/ / Guillermo del Toro's film "Labyrinth of the Faun": actors and roles

Guillermo del Toro's film "Labyrinth of the Faun": actors and roles

In the picture of Guillermo del Toro "Labyrinth of the Faun"actors play a dramatic plot simultaneously in several planes: fairy and real. The film of the Mexican director received three Oscar awards. What is he talking about?

Ivan Baker in the role of Ophelia

In the film Guillermo del Toro is shown in 1944,when Spain, like the rest of the world, was going through the Second World War and was under the dictates of Francisco Franco. There is a civil war in the country, but little girl Ophelia, played by Ivan Bakero, understands little. The only thing she feels is that she hinders her own mother, and her stepfather does not like her at all.

Ivan Baker
One night to Ophelia, which feelslonely, flies the fairy. She calls the girl behind her, luring him into a strange labyrinth. There to Ophelia is the Faun and reports that in fact the girl is a princess. And she can return to the magical world to her loving father-king, but for this you need to perform several tasks.

The final test for Ophelia isthe need to sacrifice one's own brother, that she refuses to do so. It seems that the test is lost, but no - that's how the real princess should have acted. Ophelia dies in the real world, but reborn in a fabulous and continues to live.

"Labyrinth of the Faun": actors

Actor Doug Jones is known to the audience for his roles in the films "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Fantastic Four-2". He played a fairy-tale hero in the painting "Labyrinth of the Faun".

maze of faun actors
Actors Doug Jones and Ivan Baker, or rather theirscreen characters, first meet when the fairy takes Ophelia to the mill. Faun finds the girl in a stone labyrinth and tells her that she must return home to her father-king in a fairy-tale kingdom. But to confirm that she is a real princess, Ophelia must go through three tests. Every night Faun appears before her and gives new assignments. In the latter, he demands that Ophelia give him to kill his infant brother, but the girl refuses to do so. For such a sacrifice, the Faun rewards the princess and takes her to that fabulous world that was created for her.

S. Lopez as Captain Vidal

The role of the terrible, cruel captain played SergiLopez. On the instructions of the dictator Franco Vidal is engaged in a brutal struggle with the partisans. Once he arrives with his wife and adopted daughter Ophelia in one province, where the guerrilla movement is the most fierce.

Between Vidal's men and the partisansseveral serious skirmishes. Enemies act boldly and dare to rob a barn in the captain's house. But he overtakes them, takes prisoner for torture. When Vidal's personal physician refuses to take part in the mockeries and kills the unhappy, the captain begins to understand that there are some traitors around and he fell into a trap. Since then, he has been suspicious of everyone.

serhi lopez

Soon Vidal's wife dies, leaving hima small son. One night the captain wakes up and sees that his adopted daughter Ophelia is taking the child to a stone labyrinth near the mill. When he overtakes the girl, he kills her with a shot in the stomach. But when Vidal leaves the labyrinth, he is himself destroyed by the partisans.

Ariadne Gil in the role of Carmen

In the painting "Labyrinth of the Faun" actors Ariadne Gil and Sergi Lopez play a married couple.

Captain Vidal married Carmen only for the sake ofthat she gave him a son. No warm feelings for a woman, and even more so for her daughter, he does not feel. Carmen is ready to do anything to please Vidal. However, with the interests of her own daughter, she is not very much considered. The woman manages to give birth to the son to the captain, but immediately after childbirth she has a blood throat and she dies.

Ariadne Gil, who played the role of Carmen, isa very famous Spanish actress. In 1992, her play in the Oscar-winning film "Elegant Age" was awarded the "Goya" award. In 2002, Ariadna starred in the film "The Bear's Kiss" by Sergei Bodrov the elder. The last film with the participation of the actress is the Spanish painting of 2013 "It's easy to live with your eyes closed".

Other performers of roles

Maribel Verdu in the movie "Labyrinth of the Faun"went to the role of Mercedes - a servant in the house of Captain Vidal, which was secretly associated with the Spanish partisans. Actress, as well as Ariadne Gil, in 1992 she starred in the film "Elegant era." In 2001, Maribel played in the film Alfonso Cuaron ("Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban") "And your mother, too." Also Verdu can be seen in the fairy tale Pablo Berger's "Snow White" and in the thriller "The End of the World".

maribel verdu

Actor Alex Angulo played the role of Dr. Ferreiro,who sympathized with the partisans and actually gave his life for one of them. And Federico Luppi played the role of a fairy-tale king, looking for his daughter, a princess. Federico Luppi appeared not only in the "Labyrinth of the Faun" Guillermo del Toro, but also in his films "Chronos" and "The Spine of the Devil"

Also in the film you can see Roger Casamayor ("Black bread"), Jose Luis Torrijo ("The Devil's Ridge") and Fernando Televue ("Uncollected bed").