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Actor Bruno Kremer: biography, personal life. Best movies and TV shows

Bruno Kremer is a French actor whoI remembered the audience thanks to the TV series "Megre". In this television project, he embodied the image of a cautious commissioner, a character of numerous works by Georges Simeon. A talented artist left this world at the age of 80, having managed to star in more than 85 films and serials. What more can you tell about him?

Bruno Kremer: the beginning of the road

The future performer of the role of Commissioner Megre appearedto light in France, there was a joyful event in October 1929. Bruno Kremer was born in an ordinary family, among his relatives there were no movie stars. However, at the age of 12, the boy did not doubt that he would become a famous actor. It is not surprising that immediately after graduation, he went to conquer Paris.

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Bruno Kremer graduated from the Higher NationalConservatory of Dramatic Art, and then proceeded to search for roles. His fame for this man owes movies and serials, but as a theatrical actor, he also achieved obvious success. "Perfect husband", "Pericles", "Beckett, or the Honor of God", "Poor Bito, or Dinner of the Heads" - famous productions with his participation.

First roles

For the first time, Bruno Kremer was on the setsite in 1952. The young man starred in the episode of the painting "Long Teeth," but his role was so insignificant that the actor's name is not even listed in the credits. In 1957, a crime drama "When the woman interferes" with his participation. The story begins with the fact that the owner of a nightclub appeals to a hired killer, wanting to get rid of the former lover of his lover. The beginning actor again failed to attract the attention of the audience, but he shared the set with Alain Delon.

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In the crime drama "Die from love,which appeared in 1961, Bruno did well with the role of Inspector Terrence. A year later he turned into a doctor in an action-topical film "All for All". In 1965, Kremer starred in the military drama "317th platoon." The role of the adjutant Willsdorf at last gave him the first admirers, but to the real glory it was still far away.

Movies and TV shows

Thanks to the military drama "317th year" has becomeclaimed actor Bruno Kremer. Films and serials with the participation of the Frenchman began to appear one after another. He performed interesting roles in the pictures "Is Paris Burning?", "Attempt", "Private Detective", "Simple History", "Evening Dress", "Under the Sand".

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Directors and spectators found attractiveThe branded manner of the game Bruno - restrained and ironic. The actor never had a clearly expressed role, he equally succeeded in the roles of lovers, police, military, scammers. In the painting "Stranger" he brilliantly played a clergyman. Also, Kremer did not have a favorite genre, he was equally delighted in dramas, comedies and thrillers, if he found an interesting story.

Bruno is an actor who was liked to shoot in hismovies are real stars of French cinema. He has collaborated with many famous directors, including Luchino Visconti, Francois Ozon, Claude Lelouch.

Starring roles

The most famous teleproject with the participation of the actor -the series "Megre". Bruno Kremer brilliantly coped with the role of a police commissioner, who exposed one dangerous criminal after another. The plot of the series was borrowed from the works of Georges Simeon. The teleproject came out from 1991 to 2005, the character of Kremer is present in 54 series. Critics in the general mass responded positively to "Megre", called the series the most successful adaptation of the novels of Simeon.

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You can not ignore the "Sprut" - anotherA well-known television project, in which the brilliant Bruno Kremer appeared. The filmography of the actor acquired the series "Sprut 4" in 1989, then he played in the fifth and sixth parts. The character of Bruno is the clever and quick-witted Antonio Espinosa.

Personal life

The personal life of the actor is another theme thatis of interest to fans of a talented Frenchman. Kremer twice married. The first time he married in his youth, the fruit of this union was the son of Stefan. He did not follow his father's footsteps and did not associate his life with the cinema, preferred the writer's career. The reasons that caused Bruno to divorce his first wife, remained behind the scenes.

The second time, Cramer decided to bind himselfin marriage in 1984. His chosen one was a psychiatrist named Chantal. The second wife gave the actor two daughters, with her Bruno lived until his death, was happy in marriage. The only thing that is known about daughters is that their professional activities are not related to the world of cinema and theater.

Death of the actor

Bruno Kremer left this world in August 2010. The cause of death of the star of French cinema was cancer, which was discovered too late, he died in one of the hospitals in Paris. Bruno has not been here for several years, but his name will hardly be forgotten. President Nicolas Sarkozy himself described him as one of the brightest stars of the national cinema, and the Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand stated that France lost his great actor with his death.