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Elena Vaenga. "Airport": the soul in the song

Vaenga Airport
Elena Vaenga, "Airport" ... Agree, today it is rather difficult to meet a person who has not yet heard this emotional song filled with some special meaning.

It is so often heard from radios andopen windows, passing cars, that it is impossible to recognize her, as well as the voice of the singer, who in just a few years managed to conquer the hearts of not only Russians, but also admirers of author song in America, Europe and the CIS countries.

What is there in it? What is the secret of such frenzied popularity?

Brilliant of modern variety art

Despite all the spontaneity and completelyopen-minded behavior of Elena on the stage, it can be considered quite a closed person. People who are familiar with it in person, say that she reluctantly shares her problems and prefers to solve them herself. But it is ready to come to the rescue at any moment, and it helps not only close, but also completely unfamiliar people.

Vaenga Airport text
Not even for thousands, but rather for hundreds of thousandsfans around the world Elena Vaenga - "Airport", "Chopin", "Ballerina", "Lentochka" and many other songs with which this name is associated. In fact, her musical talent is multifaceted: she plays several musical instruments, she herself writes both poetry and music, and her voice could be envied by any artist of the national and modern stage.

Elena Vaenga, "Airport". Notes of the biography, embedded in the song

In her interviews, the singer repeatedly emphasizedthat her work should not be directly compared with a biography. According to Elena herself, she is a person so creative that sometimes she simply turns into other people, trying to model their life situation and position, to predict the consequences, and as a result a new hit is born that conquers not only the beautiful half of humanity but also many men.

However, with this song it's not as simple as it could bewould seem at first sight. It is worth reading the words, as it immediately becomes clear that E. Vaenge had to endure and separation from his beloved person, and betrayal, and an unforgettable relationship.

Reviews and opinions about the famous song

We will not be unfounded. Let's follow the music statistics of 2010, that is, exactly the time period when the song was written.

Vaenga Airport, lyrics

Almost immediately, we find information about how,that one of the most popular singers of the year is well-deservedly E. Vaenga. "Airport", the text of which is remembered literally from the first time, for example, brought its performer several awards. The most prestigious are the honorary diploma of a well-known music festival titled "The 20 Best Songs of the Year" and a statuette received at the 15th Golden Gramophone national award ceremony in the world of music.

Elena Vaenga "Airport" sang so much that she managed to win the hearts of millions. This song literally immediately began to be actively discussed both in the modern press and at well-known music forums.

For example, just two famous musicalcritic, Joseph Prigozhin and Artemy Troitsky, very positively responded to the phenomenon of the singer. Immediately in several interviews, they compared Elena with Grigory Leps, calling her work "a cultural pop with a human face."

It is unlikely that anyone will deny that the "Airport"(Vaenga) - the text of the song, which is designed more for the female audience. On the personal site of the singer almost every day messages come from grateful fans who are not tired of finding in the song something of their own, their own, their experiences and such personal.