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Serial "Univer": actors and roles. New "Univer": actors and roles

It is viewed almost by the entire population, from schoolchildren toadults, because a good humor and an interesting story attract many - the TV series "Univer". The actors and roles of this sitcom have become famous throughout the country, have received universal recognition and admirers.

Old "Univer"

Universities and roles 2014

Merry sitcom-series "Univer", the actors and roles of which vividly showed the poor life of students living in the same block in the hostel, was on air from 2008 to 2011.

He scored quite a large number of fans.Each series has its own story (but all seasons have a single episode linking the chain) - with the students going through the most ordinary household stories, but they all have a positive ending and are endowed with humor. In the series "Univer" actors and roles were selected very long - the producers tried to find the most successful shots.

"Univer. New hostel »

This is the continuation of the old Univer on screens with2011 to the present. Some actors stopped working in the new sitcom, but new ones appeared, no less interesting. Actors and roles in the new series "Univer" (2014) year) have been found simply delightfully - this has been repeatedly said about the sitcom on different forums.

Men of the old Univer

Alexander Silvestovich Sergeev (Andrey Gaydulyan).The son of a rich oligarch with Rublyovka, however, unlike Anton Martynov, does not emphasize this circumstance, because of what often quarrels with his father - Sylvester Andreevich. He lives, like his poor neighbors, without money and sometimes trying to earn money in different places. Toward the end of the series, he married his neighbor Tanya Arkhipova, and they brought a child - Alyoshka's son, left to live with Sasha's father in Rublyovka. Acted mainly in the old Univer, in the new series appeared only once, in the New Year's 2013 series, where he managed to get drunk, quarrel with his wife and friend Masha Belova. He is a positive and fairly smart guy, open-hearted and good-natured.

series of university actors and roles

George Rudkovsky (Alexei Gavrilov).Very thin and handsome macho boy. Changes a huge number of girls during the whole series. Constant relations with his neighbor on the block only to the end of the old Univer, Lily Volkova. Very interesting and friendly young man, although he does not like to learn. Because of this, he was expelled and served in the army, but after that he returned and continued to study.

In the series "Univer" actors and roles (including masculine) are ideally suited to each other. Since the appearance and behavior of some of the characters can draw conclusions about the character.

The guys of the old and new Univer

Fans of the series after its end eagerly awaited a new one. "Univer", actors and roles (male) which coincide with the old version of the script, did not disappoint its audience.

new university actors and roles

Arthur Tigranovich Mikaelyan (Ararat Keshchyan).An Armenian from Adler, nicknamed Michael. He graduated from the Faculty of History and received a diploma in the last series of the old Univer. In the new I entered post-graduate school and began to give lectures to students, including my friends.

She loves the girls, has the fame of a womanizer,eating heart. He had several times a long relationship, which ended unsuccessfully: the first - with the neighbor on the block Alla Grishko (parted at the end of the old "Univer" on the initiative of Allochka because of the expected departure of Michael to his homeland to work in the hotel manager's uncle), the latter - with the head of the department Ksyusha (parted after a year of serious relationship because of her betrayal with a colleague in America, where she left for work). Despite his love, a kind, kind, interesting guy who is always ready to help others.

Anton Lvovich Martynov (Stanislav Yarushin).The son of Lev Andreevich Martynov - the ruble oligarch. In the old "Univer" he is a narcissist, a rich egoist, scattered by his father's money. Scoffed and substituted his neighbors on the block, drank a lot and walked around the clubs, for which he was repeatedly punished by the father in the form of bank card deprivation. In the new series, he changed a lot - he became more adequate and friendly. Thanks to the neighbor Christine got his own night club. With this same Christina later on, he had a serious relationship, but they parted because of the betrayal of Anton and Yana Semakina's sister - Julia.

In the popular TV series "Univer" actors and roles (2014) are not yet completed, as the shooting of the sitcom is in full swing, and everyone can become a participant in the project.

"Univer": actors and roles that left the project

university new obschaya role actors

Eduard Kuzmin (Vitaly Gogunsky). Called Kuzya. A dull karate from the village of Agapovka. She studies at the Faculty of Philology. Despite some underdevelopment, its neighbors are very fond of it, although they sometimes make fun of it. He appeared not only in the old, but also in the new "Univer". Had twice serious relationship. The first - With Alla Grishko in the old series, the relationship ended in a rather tough break. The second - in the new series with Masha Belova, broke up with her because of the erroneous opinion about her betrayal. The guy is very cute, but light-witted, so he was deceived more than once. In the middle of the new Univer, it was because of the latest incident that he returned home and he was living happily with the milkmaid.


Alla Grishko (Maria Kozhevnikova).

university hostel actors and roles
Allochka is a beautiful blonde who at the beginningsitkoma was fixated on the search for her husband-oligarch. However, during the series changes character. Turns a permanent and strong relationship with Kuzey, then with Michael, becomes more calm and occasionally begins to learn.

Tatyana Nikolaevna Arkhipova (Valentina Rubtsova). The most senior in the script. In the series I had time to disaccustom myself and enter post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Law. Заучка, constantly works. During the sitcom I managed to be unsuccessfully married to former classmate Vlad, but by the end I reconciled and married, giving birth to my son, for my true love - Alexander Sergeev.

In the new series "Univer" actors and roles (the women listed above) more, unfortunately, did not appear. With the exception of Tanya, she played with her husband Sasha in the New Year's 2013 series.

Girls in the updated "Univer"

In the series "Univer. New hostel "roles, the actors were created very qualitatively, since after the success of the first part it was impossible to lower the bar. In addition to the excellent cast, the series excelled in quality professional photography, as expensive technology was used for a feature film.

Universities and roles

Kristina Sokolovskaya (Nastasya Samburskaya). Smart, independent, beautiful and self-confident person. After the divorce, a "special" attitude to the men appeared, so Anton fell in love with her uneasy. But he achieved it, and they met happily until his betrayal with his young sister Semakina. During the series, Christina shows many positive features of a real independent girl.

Maria Belova (Anna Khilkevich). A beautiful, naive and tiny blonde who studies at the Faculty of Journalism. He does not like to study, he mainly takes care of his appearance and shopping. He works in a clothing store because of an absurd accident. Had a long relationship with Kuzey, but because of the alleged treason, they parted. Now he meets with botanist Valentine, with whom she is happy. They are an ideal couple.

Yana Semakina (Anna Kuzina). Responsible girl. At the beginning of the series, she worked in the trade union committee "on errands" with Oleg's beloved, but later became chairman. She loves her work, her fan. Has a serious relationship with a good gopnik from his hostel. Because of any, even a small problem is always going through.

It was these lovely girls introduced to TV loversseries "Univer". The hostel, actors and roles of the series give colorful subjects of student life, because many modern teenage girls try to imitate them.