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The film "Elder Son": actors and roles

According to Vampilov's play in 1976, a film was made"The eldest son." The actors involved in the filming are the stars of Soviet cinema. However, for some roles in Melnikov's film became debut. What is the story about "The Elder Son"? Actors and roles, as well as the plot of the picture - the topic of the article.

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The main character of the film is Vladimir Busygin. One day he meets a young man with a strange nickname "Silva" and the fate of fate is in an unfamiliar city. The train left. Next waiting for the whole night.

Young people pass by a strange house andsee in the window of the father and son, clarifying the relationship. Vladimir overhears the conversation. An adventurous thought comes to him: to impersonate the son of the master of the house. On such an act, Vladimir goes only to ensure himself and his new friend a night's lodging.

Sarafanov - and this is the name of the owner of the house -it is easy to believe that Vladimir is his illegitimate son. He, in turn, gets acquainted with his new "relatives" and even in a way gets to them with love.

Sarafanov is a musician. He fervently loves his children: Nina, Vasenka, and now again a new-found son. Vladimir is struck by the sincerity, kindness of this man. In addition, the "eldest son" grew up without a father, and only now he understands how he lacked parental involvement. It's getting harder and harder to lie to Sarafanov every hour.

The situation is aggravated by Nina, to whom Vladimir feels far from fraternal feelings. It is worth saying that the girl responds to him in return.

The younger son of Sarafanov - Vasenka - natureromantic. He has long been in love with Natalia, who lives next door. The boy is not at all embarrassed by the difference in age: a girl older than Vasya for ten years. Silva, meanwhile, does not waste time and decides to tie an easy, non-binding romance with the neighbor Sarafanov. He succeeds. However, the trouble is that when Vassenka learns of this, he burns Natalia's house in a fit of jealousy.

Then there is a quarrel between Vladimir and Silva. The latter reveals the whole truth about the newly arrived son. Sarafanov's reaction amazes everyone present. He does not want to believe that Vladimir is not his son and says: "You are all my children, because I love you." Vladimir suddenly realizes that he was late again on the train. This ends the movie "Elder Son".

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Actors and roles

  1. Evgeny Leonov - father of the family, musician Sarafanov.
  2. Nikolai Karachentsov - Vladimir, a student who accidentally wandered in Sarafanov's house.
  3. Mikhail Boyarsky is a young man with a strange nickname "Silva", Vladimir's casual friend.
  4. Natalia Egorova is Sarafanova's eldest daughter Nina.
  5. Vladimir Izotov is the son of Sarafanov Vasenka.
  6. Svetlana Kryuchkova - a neighbor of the Sarafanovs Natalia.

Evgeny Leonov

"Elder Son" - a film, the actors in which they playedBeginners, with the exception of Evgenia Leonova. The role of Sarafanov once again proved the extraordinary talent of this artist. Leonov very much loved his hero. During the filming, he wrote to his son enthusiastic letters, in which he called "the man deprived of the filth of philistinism" hero picture "Elder Son."

The film, the actors and the story of which are given above, became a landmark for the artists who played Sarafanov's children - Vladimir Izotov and Natalia Egorova. How did their future turn out?

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Natalia Egorova

The actress was twenty-five years old when she playedin the film "Elder Son". Actors with age sometimes change their roles. This is easy to convince, comparing the image of Sarafanov's daughter in the film based on Vampilov's play with one of the last heroines, who were able to play Yegorova. In 2014, she played the role of Anna Markovna in the film on Kuprin's story "Yama". And in this negative heroine you can hardly recognize the young romantic Nina from Melnikov's film.

Vladimir Izotov (actor)

"The Elder Son" is the film from which thethe creative path of a young artist. The role of Vassenka Izotov played as a student. It's hard to underestimate the talent of this artist by watching the movie "Big Brother". Actors usually dream about such a successful film debut. But, unfortunately, the role of Vassenka was the first and last bright work of the artist in the cinema.

Vladimir Izotov graduated from the institute in 1977. By this time he was already a famous actor. By distribution, Izotov got to the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where he worked for almost fifteen years. In parallel, he acted in film. He played in several films, but none of them won so many spectator sympathies as the picture "Elder Son".

During the years of service at the Izotov Theater, it was playedabout thirty roles. Mostly these were young heroes of classical works. In 1991, the artist suddenly left the theater. What caused this decision is unknown. But since the early nineties, the actor has also ceased to act in films. Colleagues on the theater refer to Izotov as a person closed, uncommunicative, vulnerable. But what prompted the actor to leave the art world, and remains a mystery.

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Nikolay Karachentsov

The actor began film career in 1968. At the time of filming "Elder Son" in his filmography has already been five works. But it was after the picture of Melnikov that the young actor became famous. On the account of Karachentsov about fifty roles. If not for the accident that occurred with him at the beginning of the two thousandth, there would be much more of them. But Busygin's role can be attributed to the best, which are included in the filmography of this outstanding artist.

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Mikhail Boyarsky

Crazy popularity for this actor came in1978, four years after the premiere of "Elder Son". It was then that the screen came out with a film based on the work of Alexandre Dumas. But the role of Silva was the first serious work of Boyarsky.

Until 1975, the actor was filming a movie, but in hisfilmography was exclusively secondary roles. He played the role of an Italian tenor in Straw Hat, one of the Decembrists in The Star of Enchanting Happiness. After the release of the film "Elder Son" Boyarsky drew attention to the directors. Since then and to this day he is one of the most popular domestic actors.