/ / Director Alexei Mizgirev - a man from the art house environment

Director Alexei Mizgirev - a man from the arthouse environment

Domestic scriptwriter and director AlexeiMizgirev, whose films are currently highly appreciated by the viewer and film experts, was born in July 1974 in the provincial town of Myski, the Kemerovo region. Adherence to his creative vocation - filmmaking - at Mizgirev was a long one.

Alexey Mizgirev

Student years

After the successful completion of the school, the future directorenters the Philosophy Faculty of Tomsk State University, after its completion it is sent to conquer the capital. Arriving in Moscow, Alexei Mizgirev enters the directing department of VGIK. A significant influence on the formation of the creative style of the director is provided by his mentor - the master of the course, the master of domestic direction Vadim Abdrashitov, whose work is distinguished by an emphasis on the problems of morality. During the training, Alexey was lucky enough to take part in the filming process of the film "Magnetic Storms", which was staged by Abdrashitov. In addition, the diligent student repeatedly took part in student festivals, presented his fellow projects to the court of classmates.

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In the movie, Alexei Mizgirev made his debut in 2005,acting as one of the directors of the criminal serial film "Kulagin and Partners". His first independent work is the social and criminal drama "Flint" (2007). From his Vgikov mentor V. Abdrashitov, who was the chairman of the jury of the Kinotavr festival, the beginning director received two prizes at once. Critics appreciated Mizgirev's debut project: some called the movie the new "Brother 3", others compared the project with Abdrashit's "Plumbum, or Dangerous Game."

"A Tale of Darkness"

The next work of the director, social drama"Tambourine, a drum," caused the most controversial reviews, it was even actively discussed in the State Duma. Cinematographic work, in which Mizgirev acted as a stage director and screenwriter, film critics were positioned as a masterpiece of the domestic film industry. The director did not aestheticize the drama, did not admire it, than many of his colleagues in the shop sin, hiding behind the author's vision. Alexei Mizgirev told the story clearly and even chilly. At the same time, if its direction was practically impeccable, it corresponded to all professional parameters and requirements, then in the scenario specialists managed to find about a dozen mistakes and minor shortcomings.

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Magical Realism

Alexey Mizgirev, whose filmography innow has more than a dozen paintings, in 2012 at the Berlin Film Festival presents a new project - the dramatic film "Convoy". After the premiere, the whole festival community and the press unanimously put this tape on the list of Russian films that are mandatory for viewing.

Russia's zero, torn by lawlessness, in dramais represented by a mystical state, where, according to the laws of the genre, there is absolute evil, helpless good and unwilling to pass to either side of the knight. According to foreign film critics, the drama of Mizgirev is similar to the comic book about a superhero. At the same time, for all the gloominess and absence of happy end in the generally accepted sense, the picture ends on a positive note.

Alexei Mizgirev in 2016 shot the film "The Duelist". His riskiness, excitement turned the project into something more than just a fascinating and good film.