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Vsevolod Safonov: photo, biography, creativity, private life

Vsevolod Safonov was not going to be an actor, heI wanted to go to the front, I was eager to fight. Having graduated from the aviation technical school just in the last year of the war, he waited with a sinking heart when, finally, it would be possible to apply all the acquired knowledge in practice.

His Majesty the case

All his peers already fought, he feltincredible craving for flight, a great desire to contribute to the defeat of the fascist invaders. What was the disappointment of the young man, when the commission did not miss him on health grounds. Life lost its meaning, and Vsevolod Safonov did not know what to do next. He responded by agreeing to a friend's request to go with him to the entrance exams at the Shchukin school. Without any interest, without even learning a single work, the young man with brilliance withstood a difficult examination and liked the whole commission.

Professor Orochko happily enrolled him inits class. At first it was difficult, because the idea of ​​aviation did not leave Safonov, but after the first rehearsals he suddenly felt that this was his vocation.

Vsevolod Safonov

After graduation, he was immediately invited toChamber Theater, where they entrusted several small roles. Then followed the work in "Satire", where Vsevolod shone in many performances, honing his skills. In 1952 he received a very responsible job in the theater on the territory of the GDR. Such creative trips were sent to the best, and Vsevolod Safonov felt his strength. Work in the GDR brought up endurance in him, because he sometimes had to play 3-4 performances a day, besides, the troupe constantly moved from the garrison to the garrison, and Vsevolod traveled almost all of Germany. The troupe gave numerous concerts, played patriotic performances to support the military spirit of our soldiers.

The first film

For the first time in the cinema Safonov was invited in 1956, andimmediately to the main role. Vsevolod agreed, because the movie was called "Soldiers", at last he could, even on the screen, realize his crystal dream. The directors were very fond of the restrained aristocratic manner of the young actor, his textured appearance looked ideally in the big plans, and the proposals for the main roles followed one after another.

actor of safes vsevolod

Military themes became his skate, he is impressivelooked in military uniform. All the images of those years were courageous, whole, without halftones, real positive characters. One of the most famous, brought to Safonov's true fame, was the role in the film "The Case of the Misty," where he played an employee of the MUR. His calm manner and deep gaze of light, almost transparent eyes fascinated the audience, he immediately became the darling of the audience, and the audience went to the cinema "on Safonov."

The actor Safonov Vsevolod aroused public interest,his films were waiting impatiently. He favorably differed from the bored images of such shirt-boys, whose souls were unbuttoned, because such images were predictable, and therefore uninteresting.

"Belorussky Railway Station"

As it turned out, the main role was not yetis played. When Vsevolod Safonov was invited to appear in the "Belorussky Railway Station", he immediately realized that this was his finest hour, and knew in advance how his hero would turn out. Star actor team, piercing in its tragedy scenario and a theme close to everyone, made this film a landmark. The first chords of the song "There the birds do not sing" cause a shiver.

vsevolod safonov biography

The picture received a huge number of awards,became a truly Russian film, showed the tragedy that millions of Soviet people had to endure. Vsevolod Safonov, whose biography began in the flying school, became the epitome of the military era.


Still an unknown actor, Vsevolodmarried Valeria Rubtsova, who was the director of Mosfilm. The couple met in Germany, where both worked in the theater of the Western Group of Forces. When the contract was over and they returned to their homeland, they decided to sign. They had a daughter, Elena, who later became a well-known and beloved actress.

vsevolod safes personal life

She conquered not only the domesticcinematography, but also became famous abroad as a characteristic heroine. The piercing story of a simple Soviet single mother - the film "Winter Cherry" - was watched by millions. They talked about this tape everywhere, made predictions about how this life story ends, what will be the fate of the main character. For a long time Elena Safonova was identified with her heroine Olga. Her father she loved dearly and always mentioned how much influence she had on her fate. Elena recalls her childhood in the theater, where her parents took her to their rehearsals, which lasted sometimes until late at night.

Love of all life

Vsevolod Safonov, whose personal life is alwaysinterested in the public, never spread this topic. His impressive appearance of the hero-lover stirred the minds of many women, but Vsevolod was an exemplary family man. Everything changed when Vsevolod met the actress Elsa Lezdey.

Elsa of the rockets and Vsevolod Safons

Well-known beauty, Vladimir's ex-wifeNaumova, has always been in the spotlight because of her extraordinary beauty. The first time they met on the set of the film "The Shield and the Sword", but after that they lost sight of each other. Their meeting 15 years later became fateful.

Elsa Lezhdey

Vsevolod and Elsa were shot in one film, betweenthey ran a spark. She was famous by that time, she was brought to the glory by the TV series "The Investigators are Conducted", in which she played the beauty of forensic expert Kibrit. After a while they decided to live together. Vsevolod by that time did not experience the best stage of his life, as he recently got divorced and drank a lot. He constantly reproached himself that he was guilty of divorce, and very missed his daughter.

Elsa literally pulled the actor out of the hardestdepression. She set him a condition that would be with him only if Vsevolod takes up his mind, stops being sorry and will be able to rejoice again lives. I must say that their relationship was full of love and understanding, the creative crisis was over, Vsevolod continued his successful career, his wife strongly supported her husband in all endeavors, and they together appeared in many films.

Death of the actor

Elsa Lezdey and Vsevolod Safonov lived happily for 20 years, and only death separated them. Vsevolod was seriously ill, he had an inoperable swelling. It faded in a matter of months.

Vsevolod Safonov

After the death of her beloved husband Elsa led a closedlifestyle, no longer acted and did not communicate with journalists. Actor Safonov Vsevolod remained to this day one of the brightest representatives of his era. His work is of interest to viewers now.

Vsevolod Safonov, the filmography of which has more than 40 paintings, was able to bring to the cinema the image of an integral man who does not bend before difficulties and knows how to be friends and sincerely love.