite this, the Pelevins did not live well. They huddled together with their grandmother in a communal apartment, in a house on Tverskoi Boulevard. Only the 1970s they were lucky to move into a separate three-room dwelling in North Chertanovo.

viktor pelevin bibliography

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In 1979 he completed his studies in secondaryBritish special school Viktor Pelevin. The writer's bibliography points to the extensive knowledge that the author received as a child. An educational institution in the center of Moscow was considered very prestigious. After him, the graduate opened wide opportunities. First, the future writer gave the documents to the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. There he was listed at the faculty of electrification and automation. The school was successfully completed in 1985. After that, Pelevin began working as an engineer at the department of his native institute. Did not pass him and service in the army. He gave his duty to the Motherland in the air force.

In 1987 Victor Olegovich entered thegraduate school MPEI, but held out there only two years. He felt that writing was his vocation, and decided not to resist it. In 1989 he became a student at the Gorky Literary Institute. A future celebrity attends an absentee course, but quickly becomes disillusioned with learning. In 1991, he was dismissed as a "loser" with a higher education institution. A strange formulation is still a subject of lively discussion among the writer's admirers. Whoever lost Pelevin's connection with the university, or the institution with the future eminent author is unknown. However, the writer never regretted leaving the Litinstitute.

The beginning of the creative path

Despite disagreements with the teachers, it wasin a literary high school Victor Olegovich met his future associates - Albert Egazarov and Victor Kulla. A young prose writer and a promising poet founded their own publishing house. Its name changed several times - first "Day", then - "Raven", and after - "Myth". For this publishing house Pelevin, whose bibliography is rich and complex, has prepared a three-volume edition of American mystic Castaneda. He actively helped the comrades, collaborated with them, which undoubtedly helped him to get the right connections in the publishing environment. Writers willingly published before the wide popularity among readers.

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The first literary experiments

From 1989 to 1990, our hero is working full-timea correspondent of Face to Face. In addition, Viktor Pelevin is published in the journal Science and Religion. The writer's bibliography began with a short story printed in it. It was called "Sorcerer Ignat and the people" and did not make a special impression on the readers.

But in 1992 the author loudly announced himself.He published a collection of short stories called "Blue Lantern". First, this work was ignored by critics, but a couple of years later Pelevin received several prestigious literary awards for it - Little Buker, Interpresscon and Golden Snail.

The appearance of novels

Victor Pelevin was not the only one who was engaged in stories.The author's bibliography is known for his novels. The first - "Aumont Ra" - was published in the journal "Banner" in 1992. He was immediately nominated for the Booker Prize. Then in the same publication published the novel "Life of insects" in 1993. This enshrined Victor Olegovich title of talented and promising writer. The author not only wrote interesting works, but also was able to "give change" to overly arrogant critics. So, in 1993 in "Nezavisimaya gazeta" appeared the essay "John Fowles and the tragedy of Russian liberalism". It was so strong and convincing that it was later referred to in the media as "software". 1993 was marked for the writer by another fateful event - he was admitted to the Union of Russian Journalists.

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Chapaev and Void

Victor Pelevin, whose biography and creativityinterested in many fans, regularly published in the journal "Banner". In 1996 he published a work under the intriguing title Chapaev and Void. Critics called him the first domestic "Zen Buddhist" novel. The author himself positioned it as "the first novel whose action takes place in absolute emptiness." Progressive creation received several prestigious nominations. For example, the writer was awarded the "Wanderer-97" award. And in 2001 he even entered the lists of applicants for the world's largest literary prize called the International Impac Dublin Literary Awards.

Universal fame

In 1999, fans were given the opportunityread the new work that Pelevin wrote. The writer's bibliography was decorated with a fresh literary masterpiece - the novel Generation P. A total of 3,500,000,000,000 copies of this book were sold. She received all sorts of awards and became cult. For her, the author was awarded the German literary prize of Richard Schönfeld.

Then followed a five-year break, afterwhich was published novel with a long title "Dialectics of the transition period. From nowhere to nowhere. " Within two years, the work was nominated for all sorts of awards: in 2003 - the award of Appolon Grigoriev, in 2004 - "National bestseller", etc. Then, in 2006, published the novel Empire V. It was published by the publishing house "Exmo". The readers could find the text of the book long before the publication. Publishers claimed that there was a theft, but some decided that it was a non-standard marketing move.

Strange names

Victor Pelevin is famous for his originality. The bibliography of the writer is filled with novels with brief, concise and eye-catching titles. In the fall of 2009, the novel "t" was released. Thanks to this work, the author became laureates of the national literary award "The Big Book" and becomes the third in the list of applicants. Readers unequivocally recognized him as a leader, but the jury made an independent decision.

At the end of 2011, Viktor O.the court of readers of the novel S.N.U.F.F .. This work was awarded the "E-book" award. It is possible that such strange names are a sign of quality of a great artist. Studying an unusual abbreviation, each of us tries to penetrate into its meaning. And often it is wider than the simple name of two or three understandable words.

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Creative concept

The heroes of Pelevin's novels often depend ondrugs. The author emphasizes in every way that he himself does not use such substances, although in his youth he experimented with them to expand his own consciousness. What for? The answer lies in the philosophical concept that Victor Pelevin adheres to. Features of the writer's work are closely related to Zen Buddhism. The fact that the adherents of this current world is seen not as an objective reality, but as a product of individual perception. It is questioned not only the existence of realities, but also the personality itself. For example, Petra in "Chapayev and Void" in a psychiatric clinic is being treated for "bifurcating a false personality". This author hints that both incarnations of the patient are unreliable equally. How do you know what is the true nature of the world? The path to enlightenment lies through mental cognition, repulsion from the familiar framework of the worldview and the search for nirvana. Sometimes, to eliminate the rigid boundaries of reality, psychotropic substances are used. The author does not in any way call for the use of drugs. He just offers to look at the world around him in a different way.

The most famous works

He wrote a great many stories, stories and novels by Victor Pelevin. The works listed below are the most famous:

  • "The Recluse and the Six-fingered" (1990);
  • "Reconstruction" (1990);
  • "The Prince of the State Planning Commission" (1991);
  • "News from Nepal" (1991);
  • "Tambourine of the Upper World" (1993);
  • The Yellow Arrow (1993);
  • "Zombification" (1994);
  • "Ivan Kublakhanov" (1994);
  • "The Sacred Book of the Werewolf" (2004);
  • "Helm of Horror" (2005);
  • "P5: Farewell songs of political pygmies of Pindostan" (2008);
  • "Pineapple water for a beautiful lady" (2010).

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Theatrical productions

Repeatedly staged in the theater worksVictor Pelevin. The work of the writer interested many brilliant directors. So, in 2000 Pavel Ursul was put on the play "Chapaev and Void". The audience could see him at the Clownery Theater named after Durova Teresa. A year later the same novel appeared on the stage of the Kiev theater DAK in a completely different version. The production is known under the name "... the fourth superfluous ...".

In 2005, at the NET Theater Festival in the centeron Strastnoy was successful interactive show Shlem.com from Givil Montvilite. It was created based on Pelevin's novel The Helm of Terror. Director Marina Brusnikina famous for staging "Tambourine of the upper world" based on works by Victor Olegovich. She saw the light on the stage of the Pushkin Moscow Theater. At the Theater Center on Strastnoye there was a premiere of Sergei Shchedrin's play "The Crystal World". The basis of the production was the eponymous Pelevin story.

Interesting Facts

  • Victor Pelevin, whose life and workthey do not like to give interviews. He does not have his own blog and accounts in social networks. He spends most of his time in seclusion. On the Internet you can find only a few of his old photographs. His behavior is very similar to Salinger.
  • Upon completion of his studies at the university Victor O.worked in a trolleybus park, which is located in Moscow on Lesnaya Street. As a graduate student, he developed an electric drive system with an asynchronous motor for trolley buses of urban type.
  • On the life of Pelevin a book entitled"Pelevin and the generation of emptiness." Its authors - Sergei Polotovsky and Roman Kozak - collected all known facts about Victor Olegovich and summarized them. The book includes memories of teachers, acquaintances and friends of the writer.
  • Many of the phrases that Pelevin once said or wrote went to the people. For example, the words of Vasily Ivanovich from "Chapaev and emptiness": "Here is my commanding lieutenant."

viktor pelevin creativity in brief


Attention is paid to books thatVictor Pelevin wrote. Creativity, summarized in this article, will certainly enter the golden fund of world literature. A person who has managed to look at the world in a different way and bring this vision to readers, for many remains a mystery. I would like to hope that over time the author will please us with new interesting works and catchwords. Because such a talent is given to a few, and its fruits are for all of us. Studying the books of the writer, we learn more deeply the world in which we live.