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A detailed guide on how to draw: Maleficent and its features

Maleficent is a fictional character, of whichfirst learned in 1959. She was an important negative hero of the cartoon "Sleeping Beauty" produced by the company "Disney". In addition, the name of this evil sorceress is found in some fairy tales. Despite the negative role, Maleficenta looks so bright and colorful that I want to learn how to draw. Maleficent will work well if you follow all the steps.

The image of the heroine

In 2014 a full-fledged film appeared on the movie screens"Maleficent", narrating about the fairy-tale life of the sorceress. The main role in this tape is played by A. Jolie. Having risen to the protection of those cast, the fairy aroused sympathy among many spectators. Of course, in general this character is negative and communicates with dark forces. However, externally Maleficent looks stylish and bright.

The main thing in her appearance is the headdress.It is a blue-black crown with two characteristic curved horns. The make-up of the sorceress is rather laconic - pale skin and bright scarlet lips. Her eyes are bright, fascinating, turquoise-yellow in color. It is interesting that on most posters for the film and other pictures Maleficent is portrayed frontally (in the front). In rare cases, you can meet a sorceress in other positions. From the clothes on it they depict a coat or mantle with a lush high collar.

how to draw a maleficent

Step-by-step instruction

Let us study in more detail the question of how to draw. Maleficent pencil will work fine if you rely on the detailed manual presented below.

First of all you need to draw a symmetricface. It can be devoid of details and nuances, but it must have a clear outline. All facial features (eyebrows, eyes, nostrils, lips) are also symmetrical and clearly delineated.

how to draw a maleficent pencil

Then the neck and shoulders are added. The top part of the sorceress's head is quite large and high. From the top to the head are added curved horns. They are thick enough at the base and taper upward.

how to draw a maleficent pencil

The head of the Maleficent ends with the details of her headdress. You also need to draw an elegant collar of a robe. It is three-dimensional and consists of two rigid layers.

how to draw a maleficent pencil

At this stage, the pencil sketch is ready, you can proceed to its coloring and processing.

How to finish drawing

Now it's more clear how to draw.In some cases, Maleficent needs to work on the background. With the image of the sorceress, the "enchanted" forest, the fantastic landscape, abstract "energy swirls" or other fantastic elements will be well harmonized. Also, as a background, accurate hatching can act.

Thus, getting to know this material helps to solve the problem, how to draw. Maleficent will necessarily turn out bright and colorful.