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The film "Easy Behavior": actors

In 1928, a film appeared on the screens Hitchcock "Lung behavior". Actors Robin Irvine and Isabel Jeans have embodied on the screen a love story that occurred in the life of typical representatives of Puritan society. After eighty years after the premiere of Alfred's film Hitchcock Stephen Elliott stripped off self-titled remake. Actors "Prostitute", released on the screens in 2008, - the real stars of the romantic comedy.

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The film narrates about family problems, knownalmost every woman, regardless of nationality, citizenship, age. Namely, on the complex relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. In film "Lung behavior" actors played inhabitants of the foggy Albion of the twenties of the last century.

An Englishman named John Whittaker meets an American Larita, a woman bright and beautiful. He falls in love with her at first sight, soon a passionate romance arises between young people. Beloved marry and spend a honeymoon on the beach.

Larita is happy, really, she yet does not know that her expects in the future. And ahead of the young woman meeting with newly-made in-law. John decides to introduce his wife to his parents. Newlyweds go to a large mansion outside the city, where the noble family lives Whittaker.

For Veronica - the mother of John - the meeting with the daughter-in-law becomes a surprise. She does not know anything about Larita, except that she was already married, and her husband her quickly died. Mrs. Whittaker meets his daughter-in-law very wary. Her the spouse, on the contrary, refers to the son's wife with sympathy. Actors in "Easy behavior" played famous. And some of them performed unexpected roles for their roles. So, mister Whittaker played an artist, once famous for his image of arrogant Darcy in film "Pride and Prejudice".

Larita very quickly tires of life in the Britishprovince. She wants to leave John's parents' house as quickly as possible and go with him to London. In one of these boring days, the main heroine inadvertently kills the dog Veronica. Then he tries unsuccessfully to cover the traces of the crime, for which the dog's body is digging away from the house. But very soon the hunting dogs discover the burial place, and the misdeed of the young Mrs. Whittaker becomes known to everyone.

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The film "Easy Behavior" - actors

The main female role in the melodrama was played by Jessica Biel. Her wife played Ben Barnes. Mr. and Mrs Whittaker - Colin Firth and Christine Scott Thomas. The film was also played by Chris Marshall, Katherine Parkinson, Kimberly Nixon, Charlotte Riley, Jim McManus.

Jessica Biel

In her childhood, the actress dreamed of becoming a singer. Jessica even managed to take part in several musical projects. Yet over time she gave preference to the movie. The first role of Jessica Beal played at the age of 14, in the film "Seventh sky". To date, in her Filmography about 30 roles. The most famous of them Beal sang in film "Prophet", where her partner by shooting the site became Nicholas Cage.

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Ben Barnes

The career of this actor began in the late nineties. In 2007, Ben Barnes played in films "Starry dust", "More Ben". After six years after the premiere of the film "Lung behavior" actor starred in the film "Jackie and Ryan". Critics appreciated this work, to the same Barnes on this time created an unexpected for myself image - a loser and a tramp.