/ / Biography of Vladimir Kuzmin, personal life, family, creativity

Biography of Vladimir Kuzmin, personal life, family, creativity

The love and creative life of this singer wasas exciting, tender and touching as his songs. However, the artist had to endure and many tragedies. Biography of Vladimir Kuzmin, his path to fame and women who conquered the heart, you can read about all this in the material.

High achiever and musician

The future artist was born in Moscow, in a simple familya naval officer and a teacher of a foreign language. His birthday was May 31, 1955. In connection with the military profession of Boris Grigorievich, the children (Volodya, Sasha's brother, Ira's sister) and his wife often moved from place to place.

biography of Vladimir Kuzmin

In 1961, the boy went to the first class.At school the child studied very well. Particular attention was paid to English lessons taught by his mother. Problems with the study did not arise, so the diligent student was an excellent student.

Vladimir Kuzmin's biography contacted very earlywith creativity. My father wrote his sons to a music school. Then Volodya was 5 years old. Play the violin child liked. Even today, many years later, a man often takes up this instrument and gives excellent concerts.

Little rocker

When my mother gave Vova a guitar, the boy was veryinterested in the strings. The soldiers helped him to master the new "weapon". In the barracks the officer's son walked freely and without interference. There, the boy received basic lessons. Further developed his skills independently Vladimir Kuzmin. The songs of this artist are known to everyone, but very few people know that the author wrote the first composition at the age of 6 years. The kid then played in domestic football and on emotions created a hymn for the team.

The family lived in the Murmansk region.And just a few hundred kilometers from them was Europe. And no matter how hard the Soviet authorities tried to suppress foreign waves, in this section of the Union Volodya could easily enjoy the songs of popular foreign bands.

Melodies from the West greatly influenced hismusical taste. The teenager began to get fond of rock and even created his own band. At school evenings and discos, the future singer Vladimir Kuzmin performed the songs of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

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Choice of profession

The father-officer did not like the fact that his sonwears long hair and is fond of foreign music. However, even despite the management's comments, Boris Grigoryevich did not forbid Volodya and continue to do what he liked. Although he himself dreamed that the guy will choose a career military.

Subsequently, many years later, when Kuzminbecame a popular singer, his father became his ardent fan. According to the artist himself, the man collected newspapers and magazines with articles about his son and collected records with records.

After receiving the certificate biography of VladimirKuzmina for a short time was connected with the railway institute. However, very soon the student began to complain about his appearance. His magnificent head of hair and rocker image were not part of the normal, Soviet guy. And Volodya himself understood that he did not belong here.

Therefore, in 1977, after two years of training, Kuzmin left the institute. But a year later he entered the Dnepropetrovsk Music School.

Vladimir Kuzmin of the song

Gaining experience

During the years of study, the student also mastered the flute,saxophone. The exam passed to "excellent", in addition, fascinated the commission with his perfect game. For some time he performed in restaurants. He also became a member of various groups.

The biography of Vladimir Kuzmin changes afterreception of the diploma. He actively tours with famous music bands. The first serious work was the participation in the VIA "Hope". There, the man was a guitar player. However, in this company Volodya did not stay long. Very soon it was noticed by the guys from "Gemstones" and invited to their place. Kuzmin played with them for a year.

During this time he managed to master the nuances of the profession. And in 1979 he created his own group, which was called "Carnival".

Step to glory

In the arsenal of the leader of the newly assembled musicalThe company already had several ideas and dozens of songs. It was thanks to his work that the team immediately became popular. This was the first step to the big stage, which Vladimir Kuzmin did. The songs of "Carnival" dispersed lightning fast. True, only in Moscow. Among the hits of that time - "Blank Word" and "Sudden Dead End". It should be noted that at first these songs were written in English and only then for the Soviet audience they were translated into Russian. The compositions were recorded on a plate, on the cover of which was indicated: "Rock band". This was a real sensation in the strict Union.

 Vladimir Kuzmin's wife

However, this company did not last longinitial composition. Even before 1982, Volodya and the second member of the team - Alexander Barykin - began to argue often. Men in different ways represented the future and made a bet on the absolutely opposite repertoire. And now quite a popular artist decides to start everything from the beginning. He is sure, his music will be a new start. Vladimir Kuzmin leaves the "Carnival" and collects the team "Dynamics".

Unhappy family

At that time, personalthe life of a musician. In 1975 he met Tatyana Artemyeva. The girl was sitting on a bench in the park, and a handsome young man approached her. At that time, the young lady was in love with another guy, but that was when they were at loggerheads. Therefore, Tanya allowed Vova to take her home. After this event they did not see the year. And then they happened to meet at a cafe. Vova recorded Tatyana's phone and subsequently spent days sitting near the entrance. As a result, the girl took courtship of a young admirer.

The first wife of Vladimir Kuzmin bore him threechildren. However, the family union was not simple. The man shamelessly betrayed her. From one of the women he even has a daughter Martha. However, Tatiana also had novels on her side, and even gave birth to a son from another man. Nikita was adopted by Vladimir. It should be noted that the woman wrote poetry, so she created many hits for her husband. Among them - "When I Call You" and "White Flowers".

daughter of Vladimir Kuzmin

Union with the Diva

The family split up when Kuzmin started working withAlla Pugacheva. Despite the fact that both artists were married, a stormy romance broke out between them, followed by the whole country. Two stars played together, Volodya wrote for Primadonna songs. The first wife of Vladimir Kuzmin believes that it was this that forced her husband to file documents for divorce and to move away from children.

In 1986, the duet hit "Two Stars". Such an alliance contributed to the popularity of the singer, but very soon he realized that Pugacheva's style was absolutely alien to him, that's why their relationship was torn.

The man continues to deal with the Dynamics group. Tours are successful. Behind Kuzmin run crowds of fans. Fans do not give the musician peace. Tired of popularity, he travels with a group in the US. There they perform in bars and clubs, master new styles.

During this period the man gets acquainted with the Americanmodel Kelly Curzon. Young people fall in love and get married. But the father of the woman threatened to leave her daughter without an inheritance because of the union with the Russian. Therefore, after 2 years the pair broke up.

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The fate of children

In 1992 Vladimir Kuzmin returned to Moscow. The albums he released abroad were English-language, so they did not get much popularity at home.

Further the musician gets acquainted with the actress and the beautyBy Vera Sotnikova. Already in a few days, lovers settle down together. The woman becomes a support for the musician: inspires songs, refuses roles to be together, and even shoots him clips. Vera also establishes contacts with children. It is to this woman that the singer dedicates the song "Siberian frosts". However, in 2000, this pair also disintegrates.

Later, he meets a student, CatherineTrofimova. The girl was born in 1982 and was considerably younger than the chosen one. Of course, such a relationship was not supported by Katie's parents. But the talented musician very quickly subdued them. Soon the couple got married.

In 2002, a tragedy occurred in the family of the singer. The oldest daughter of Vladimir Kuzmin, Liza, was killed. The criminal was her boyfriend - a drug dealer. And in 2009 Stepan's son fell out from the 18th floor.

The second daughter, Sonia, participated in the project "Star Factory-3". Now he is engaged in creative activity.

singer Vladimir Kuzmin

Kuzmin himself today dreams of children from his third wife and actively tours with concerts.